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Hey, aren't you taking the test soon? Yes, I am. I'm a little nervous about it.
Well, I have a tip for you for Part 2 of the Listening Section.
Part 2 of the Listening Section asks questions like Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.
You will often hear one of these words at the beginning of a question.
These words give you clues about what the right answer will be. For example, if you
hear a question starting with Who, you should be listening for an answer that has a person.
If one of the choices doesn't have any people in it, then you know it's wrong.
Oh, I get it. So, for question with Where, I should be listening for an answer with a
place. If one of the choices doesn't mention any places, then I'll know that it's a trick.
And for a question with When, I should be listening for an answer about time.
Exactly! What about What, Why, and How questions?
For What, Why, or How questions, you want to listen for a reason or for information.
For instance, you might be asked what someone ordered to eat or why they ordered it.
You might also be asked something like how someone will get home.
Ah, I see. Thanks for this great tip. Now I won't get tricked on the test.
You're welcome, buddy.


[多益測驗]多益聽力測驗"Part 2短句回應"的考試訣竅 (TOEIC Listening Tip - Part 2 - Wh- & How Questions)

8836 分類 收藏
阿多賓 發佈於 2013 年 10 月 23 日
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