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  • If you know doughnuts, you know the pink doughnut box.


  • Especially if you're familiar with Southern California, which has hundreds of doughnut shops, most with the pink boxes.


  • But while you may recognize the box, you may not know it's central to a story about chasing the American dream.


  • The pink box phenomenon all started with a man named Ted.

    這個粉紅盒子現象源自於一位名為 Ted 的男子。

  • Ted Ngoy came to California as a Cambodian refugee in the 1970s.

    Ted Ngoy 在 1970 年代以柬埔寨難民的身分移居加州。

  • He got into the doughnut business and became the owner of dozens of shops.


  • Ted sponsored other refugees, taught them the business, and helped them open their own shops.

    Ted 資助其他難民、教導他們企業經營之道,並協助他們開業。

  • Since Ted used the pink boxes, so did everybody else.

    因為 Ted 使用了粉紅色的盒子,大家也就跟著照做。

  • Ted became known as the Doughnut King.

    Ted 之後以甜甜圈國王聞名。

  • My name is Mayly Tao, and I am the Doughnut Princess of L.A.

    我叫 Mayly Tao,是洛杉磯的甜甜圈公主。

  • The Doughnut Princess's great uncle, the one and only Doughnut King, Ted Ngoy.

    甜甜圈公主的叔祖,正是甜甜圈國王 Ted Ngoy。

  • He taught Mayly's parents the business in the 1980s, and they started this shop.

    他在 1980 年代傳授事業經營之道給 Mayly 的父母,然後他們便開了這間店。

  • Mayly took it over a few years ago.

    Mayly 在幾年前接手了。

  • And beyond Mayly, Ted's legacy lives on through, you guessed it, those pink boxes.

    除了 Mayly 之外,Ted 的傳承也在其他地方繼續,沒錯,就是那些粉紅色盒子。

  • When we came to L.A., my parents owned a doughnut shop for 26 years.

    我們到達洛杉磯時,我父母已經營甜甜圈店 26 年了。

  • We use the pink doughnut boxes.


  • In the Asian community, red is a lucky color, so therefore, using the pink box, it's no coincidence about it.


  • The pink box is overwhelmingly the favorite of the doughnut shop industry.


  • That's Len Bell, he should know.

    他是 Len Bell,對這事應該再清楚不過了。

  • His company manufactures about 12 to 15 million doughnut boxes every year.

    他的公司每年都會製造約 1,200 萬到 1,500 萬個甜甜圈盒子。

  • Cheers!


  • While the pink boxes are still an iconic part of the doughnut landscape, owners are putting a new spin on things.


  • Mayly makes some of the same doughnuts her parents used to make, but like everything, times are a changin'.

    Mayly 現在還是會做父母傳承下來的甜甜圈,但任何事物都會隨著時代改變。

  • When I took the business over from my parents, they were using the generic pink boxes that you see everywhere.


  • But our doughnuts were not generic, and I needed to reflect that upon our new, upgraded boxes.


  • And what does your mom think about that, Mayly?


  • My mom does not really approve of the new boxes.


  • They're a little bit more expensive, and it's not really what she's used to, but I think it's a sign of new doughnut times.


  • Yum, sounds delicious.


If you know doughnuts, you know the pink doughnut box.


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