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hi hi how are you today? I'am fine.Thank you.what is your name? how old are you ?wanna
now okay what is your father's name and what is your mother's name?
Ananya where do you live what is your address ?okay.. and you go to school ?what
is your school's name ?okay. who is your best friend what is your best friend's
name? yeah okay what is your class teacher's name? what
is your favorite color pink ..yeah .. will u tell me the names of some other colors
what are you wearing? what is the color of your shirtokay and what are the prints on it
which color are they? okay thank you so much ..could you tell me the names of few
seasons? tell me the names of seasons and what is your favorite season ?yeah that's
my favorite too .oh you both like rain oh yeah that's nice
can you tell me the days of a week? what are they? you're very smart Ananya
good job.. oh you're beautiful .okay that's good
okay could you just tell me. I'll ask you some questions about modes of transport.
what is car ?which mode of transport Transport?
okay what about aeroplanes?
air city or say air transport what about ship what a transport? right
good and who flies an aeroplane ? okay
and who drives a car? okay what did you say who drives a car okay
and what about shipe ?who sails a ship?
tell me the name? okay you can sit down yeah thank you so much okay and you know
where does an aeroplane land where does an aeroplane land okay where are the
cars parked?car 's parked?where are the parked?
yes in the parking lot yeah oh good you know that right
okay you if it's okay I understood .you like eating food ?what is your favorite
food ?red apple okay okay then Ananya could you just tell me
what is the food that you eat in the morning called? what is the food you eat in
the afternoon called? are you scared of lunch
uh-huh and what is the food that you eat at the night called ?yeah hmm okay just
tell me the opposite I'm going to ask you a few words and you will have to
tell me the opposite okay what is the opposite of Day? what is the opposite of
up ?fast ?okay a car is faster or a bicycle?
okay that's enough okay thank you what does the opposite of pretty ?
ugly okay good and Anayna who all live with you in
your house in your home and whom do you like most mama or Papa? you like both no
one is your favorite both who's Jasper yeah okay do you have
a pet? you want to have a pet ?which pet do you like to have ?okay okay
could you tell me some good manners what do you say when somebody gives you
something? when somebody gives you something?
okay and when you do something wrong what do you have to say?
okay and when you ask for something ?when you ask something from somebody what do
you say ?okay I'm going to ask you a few questions on your country ?what is your
country's name? okay who is the Prime Minister of India ?okay and who is the
President of India ?okay National Anthem of India is?
okay good what is the national fruit of India? what
is the national bird ?okay what is the national ..you like that song. okay can I
ask you next question? okay okay thank you for that song .can I ask you the next
question ?okay what is the national fruit of India ?what is the national bird of
India? what is the currency of India? what is the national game of India?
thanks bye bye okay okay bye


入學口試問題 (School Admission Interview Question & Answers for Kids|Preparation &Tips For School Interview,India)

189 分類 收藏
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