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  • Apple's AirPods quickly became the standard for wireless headphones.

    蘋果推出的 AirPods 很快就變成了無線耳機的標竿。

  • But Samsung just released its Galaxy Buds, which are a great alternative.

    但三星新推出的 Galaxy Buds 也是一項很不錯的選擇。

  • Plus, they look a lot less silly.

    更不用說 Galaxy Buds 外觀看起來精明多了。

  • Here's how they stack up against the AirPods.


  • Samsung Galaxy Buds are just as easy to set up as AirPods are for an iPhone.

    配對 Galaxy Buds 就跟 iPhone 對 AirPods 設定一樣簡便。

  • You just open the case and as long as you are near a Samsung phone, you will see a prompt that lets you pair them.


  • You don't have to go digging through a Bluetooth menu, so long as you are using Android.

    只要手機是 Android 系統,你就不需要翻找藍芽的設定目錄。

  • The Galaxy Buds also work with iPhones, but you need to pair them manually with Bluetooth instead of using the fast pairing option.

    iPhones 也可以使用 Galaxy Buds,不過就會少了快速配對選項,你必須手動進行設定。

  • The Galaxy Buds sound just as good as AirPods.


  • While I've never complained about the quality from my AirPods, I thought the Galaxy Buds sounded good.


  • They are better at blocking out external noise and have controls that let you change the equalizer to highlight bass or treble in the music you are listening to.


  • AirPods have even more equalizer controls, however.


  • I think the Galaxy Buds are just as comfortable as AirPods, but they are different.


  • The Galaxy Buds are softer than AirPods, so they didn't hurt my ears after I wore them for a few hours.


  • And they are also really good staying in my ear, so I could run without them falling out.


  • Other people though, said that AirPods fit their ears better, so you will want to try both.


  • Unlike Apple's AirPods, Samsung's Galaxy Buds allow you to charge them wirelessly, which is awesome.


  • That means you can drop them on any Qi-enabled wireless charging pad or even the back of Samsung's new Galaxy S10 phones to power them up.

    你只要把耳機放在任何 Qi 無線充電板,甚至可以用新款 Galaxy S10 手機背面來充電。

  • And that means, you don't have to go searching for an outlet.


  • Excuse me!


  • Do you know where the nearest outlet is?


  • You should not have to worry too much about battery life though.


  • Samsung's Galaxy Buds give you six hours of battery life plus another seven once you put them in the case.

    三星耳機續航力有 6 小時,耳機收納盒還能另外提供 7 小時。

  • But Apple's AirPods are better.


  • They give you five hours, but up to 24 hours when you use the case.

    它的續航力有 5 小時,收納盒則能提供最多 24 小時的電量。

  • Here's one thing I didn't like.


  • I never knew how much juice was left in the Samsung Galaxy Bud's case.


  • That's something Apple always tells you.


  • The Galaxy Buds are cheaper than AirPods too.


  • Samsung charges $129 for these, while Apple charges $159 for AirPods.

    Galaxy Buds 要價 129 美元,AirPods 則是 159 美元。

  • Then there are features in the Galaxy Buds that you don't get in AirPods like Google Assistant and ambient noise controls.

    另外三星耳機有些功能是蘋果沒有的,例如 Google 助手以及環境噪音設定。

  • I like that I could tap the side of the Galaxy Buds to activate Google Assistant and ask it anything.

    按下三星耳機側邊就可以啟動 Google 助手來問我想問的問題,這是優點之一。

  • How long will it take me to get to Yankee Stadium?


  • AirPods only work with Siri, which isn't generally as smart as Google Assistant. Plus, I can use Google Assistant to play Spotify.

    蘋果耳機只能用 Siri,一般來說 Siri 不如 Google 助手靈敏。而且我可以用 Google 助手來播放 Spotify 音樂。

  • Play music by the Backstreet Boys.


  • The ambient noise feature lets you tap one of the earbuds so you can hear your surroundings better.


  • This worked just okay.


  • The music got really soft and I found it was just as easy to pause a song.


  • So should you buy them?


  • If you run Android, think AirPods look silly or are worried about how they fit, then you should check out the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

    如果你拿 Android 系統的手機,覺得 AirPods 看起來很傻,或者擔心它戴起來的舒適度,那你就可以考慮三星的 Galaxy Buds。

  • Galaxy Buds are cheaper than AirPods, sound good, are comfortable and have additional features like wireless charging.


  • But, if you have an iPhone and want something that pairs quickly and seamlessly, stick to AirPods.

    但是如果你拿的是 iPhone 且希望能迅速流暢地與手機配對,那就買蘋果吧!

Apple's AirPods quickly became the standard for wireless headphones.

蘋果推出的 AirPods 很快就變成了無線耳機的標竿。


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蘋果的AirPods比三星的Galaxy Buds好嗎? (Are Apple's AirPods Better Than Samsung's Galaxy Buds?)

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