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Yeah, totally holding in a fart right now.
I don't remember what you look like?
I am pretending to be busy, but I am literally Instagram stalking you.
You don't edit your photos.
You do.
Doing my job.
Oh, um, ordering something that makes me sound feminine, yet, strong.
Um, ordering something I memorized years ago to make a good first impression.
Call back to a conversation we had online.
Oh, quick comment, to let you know I'm on board.
Standard question about your life.
Ah... generic answer, trying to hide my crazy.
A thing that worked with other guys.
Things that worked with other girls.
Oh, thing that worked with other guys.
Thing that some girls actually like.
Controversial joke to test the waters.
Negative reaction; shutting this down.
Being nice to the wait staff.
Not noted.
Awkward silence.
Talking about the menu...
To avoid silence...
Or ongoing conversations...
- about our actual lives. - about our actual lives.
That's what I was going to say!
Hey, I'm going to take the biggest poop I possibly can and tell you it was a pee.
I'm going to text all my friends and let them know this could be going better.
Lie about how long that line was.
Actually checking myself in the reverse camera.
Hey, a joke at my own expense.
Teasing with humor.
Self parodying with humor.
I am touching you right now to let you know that this is back on track.
Oh, geez...
Trying to be valiant.
I am mortified, but I'm playing it off as adorkable!
Realizing I am touching your leg and...
- sexual joke. - sexual joke.
Different sexual joke.
Trying to keep this energy going.
Letting my guard down.
Comfortable silence.
Sexual silence.
A reference to how much food is still on my plate.
A reference to how much food is still on my plate.
Because we are not comfortable eating in front of each other yet.
Showing my protector quality, and financial stability.
Accepting this general because it benefits me.
Texting my friends to let them know that I like you.
Thinking about our future?



誠實點吧!大聲說出初次約會時心裡的 O.S. (If First Dates Were Honest)

14379 分類 收藏
Ginger Liu 發佈於 2019 年 3 月 30 日    Ginger Liu 翻譯    Evangeline 審核
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