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  • Left-handed.

  • Oh, the nuns beat that wickedness out of me.

  • Always use my right except for Jack's work.

  • (both grunt)

  • Can you speak? Have you any other Injuries?

  • No, I'm- BRUCE!

  • You were right.

  • I'm a trained fighter.

  • Bare knuckled champion at Culpepper.

  • London Prize Ring rules.

  • There were no rules at Antietam though, were there, James?

  • There are no rules in hell.

  • (grunting)

  • The things I saw during the war.

  • The entirety of humanity's evil was there for all to see.

  • On the inside of every man.

  • (both grunting)

  • -But nothing compared to the corruption of every painted camp follower! -(grunts)

  • The vile diseases they spread destroyed good men!

  • Destroyed them in both body and mind.

  • (Batman grunts, James Gordon/Jack the Ripper exclaims)

  • (flames bursting)

  • (Selina coughing)

  • (ferris wheel creaking)

  • (flames bursting)

  • (James Gordon/Jack the Ripper grunting and exclaiming)

  • (flames continue bursting, wood clatters)

  • (Selina gasps)

  • (ferris wheel creaking)

  • (Selina grunts)

  • (both grunting)

  • (James Gordon/Jack the Ripper straining)

  • (exclaims)

  • (straining)

  • (handcuffs click)

  • (both grunting)

  • I saw your work on your wife.

  • Wives?!

  • They're the worst prostitutes of all!

  • Sell themselves too cheap!

  • Wives! Mothers!

  • That slut nun of yours!

  • (grunts)

  • (ferris wheel creaking)

  • (explosion, Selina exclaims)

  • Look, Bruce! The world of tomorrow is burning!

  • Exposing the ashes of degradation hiding benath!

  • This is where we belong!

  • No.

  • -(grunts) -I paid Houdini $300 for that trick.

  • (grunts)

  • Fight's over.

  • Time to go.

  • (wood crumbling)

  • Gordon!

  • (James Gordon/Jack the Ripper screaming)



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B1 中級 美國腔

蝙蝠俠VS開膛手傑克(決賽)|蝙蝠俠:煤氣燈下的高譚市。 (Batman vs Jack the Ripper (Final) | Batman: Gotham by Gaslight)

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