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  • Slow down, there, Raven. I'm Batman.

  • Yo, I can be a bat. Let me be Batman!

  • I wish to be the Batman!

  • I already called dibs. I'm Batman!

  • (GAGS) So sweaty.

  • (GRUNTS) Ugh!

  • Smells like vinegar.


  • And the sweaty cheese.

  • Of course he sweats. He's Batman!

  • Or should I say,

  • (IMITATING BATMAN) "I'm Batman"?


  • -Beasty, you be Martian Manhunter. -Who?

  • You know, the cool green dude from Mars who hunts men all the time.

  • Sweet. I wanna hunts me some mens.

  • CYBORG: Raven, you be Wonder Woman.

  • Great. So, all I get is a swim suit, some bracelets and a rope?

  • That rope is the Golden Lasso.

  • Those bound by it are forced to tell the truth.

  • Really? Hey, Batman.

  • Remember that wet spot on your pants you said was water?


  • It was pee.

  • I said it was water, but it was totally pee.

  • You try fighting crime after drinking too much cranberry juice!

  • (CHUCKLES) Cool.

  • Ooh, who shall I be?

  • How about The Flash?

  • I am the Flash! Flash, flash, flash, flashety, flash, flash!

  • -(CLAPS) -Nice moves, Flash.

  • Green Lantern approves.


  • -(BELL DINGS) -Booyah!

  • -Sweet ring, bro. -Thank you.

  • This ring is the most powerful weapon in the universe.

  • It can manifest anything with your willpower alone.

  • Witness its power!


  • Are those the Golden Girls?

  • You know it. What up, Bea?

  • That ring can manifest any weapon imaginable,

  • and you choose the Golden Girls?

  • These sassy old broads are the toughest ladies around.

  • When the chips are down, you want the Golden Girls in your corner.

  • Wow. You'd make such a great member of the Justice League.

  • It's okay, Bea.

  • Not even your sardonic one-liners can make him a pal and confidant.

Slow down, there, Raven. I'm Batman.


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