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  • Finland is the number one destination to visit in 2019.

    芬蘭是 2019 年最適合旅行的國家。

  • It's the happiest country in the world named by the United Nations.


  • We're here to explain why Insider thinks it deserves the number one spot on your travel bucket list.

    我們今天要來解釋為什麼 Insider 認為芬蘭值得列入你旅行清單中的第一名。

  • Finns are passionate about food.


  • You can eat everything from reindeer meat to juicy cloudberries.


  • Some of the country's more traditional foods include Karelian pasties, which are savory pies made with a rye crust and filled with potatoes, rice or carrots.

    更道地的食物還有像是 Karelian 餡餅,它是一種用黑麥餅皮包馬鈴薯或紅蘿蔔的鹹餡餅。

  • During the summer, Finns gather around the barbecue and cook Ryynimakkara, which is Finnish sausage.


  • A huge staple in the Finn's diet is fish.


  • That means everything from smoked salmon to fish pie to fresh lox can be found year-round.


  • Perhaps picking out where to stay is the best part about a trip to Finland.


  • Finland is a popular destination to see the Northern Lights, so across the entire country you'll find places like this.


  • Glass igloos are a great way to see these iconic lights while still staying warm.


  • Visit Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort or Arctic Snow Hotel and glass igloos to experience it for yourself.


  • But if you love the cold, then an ice hotel is a place for you.


  • At the Snow Castle of Kemi, you can sleep in, eat in, and explore an entire hotel made of ice.


  • And if you're a Game of Thrones fan, head to the Lapland Hotel's Snow Village, where this entire snow hotel is inspired by the TV show.


  • A few of Finland's lighthouses have been renovated into hotels, so you can venture out to Finland's coast and sleep in this unconventional place.


  • The country has more saunas than cars.


  • It's part of the Finnish lifestyle and something you should consider adding to your bucket list.


  • There are some creative spots where you can experience a sauna.


  • Visit Sport Resort Ylläs and ride in the sauna ski lift.

    來到 Ylläs 運動渡假村,在搭乘滑雪纜車的同時也體驗桑拿。

  • Or head to Helsinki where there's a sauna Ferris wheel.


  • And the city has more than just a Ferris wheel.


  • Its historic buildings like the Helsinki Cathedral and Temppeliaukio Church, along with its bustling Market Square, make it a lively capital.


  • An icebreaker cruise is another popular attraction.


  • Hop on a Sampo boat and break through the frozen water.


  • And if you're up for it, slide in the water and experience the cold.


  • Over 70% of Finland is covered in forest, so explore the forest on a dogsled or reindeer ride.

    芬蘭有 70% 的國土面積都被森林覆蓋,所以試試乘坐狗或馴鹿拉的雪橇來探險一番吧。

  • The country has a freedom to roam policy, which means you can sleep, swim, sail, fish, or forage anywhere you like.


  • Finland is a country with friendly people, expansive nature and yummy food, which all makes it the ideal destination to visit this upcoming year.


Finland is the number one destination to visit in 2019.

芬蘭是 2019 年最適合旅行的國家。

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2019 年最適合旅行的國家——芬蘭 (Finland Is The Best Country To Travel To In 2019)

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