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- Do you think there are benefits
of waiting to have sex until you're married?
- Can't think of one.
- How did everyone meet their husbands?
- I was 10 years old, and I've been married 58 years
and told my mother at 10 he was the one.
- And you were right.
- Uh-huh. - What made you,
what did you like about him when you were 10?
- Well, he was cute, and he was not nice.
He did not like me. - So how'd you get him?
- He was mean to me, I'm very persuasive.
And we both went to summer camp together.
And I was Blue Team captain,
and he was Blue Team captain of the guys,
and we were together, and it just happened from there.
- And so, how did you wrangle him into your sights,
if he wasn't interested?
How did you use your womanly, 10 year old ways?
- Well, it sure wasn't sex.
He lived in Pennsylvania, I lived in New Jersey,
but it just worked out.
- So 58 years later, you still like him?
- I love him. - You do?
- I sure do. - That's pretty nice.
- He's a pain in the butt a lot of times,
but most men are.
You know, he's good, good guy.
- What about you, Barb?
How did you meet Harry?
- Taking mamba lessons, 1950, I don't know, 55,
something like that.
- How old were you? - 14.
- Wow!
You were taking mamba lessons at 14 years old,
little spicy, and so, when you saw Harry,
how did you, did you like him immediately?
Did it take you a little while?
Tell me the story.
- It took me, I had my eye on another guy.
- You did? - But, he, Harry liked me.
And he was very persistent, you know?
And-- - So he wore you down?
- Yeah, but not, it didn't take that long.
A few months.
- And you were 14 when you met him,
and how old were you when you married him?
- 18. - Wow.
- Yeah, that's how we got be married so long.
- Wow.
- 'Cause I'm very young, you know.
- [Rose] How 'bout you, Lola?
How did you meet your husband,
and how old were you?
- I've been married 67 years,
but we did meet a year before that,
and I dated other guys, and he dated other women,
and finally, we got together.
How old were you? - Finally, finally.
I was 17 when we got together.
- Yeah, finally, you guys got together.
17, after all that time.
- And we lived in the same neighborhood.
Actually, probably a mile apart, but we had mutual friends.
And we had one particular friend that thought
that we were gonna be an item,
and she introduced us, and that's how it all started.
- And what did you think when you first met him?
What was the first thing you thought?
- God, he's good looking.
God, he's good looking, that's a--
- He was, he was really good looking,
and he was, my mother was so happy,
'cause he was a nice Jewish boy.
And-- - Is this a Jewish Mahj group?
- It happens to be.
- And then I was 20 when we got married, and he was 21,
and it's been a beautiful marriage,
and we're very happy.
- [Rose] That's great.
- I'm gonna start crying. - Yeah, I was, too.
- And Grandma, you wanna tell us the story
of how you met Grandpa?
- Well, he picked me up on the beach,
and never let me wear that bathing suit again.
That was a winner.
- Tell us the story, Gram.
- 18, just came out to California,
to go to UCLA, I think I had been in town two days,
you know, and he walked over,
and asked me my phone number,
he didn't write it down, and I was so annoyed.
I thought, well why did he bother to ask?
That's so rude, you know?
So it was three months til I got a phone call.
- Ooh. - Which I always remember,
because if a guy doesn't call me
for two weeks, I'm like, forget it, he's trash.
I'm like, oh, wait, Grandpa took three months with Grandma.
- [Barb] If he didn't write it down,
did he remember the phone number?
- He memorized it. - Oh my gosh.
- By the next day, I would've forgotten it.
- [Barb] Me too.
- Well, you know, he was bright.
- And Grandma, how long did it take you
to take a shine to Grandpa?
- You know, I told my mom, I said, you know,
I think I'm gonna date him until I get a smile.
He was so serious, I couldn't coax a smile.
I said, I'll see, I'll get a smile,
and then I'm done.
But by then, it was too late.
- And tell me about you, Connie.
- I've been married 56 years the second time around.
- Impressive! - The first time was 10 years,
and I got married at 17.
- Oh, wow. - Which was too young.
- And how did you meet your second husband?
- We were in a group of friends, and he got divorced,
and I got divorced.
- And how'd you know you liked him?
- Oh, I knew right away.
- What was it?
Was it the eyes, the hair, what made you like him?
- Oh, I don't know, - You'll know.
- It was just everything.
- You'll know? - It was just everything.
- You'll know. - It was the whole package.
- The whole package, yeah.
- My kids ask the same thing.
They said, how did you know?
How did you know he was the one?
I knew nothing, nothing.
- None of us knew anything.
- At 18, what do you know?
You know nothing. - Oh, that's true.
- I said, blind luck.
I knew I wanted somebody that would be able
to support me, support a family,
send children to college.
- You know, it's interesting.
I never thought about that for some reason.
- Never thought about what?
- Never thought that, worried about him supporting me
or anything like that.
I fell in love with him and that was it.
- I felt the same way.
- I felt the same way.
I loved Eddie, and I didn't even know
what he was gonna be. - Well, sure,
you were 10 years old!
What the hell did you know?
- But you did know what he was gonna be.
In our cases, they were all gonna be something--
- Right! - Even if we didn't know
what they were gonna be,
and they were compatible.
- I spent a lot of time at my husband's house,
'cause of different states,
and I could see how he treated his parents,
especially his mother.
If he treats his mother with respect and loving,
he's gonna be a good husband.
I'm not saying it's 100%, you know,
but the general, that's what I think,
and you know. - I think she's right.
I agree. - Yeah.
- Character of the person, even then was visible.
- Yeah, very. - What kind
of respectable person he was.
- I think they wait today to get married
because they're having sex anyways, so what's the rush?
- And they start much younger.
- [Lola] I'm telling you.
- Do you think there are benefits of waiting
to have sex until you're married?
- Can't think of one.
- I have-- - I don't know.
We were in a hurry to get married so we could have sex.
We didn't think about having it before.
Oh, we gotta play Mahjong.
- Okay, go play Mahjong.
This is great, good job.
- I gotta change seats. - Can we turn on the air?
- [Rose] Yeah, we'll turn on the air.
You guys can cut.


就是這個人了嗎?如何知道這就是你的真愛? (How Do You Know If You Found "The One"?)

393 分類 收藏
April Lu 發佈於 2019 年 3 月 28 日    Jade Weng 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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