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  • I've been a Windows user since Windows 98, and even though I work eight hours a day on a Mac, my favorite OS is still Windows.

    我從 Win 98 (1998 年的系統) 開始,就一直是 Windows 的用戶,即使每天用 Mac 工作 8 小時,我最愛的作業系統仍是 Windows。

  • It has the broadest app support.

    它支援最多的應用程式 (app) 。

  • It's the best option for gamers.


  • And if you wanna build your own computer, it's basically your only option. Sorry, Linux.

    且若是想要自己組裝電腦,基本上 Windows 是你的唯一選擇。 抱歉啦 Linux (作業系統)!

  • Windows 10 has improved a lot since its 2015 release.

    自 2015 年的發表後,Win 10 已改善許多。

  • And in January, it overtook Windows 7 as the most-used desktop operating system in the world.

    到了今年一月,它甚至超越 Win 7,成為全世界最多人使用的桌面作業系統。

  • But it isn't perfect, and Windows 10 still has a long way to go.

    然而 Win 10 並非完美,它仍有很大的進步空間。

  • The most obvious issues in Windows 10 are with the design.


  • Windows 8 was a huge design change, but Microsoft went too far towards touch, which made traditional desktop work cumbersome.

    Win 8 的介面設計變化很大,但微軟想「觸控」想過頭了,造成傳統作業上的累贅。

  • With Windows 10, Microsoft combined the looks of Windows 7 and 8.

    到了 Win 10,微軟融合了 Win 7 與 Win 8 的外觀。

  • The Start menu and notifications got a refresher, we lost the Charms menu from Windows 8, and Windows apps stuck around.

    開始列表與通知欄讓人看了神清氣爽,Win 8 的 Charms menu 消失了,Windows 應用程式也近在咫尺。

  • But this combination of styles and functions caused a slew of design inconsistencies across the UI.

    可是這風格與功能的搭配造成了許多使用者介面 (UI) 設計上的不一致。

  • There's a big difference in appearance between modern Windows apps and classic Windows.

    現在 Windows 應用程式的外觀,和以往的經典款有著很大的不同。

  • The new Windows Settings page may be the first thing you see if you want to adjust your display or sound settings.


  • But if you want to dig a little deeper, you're taken to a Control Panel window that has barely changed since the '90s.

    再深入探究的話,你會來到從 90 年代開始就沒什麼改變的控制台。

  • And the older design language of Windows often looks better than the new UI.

    舊版 Windows 的設計語言常常比新的使用者介面好看。

  • With Windows 10, Microsoft is slowly replacing the Metro Design used in Windows 8 with what it calls Fluent Design.

    隨著 Win 10 的推出,微軟正慢慢以流暢設計取代 Metro Design (一種簡潔式風格)。

  • But a lot of these apps just look like they couldn't decide between touch and mouse input.


  • These two designs are way too different to try to combine together.


  • There are huge gaps, and buttons often don't do what you expect them to do.


  • The design of Windows apps like Mail, Calendar, and Photos feels incomplete years after being released.

    即使已推出數年,Windows 的應用程式,像是郵件、行事曆,以及相片的設計仍感覺不完整。

  • This problem also extends to context menus.


  • Windows can show you four different context menus.

    Windows 最多可以顯示四種不同的操作功能表。

  • These menus are often redundant, and it can be confusing to figure out where to find each setting.


  • Now, to be fair, these are all surface-level issues.


  • Besides a little confusion, the design inconsistencies do not prevent you from getting work done.


  • But because of these issues, Windows doesn't feel like a cohesive operating system.

    但由這些問題看出,Windows 似乎不是個有內聚性的作業系統。

  • Apple's OS X hasn't had a major redesign in almost two decades, but everything feels like one complete operating system.

    蘋果 Mac 的 OS X 近二十年來都沒有重大的設計改革,但每個環節就像一套完整的系統。

  • Besides design, everyone's favorite gripe about Windows 10 is the updates.

    除了設計之外,大家對 Win 10 最大的不滿就是更新問題。

  • Windows updates are notoriously aggressive.

    Windows 的更新出了名地有侵略性。

  • They can even reboot a PC without the user ever acknowledging or accepting the update.


  • And unless you want to pay 100 bucks to upgrade to the Pro version, there is no easy way to turn off or avoid updates completely.

    除非願意花 100 美元升級專業版,否則要完全關閉或避免更新,這絕非易事。

  • And, yes, updates are important for security and can often bring cool new features.


  • But in recent years, the quality control of Windows updates seems to be declining.

    但近年來,Windows 更新的品管似乎在下降中。

  • There were multiple reports of the October update deleting user files, and after being pulled, it's now several months late.


  • Windows 10 normally has big updates in October and April.

    Windows 通常在十月及四月有重大更新。

  • And with each update, Microsoft puts a lot of focus on new features, but it feels like Microsoft keeps moving in the wrong direction.


  • Cortana, Windows 10 S, and Edge all failed at their intended uses and are being re-imagined and remade.

    Cortana (微軟開發的智慧型個人助理)、Win 10 S 模式,以及 Edge (微軟前沿瀏覽器) 都達不到預期的用途,且目前正在重新構思、重制。

  • They have also put a lot of focus on the Microsoft Store.

    他們也將許多心力放在微軟市集 (Microsoft Store)。

  • But most of the apps found there are just slimmed-down versions of programs you can already run on Windows.

    但這裡大部分的應用程式都只是 Windows 上既有的程式,只不過是壓縮版本而已。

  • In the three years I've been using Windows 10, I have never once needed to download an app from the Windows Store.

    用 Win 10 的三年以來,我從未需要在 Windows 商店 (Microsoft Store 的前身) 下載應用程式。

  • Another big concern people have with Windows 10 is privacy.

    另一個大家關注的是 Win 10 的隱私問題。

  • Since its release, Windows 10 has gotten a lot of criticism for aggressive data collection and telemetry.

    自推出後,Win 10 就因為太過侵略性的資料收集,以及遠端遙測 (telemetry) 而遭受許多抨擊。

  • Although Microsoft has become a lot more transparent over the last few years, there are still a lot of tracking settings turned on by default.


  • Even with all these issues, Windows 10 is still an amazing operating system.

    縱使有這些問題,Win 10 還是一套很讚的作業系統。

  • Microsoft introduced great new features like improved app snapping, virtual desktops, and improved touch support.


  • And the company's plan for Windows 10 as a service where users receive free regular updates, like Mac OS, gives it the potential to be the best version of Windows yet.

    公司對 Win 10 的計畫是:如同 Mac OS 一樣,成為讓使用者可擁有免費且定期更新的服務,期許成為 Windows 最好的版本。

  • But Microsoft needs to focus on fixing the features they currently have instead of adding dozens of new ones.


  • Oh, and hurry up with the October update so we can get a better screenshot tool.


I've been a Windows user since Windows 98, and even though I work eight hours a day on a Mac, my favorite OS is still Windows.

我從 Win 98 (1998 年的系統) 開始,就一直是 Windows 的用戶,即使每天用 Mac 工作 8 小時,我最愛的作業系統仍是 Windows。

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