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  • Situated in Eastern Thailand, just over 300 kilometers from Bangkok,

  • Koh Chang is one of Thailand's most beautiful islands.

  • Until recently, it was a little-known destination,

  • however it now boasts a blossoming tourist industry,

  • with many resorts, spas, and luxury accommodation options now available.

  • In 1982, Koh Chang and its surrounding islands were protected,

  • and became the Mu Ko Chang Marine National Park.

  • This has preserved much of the mountainous interior, beaches, and diving sites,

  • all of which are part of the attraction of visiting this beautiful island.

  • Local life here is simple,

  • with many fishermen harvesting their catch from the surrounding waters,

  • and selling fresh seafood to the tourists and resorts.

  • It's an unhurried way of life which infects those who visit as well.

  • The ramshackle estuary shacks and boats have a charm of all of their own.

  • You can walk the peaceful jungle paths through the island,

  • exploring dramatic waterfalls which feed tranquil streams.

  • Of course, with the beautiful waters all around,

  • there is plenty of canoeing, diving, and snorkeling.

  • As Koh Chang lacks an airport,

  • it's likely to remain a quieter holiday spot for some time, and for that,

  • many will be very thankful indeed.

Situated in Eastern Thailand, just over 300 kilometers from Bangkok,


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