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  • J.K. Rowling is a never-ending vault of stories, so it's no surprise that her fortune is similar.

    J.K. Rowling 的故事靈感從不枯竭,因此她同樣豐盈的財富也不令人意外。

  • The beloved Harry Potter author has done her best to keep the details of her wealth under the invisibility cloak.


  • But as of 2016, the New York Times estimated her net worth at $1.2 billion after taxes.

    不過截至 2016 年,《紐約時報》估計她的淨資產扣稅後達 12 億美元。

  • How J.K. Rowling makes and spends her fortune?

    J.K. Rowling 怎麼賺錢、怎麼花錢?

  • Rowling, who is known to be private when it comes to sharing financial details, has denied being a billionaire.


  • And Forbes estimated her fortune to be around $650 million in 2017.

    2017 年《富比士》雜誌估計她的財產大約有 6 億 5 千萬美元。

  • Since the series started in 1997, 500 million copies of "Harry Potter" books have been sold worldwide.

    自從《哈利波特》系列從 1997 年開始推出,全球已售出五億本書。

  • The last book in the series "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" broke records to become the fastest-selling fiction book of all time.


  • By the New York Times' estimate, the Harry Potter novels have racked in at least $7.7 billion.

    根據《紐約時報》估計,《哈利波特》小說已賺進至少 77 億美元。

  • And if J.K. Rowling took a standard authors royalty cut of 15%, she would have made at least $1.15 billion.

    如果 J.K.Rowling 抽的是標準 15% 版稅,她至少賺進了 11 億 5 千萬美元。

  • And that's before accounting for the movie series, which have also grossed $7.7 billion.

    這還是在計入系列電影之前;電影同樣賺進 77 億美元。

  • And if she received the standard 10 net percent participation, then she likely earned $770 million.

    假如她收取的是標準 10% 淨利潤分享,那麼她可能賺進 7.7 億美元。

  • And 2017 seems to be her best year to date.

    2017 年似乎是她目前收穫最多的一年。

  • 10 years after the final Harry Potter book and six years after the final film, Rowling was the highest paid novelist in the world.


  • And Forbes ranked her as the third highest paid celebrity, earning an estimated $95 million that year.

    《富比士》雜誌將她列為收入第三高的名人;她在那年預估賺進 9 千 5 百萬美元。

  • In 2018, she earned another $54 million, so it's safe to say she hasn't lost any steam.

    2018 年她又賺進 5 千 4 百萬美元,因此我們可以說她的吸金能力仍在持續成長。

  • Rowling kept her fans reading and watching with the production and script release of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" in London and New York and the two "Fantastic Beasts" movies.


  • And while the new films have grossed far less than the original series, the first "Fantastic Beasts" made a worldwide gross of $814 million.

    儘管新電影比原系列少賺很多,第一部《怪獸與牠們的產地》在全球票房收入達 8.14 億美元。

  • By Forbes' estimate, Rowling still received 10 million for the less-loved spin-off.


  • Her magical wizarding world has also been expanded through Universal Parks and Resorts Harry Potter attractions in Orlando, LA, and Japan.


  • Forbes estimates Rowling's received low double-digit millions from the parks, and she's released an entirely new book series under the author name Robert Galbraith.

    《富比士》預估羅琳從主體樂園賺進約一千至三千萬美元;並且她以另一個作者名 Robert Galbraith 推出全新的系列作品。

  • The first three Cormoran Strike books have sold 1.2 million copies, earning $9.9 million.

    《布穀鳥的呼喚》系列的前三本書已賣出 120 萬本,賺進 990 萬美元。

  • Additionally, Rowling launched her self-proclaimed "digital heart of J.K. Rowling's wizarding world" website: Pottermore, in April 2012.

    另外在 2012 年 4 月,羅琳架設了號稱是「J.K. Rowling 魔法世界的數位核心」網站:Pottermore。

  • Pottermore brought in $19 million in revenue in 2016.

    2016 年 Pottermore 帶來 1 千 9 百萬的營收。

  • Through multiple partnerships to sell e-books and audiobooks.


  • Despite her huge success, Rowling's path to a magical fortune took more than a snap of her fingers.


  • In an interview, Rowling told Jon Stewart that she spent a few years living in the UK with government assistance as a single mother, barely avoiding homelessness.

    在一場訪談中,羅琳告訴 Jon Stewart 自己曾是單親媽媽,接受英國政府援助,好不容易才沒有淪落到無家可歸。

  • After her success, she says she's now happy to stay in the UK and pay Britain's top tax rate of 45%.

    功成名就以後,羅琳表示自己相當樂意留在英國,並支付英國的最高稅率 45%。

  • Discussing taxes, Rowling said, "I'm indebted to the welfare state."


  • "When my life hit rock bottom, that safety net was there to break the fall."


  • Taxes aren't the only way Rowling pays back.


  • Her charitable donations over the years have reached at least $150 million.

    她的慈善捐款在這幾年已經有至少 1 億 5 千萬美元。

  • Rowling founded the Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic at the University of Edinburgh with a $16 million contribution.

    羅琳為愛丁堡大學的 Anne Rowling 修復神經學診所提供 1 千 6 百萬美元的資金。

  • The clinic's named for her mother, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and passed away before Rowling became a published author.

    該診所以羅琳的母親命名;Anne Rowling 在羅琳成為出版作家前,就被診斷出多發性硬化症而去世。

  • She's founded an international children's rights organization, the Lumos Foundation.

    她設立了一個國際兒童權利組織:Lumos 基金會。

  • As well as the Volant Charitable Trust to alleviate social deprivation across Scotland.


  • But it's worth asking: how does the author treat herself?


  • Well, she owns homes in Edinburgh, Perthshire, and Kensington. Rowling sold her 19th century Victorian mansion in 2012 for over $3.6 million.

    她在愛丁堡、珀斯郡、肯辛頓都有房產。2012 年她的 19 世紀維多利亞豪宅出售價格超過 360 萬美元。

  • She and her husband, Neil Murray, had two interlinked, Hogwarts-like tree houses for their children built in the yard of their Edinburgh home for about $330,000.

    在愛丁堡家裡的後院,羅琳和她的丈夫 Neil Murray 為小孩準備了兩間互相連結、像是霍格華茲的樹屋,要價約 33 萬美元。

  • The couple had to apply for planning permission in order to knock down a $1.3 million house next door to make room for the tree house.

    夫妻倆那時還得申請建築許可,把旁邊 130 萬美元的房子打掉才有空間蓋樹屋。

  • And with countless movie premieres to attend, Rowling splurges on designer dresses, like this spring 2011 Oscar de la Renta gown.

    而且由於得參加無數場電影首映會,羅琳花大錢購買設計師服飾,例如這件 2011 年春季的奧斯卡德拉倫塔禮服。

  • With a third "Fantastic Beasts" movie set for a 2020 release and surely more lucrative projects on the horizon, it seems J.K. Rowling and her fortune aren't going to disappear.

    有鑑於《怪獸與牠們的產地》電影第三集預計在 2020 年推出,再加上近期內更有利可圖的計畫,羅琳傳奇與她的財富似乎還未完待續。

J.K. Rowling is a never-ending vault of stories, so it's no surprise that her fortune is similar.

J.K. Rowling 的故事靈感從不枯竭,因此她同樣豐盈的財富也不令人意外。

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