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  • Welcome to San Francisco, California.

    歡迎您來到加利福尼亞州, 三藩市

  • Artists, entrepreneurs and romantics have come here for generations,

    世世代代,無數的藝術家、企業家 和浪漫主義者都慕名來到這裏,

  • to make their dreams, reality.

    尋找他們的夢想 和現實。

  • San Francisco’s rolling hills provide coastal views from

    得益於三藩市連綿起伏的小山, 從這座城市的很多地方都能

  • most points in the city.


  • I've met people here from all over the world.

    我在這裏遇到了 來自全球各地的人們。

  • Not only in the school, even in the city

    不僅僅是在學校裏, 而是在這座城市的各個地方,

  • because the city is really a cosmopolitan place.

    因為三藩市就只一座 世界性的國際化大都市。

  • So its really interesting how you share with people

    與來自其他文化、 講著不同語言的

  • from all other cultures, all other languages.

    人們分享見聞 真是一件趣事。

  • I've been doing a lot of fun things here,

    來到這裏, 其樂無窮

  • like Lombard Street,


  • I enjoy this street,


  • the curved street.


  • San Francisco’s most recognizable landmark

    三藩市 最著名的地標

  • is the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge.

    便是 壯觀的金門大橋。

  • The school is very well located,


  • its right at the Fishermans Wharf,

    就坐落在漁人碼頭 的右邊。

  • then I go to school, sometimes even by cable cars,

    有時候 可以坐纜車上學。

  • So, its pretty awesome


  • and we are all young people from different countries,

    同學們都是來自 不同國家的年輕人。

  • and we met at the school and


  • we are doing a lot of stuff together.

    是一起 學習的同學。

  • And yes, I've a really great time.

    是的, 我在這裏生活得很愉快。

  • You learn idioms from America

    您可從 美國學生和美國市民

  • and from the American people,


  • so, I like it.


  • We had the opportunity to go to many Universities,

    我也有機會到許多大學 校園去逛逛。

  • and people from Universities came to the school,

    也有大學人士 到我們學校來

  • and talked to us about how is


  • American student life and everything.

    美國學生生活及 美國的各方各面。

  • We also incorporate the latest in technology into our lessons,

    我們還將最新科技融入 到了我們的講課中

  • so you can progress at your own speed.

    因此您完全可按照 自己的步伐學習。

  • The way to think is the same all around the world and

    全世界的思考方式 都是一樣的

  • its really amazing to know that,


  • its an experience


  • I can never forget.


  • For accommodation, you can choose to stay in an EF residence

    您也可以選擇 住在英孚宿舍,

  • or with a local family in our homestay program.

    也可根據我們的家庭寄宿計畫 選擇當地家庭住宿。

  • We've an amazing neighbourhood and so much safety,

    街坊鄰里都熱情友好, 安保措施也將令您放心。

  • we've a park next to it and we can enjoy the park.

    學校旁邊有一座公園, 是休閒的好去處。

  • It has been a wonderful experience


  • and the exchange, I think learning about,

    從與不同文化 之間

  • you know, different cultures


  • and we learn little bit about their different languages,

    我們接觸並學習到了 各種語言,

  • and we learn from them as well as we share with them,

    我們相互學習, 相互提升對彼此的認識,

  • you know, from our perspective.


  • Our activities coordinators arrange a wide array of activities.

    我們的活動協調員為 我們舉行了各種豐富多彩的活動。

  • I saw Golden Gate Bridge and


  • Alcatraz, its just the best landscape I’ve seen in my life.

    惡魔島,絕美的景觀 是我一輩子都沒有見過的。

  • So, it’s perfect here in San Francisco.

    三藩市就是 這般令人著迷。

  • On the weekend, Take a trip upto Napa Valley,

    週末, 還能北上到納帕穀(Napa Valley)去旅行,

  • where youll enjoy sweeping vineyard views

    觀賞那裏延綿不斷的 葡萄園景觀,

  • while learning about the art of wine making.

    學習釀酒的 藝術之道。

  • Best thing in San Francisco is that you are totally free

    在三藩市, 最令我高興的就是

  • to do everything,


  • there are lot of good things to do around here,

    美好的事情遍佈各處, 令人雀躍。

  • and, that’s why I love this city.


  • The best thing in San Francisco is,

    三藩市, 它本身

  • Everything.


  • Every year, there are plenty of festivals and events in the city,

    每年, 城市裏各種節慶和活動不斷

  • one of them is the the 100 year old Bay to Breakers footrace,

    其中一項活動就是 已經舉辦 100 年的越灣馬拉松長跑,

  • when thousands of people parade through the streets

    成千上萬的人們 穿著最為

  • dressed in the craziest outfits.


  • Its no wonder, San Francisco has been voted

    難怪, 三藩市投票成為

  • America’s top destination,


  • year after year.


  • An experience


  • I can never forget because its amazing,

    精彩無比, 令人難以忘懷,

  • I feel that its amazing, its really amazing.

    我想真正的精彩人生 也不過如此吧。

Welcome to San Francisco, California.

歡迎您來到加利福尼亞州, 三藩市


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