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Hey Creators, I'm Tom from the YouTube product team.
Big changes are coming to how you manage your channel.
I'm here to give you a rundown
on some of the new improvements to the YouTube Studio.
You might be wondering, why are we making all these changes?
Well, the original YouTube Studio Classic has been around for over 10 years
and it became really hard for us to make improvements to your experience
so now, the new YouTube Studio will let us give you more features, faster.
Many of you may have already been defaulted into the new YouTube Studio.
If you haven't yet, you can get to it
by clicking on the button on the top-left corner of Classic.
And I strongly encourage you to check it out
because this will become the new, prominent, main platform
for Creators going forward.
There's gonna be a transition period
so in the next few months, you'll be able to go to both
but in the long run
the new YouTube Studio will be the primary place
where we put all of our efforts
and all of the new innovation.
The first thing you see in the new YouTube Studio is a dashboard.
Here you can see a snapshot of what's going on with your latest video
the latest news from YouTube
and your top-line analytics for the last 28 days.
There's gonna be other new widgets coming.
One of them is 'known issues'
which will explain any kind of outages or any issues that are facing the platform
so if it's something that's affecting your channel or other channels
you'll know what the status is right there.
The second thing is the 'ideas for you' widget.
Now, this one's already in the dashboard.
As you can see here
it gives you very specific recommendations based on your channel's characteristics.
So maybe we noticed that you haven't used a feature
that channels like you are using with great success.
We may recommend that you check out that feature.
Or it could recommend a Creator Academy lesson
based on where you are in your growth journey as a channel.
So those are some of the cool things in the dashboard.
Do check it out, I think you'll really enjoy it.
Let's jump into the Studio and look at how I manage a channel.
The first thing you need to keep in mind
is the way to navigate.
It has what we call 'entity-based navigation'
and all that means is
when you want to modify the analytics
or the video editing, or the captions or whatever
for any specific video, what you need to do is select the video first
because all of these items on the left-hand side here
they're really, right now, at the channel level.
So I'm gonna select a video by just clicking on the video title
and now you'll see the items on the left have changed.
There's Analytics, Editor, Comments, transcriptions, additional features
these are all related to that specific video.
Then when you want to go back, just click on this little back arrow
and now you're back up at the channel level.
Another cool thing about the YouTube Studio
is on the video list here, you can make in-line edits.
So notice here I'm looking at my list of videos
and I can quickly click on the little pencil
and now I can change the title and the description
without leaving the page.
I can also change the visibility settings
and monetisation settings.
All from the video list, in-line, without having to load a bunch of screens.
OK, now let's take a look at the new and improved YouTube Analytics.
So I'm gonna click here and now I'm at the channel level
and I'm seeing the channel Analytics for this account.
Some things that are really cool are the way we've organised the reports now
are kind of aligned with the goals of a Creator.
So you have
'reach viewers', 'interest viewers', 'build an audience', 'earn revenue'.
And then within each of those
we highlight the top metrics that are most important for each section.
The other thing that's really cool is
on this 'reach viewers' area is our impressions report
which will explain how many impressions you got for your videos
what the click-through rate was
for those impressions
and then also how many unique viewers you got.
Another thing that you'll notice about the new YouTube Studio in Analytics
is these insights.
These are smart headlines
human-language descriptions of what's going on.
So this has been based on feedback we got from Creators telling us
"Hey, these charts and tables are great
"but just tell me what's going on."
So now we do that.
Currently, this feature is in English only
but we hope to get it out in all languages soon.
When looking at your Analytics
you can also change the date range
by clicking on the date picker.
You can also select a custom date range.
You can go deeper by clicking on one of the cards
then a deep-dive window opens.
It allows you to sort the table by the different metrics
change the charts and even create and apply groups.
The other thing to know is
you can click on the small Play icons
to see the video Analytics
where the charts are now normalised
and compare the video's performance to other videos
adjusting their age for a fair comparison.
So next, let's look at the new video editor.
I'll click on a video here
then I click 'Editor'
and you'll see a couple things.
One is it's a completely new visual design
really nice Dark Mode kind of look.
But the most important thing
is that the Classic Studio used to have editors all over the place.
It used to have one editor for end screens
another editor for captions
another editor for blurring, another editor for audio swapping
and so on.
That was very confusing to use, they were all a little different.
Now you can do it all in one place and avoid any edits that collide with each other.
Now, one thing you'll notice is
from time to time
there might be a couple of features that you click on
and it actually takes you to YouTube Studio Classic.
Those are features that we're in the process of building
in the new YouTube Studio, so in the meantime
we had to make sure that you could still get your job done
and access those features.
Over time, we'll replace those links
with links to the native-built YouTube Studio version of it
but in the meantime, you'll have those links to get your job done.
OK, so that's a quick summary of the new YouTube Studio.
If you have feedback, please give us comments below
or you can use the 'Send feedback' feature
in the product itself
or you can hit us up on Creator Insider.
Whatever works for you.
In the meantime, enjoy the new product and keep it real.


如何使用新版 YouTube 工作室 (How to Use the New YouTube Studio)

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