中級 美國腔 75 分類 收藏
extra being what excuse me Wow or half of us gonna start being Gary's team Gary
you like okay look that's Kimmy I'm that's like that you were the girl every
Thursday okay I'm gonna drive a show today yeah
Kimmy's a very good dancer and me thank you I'm a good dancer too thank
you we like our mom and dancing hip-hop
did you like it yeah you can kiss all the videos of that oh it's all the same
he's very good okay no problem that's it so what is what score are you
giving me from one to five what's my score Jamie's school is like this big
like this big show me how big it is funny is what score giving is 1001
billion and you um you just say miss Kimmy oh wow well I feel like you're a
little biased why would you a little do one mistake do you have to keep going
about that I have to keep practicing right yeah mama mama I want to try okay
I'll teach you the most Thank You Jackie thank you for your
constructive criticism it actually is very good jakey Jake if I keep
practicing do you think I'm gonna get better so I just practiced and even I
want to I want to see how you do it okay so I'll keep practicing and then I
promise you I'm gonna be as good as skinny okay and then are you gonna give
me a hundred million billion score if I'm very good in there okay so okay so
I'll just practice all the time
thank you so much okay let's feed max masses peach and Luigi where is Mario I
don't know my deal is gonna watch us play my game okay
so we have to go through an obstacle yeah okay yeah baby DVD please believe
me so also I'm the first to reach the
castle hey how were the winners yeah no it'll be a scary castle a monster yes
but I need to do scary ways music let's get us out okay put put your phone dear
mom I'm not my mom peach there you go what here yeah you are cat pet I will be
dead yeah I don't wanna die okay but but you need to jump then jump good job huh
yeah this is so fun Luigi he's my god being weird peach now I can
fight with the monster we're gonna fight with a monster
ya need to fight how do we fight and yet you you need to step on this and then
he/she will go after so need to step on him and then he will turn
it's like step on him no no you need to step with me
okay ready 1 2 3 he one developer can now need to press go down so 2019 is
tomorrow not after 1019 is on Tuesday yeah what
would you like to happen it the best
what would you like to happen in 2000 and it's gonna be a really awesome year
for us we're gonna have different ventures and we're gonna do some awesome
stuff what I'm gonna do we're gonna travel how a big help in an
airplane every someone is sitting there happening which and it's gonna be our
country different countries we're gonna move to a new house and I'm your house
on this one is a new household our new house is on earth yes
nobody's at all well earth is our home but our house is in Canada and intended
result Canada is an earth in all the countries are on earth which function
would you want to go and visit I'll come to Canada but you're already
here is there any other countries you would like to go Israel is the country
year students undercooked it is Allah okay we will go to Israel by
on an airplane yes area where I'd like Japan Japan what they can I think to is
down yet the countries you want to go go oh yeah Canada Canada yes would you want
to learn any new languages in 2019 oh you would want to learn Spanish it's
very similar to Portuguese yes you're right
where's your one there what take these
three your everything I don't know I'm to explain to Bennie about gravity what
happened and why did it come down do you know why gravity exactly good job
be careful the gravity pushes you down -
yeah yeah that now grab woody takes me down exactly you are correct last work
out of Catalan 18
shred mail walk and then see the reason why I don't want to lose all the baby
weight because it gives me a little bun it's very little but it's something to
work with took me a long time to really start this day I just had my shower and
set max and did some updates on Instagram half the day one by my mother
and I spending New Year's at home so I'm gonna go pick up this dinner spread that
my mom ordered want to go pick up some flowers for her and drop it off at her
place and then I have to go pick up the kids today they have a short day and
then I want to go and buy some like kids champagne and some snacks and stuff for
our New Year's dinner with the kids because we are going out we're gonna go
at like around 9:30 to my moms banquet hall where we're gonna celebrate New
Year's I don't know what I'm wearing I have no idea what's gonna happen with
the way I look tonight I can't say I'm I care too much
so we'll see our new champ this week's fishbone achieve party at home today
let's go get sparkling wine yeah
while mama so nice yeah
January 2nd okay the year has officially started it's
been pretty good I'm kind of excited to get out of this holiday season the kids
are back to school finally I just want to get back to my routine haven't been
doing much work because the holiday season is like a weird time where I just
feel like I'm not here nor there so I said we're back to regular style have to
take down this tree it's getting brown already I am going now to my Pilates
class and then back to work get lots of things
to do but I don't want to think about it now because it's gonna stress me out
so Pilates first the rest after
so what are we doing there and setting up the we're setting up a little bit
different today and you can still make the smoothies
there you don't need this Wow that is incredible not extra extra meat
what I think right now
now that what it used to be we're in a gummy bears okay I'm going to dollars to
someone and they're just supposed to fold up saying this is amazing today is
much more and you can sense it today there's so many companies that are into
instance or marketing that in sensors actually have the choice to really work
with brands that they believe in or shot a little video for the transformation in
my bikini because I want to keep track of how the progress is going basically
the same thing that I did with the pregnancy one which was amazing to see I
watched some of like other people's transformations and stuff and a lot of
them look really miserable in the beginning but I'm not miserable like at
all I just had a bit of it I'm just excited to see and document it all in
the beginning of every month I'm gonna do like a video just showing my body and
how it looks I don't want to put any weight and stuff like that like
information because I think it's deceiving I just don't think that way it
has anything to do with it I also don't weigh myself like my goal is not to lose
weight it's more of like toning and building better structure you got this
girl you got this
oh look at that look at her taking photos who were you
taking photos of there
I'm reached Hardison ready to go you look stepdad okay look at this outfit
fatso like have some competition yes you know I love it oh my god I'm
such a great time in Mexico it's great I tested it all out I'm amazing but no
idling for 24 hours like I just got off the plane like at midnight horse I don't
understand what happened to the agents yeah the well the plane came
malfunctioning and they kept like figuring out almost before we took off
so how they caught it hopefully that will not happen to us okay sale up to
70% oh yeah
that is so cute yeah I'm so good so finish my first part of the day for work
and decided to surprise my mama for her birthday but not really for a birthday
just for a girl's day because we haven't had time to catch up in a while so we
are going now to their shangri-la and to the Mirage spot that is hosting us we're
gonna do a little tea time high tea and then massages that's a good Monday for
you excuse me Wow receta
yeah okay mom don't hurt yourself what a pretty lady and back to my
favorite place in the whole wide world maxi boo you know I went with Bubba
today's to spa it was pretty awesome but I missed you we can hang out now hang
out wow it looks like you have a mohawk good morning we had a very late night
last night this little prince sleep at like 2:30 a.m. which is way way way way
past my bedtime but at least he managed to fall asleep now that Gary's away we
have this thing where the boys sleep with me because they like help me out
especially Jake Jake loves to be the helper taking care of mama and Papas all
right white boy I don't know so both of them were in my bed and then this guy
kept waking up it was a fun night and now I have two videos to shoot today and
this lighting is completely hides the bags under my eyes so that's good we're
just waiting for Nora to come back to hang out with this guy and I can start
my day maybe take a nap at some point depends how fast I'll work
long as you're happy buddy that's the most important part celery juice while
Emma's babysitting what hey buddy lucky you Maximus lucky you what he's an
aggressive type okay okay here's looking for a booby like a morning conference I
think he's freaked out he's like why is he not in real sighs hi Gary
good are you how's your trip oh that's awesome
was it good oh I can only imagine you living your best life how humble he said
no you tired you ready to go to sleep
Martha Stewart I'm coming for you okay I won't be able to do it with one hand
trying to survive the day max has been no I can't even talk where was it going
with this wait my God my brain uh max decided to go to sleep at I think I
already said that we had this conversation earlier this this morning
well great and I'm deaf now can hear anything it feels like a Monday but it's
just Tuesday just there's a whole week my head I'm anvil area at it again I
know we actually haven't done meeting so long well we are going back to that
coffee shop where we remember that time when we had some like sponsor to shoot
and I don't even know if the responsible we went there to take a photo cuz it's a
really pretty place yeah and then there was like a table beside us of like five
super judgmental women I think that they are from the community and they know me
yeah so it was just they were like fully like oh your doors oh oh
remember that thing with the key key where people were jumping off the cars
all the key key challenge and they're like oh you're like jumping off out of
their cars I know it was rolling people I took it really far at it you know
people took it so far yeah I saw some really crazy ones think gonna see we're
pregnant and
because that's the only reason I'd do it okay let's talk about your night without
the camera okay goodbye look at this just a lovely input that influence our
life this is what she hates the most we have to go into a public place
oh my god it's empty oh it's closed
totally okay this
go for it yeah okay do it we have to move quick or
else we'll lose motivation go you know what I love about being a youtuber what
the fact that you walk around this planet earth and not acknowledging
there's people around them and that's the best thing about it actually
whoever's no one here is you and I my love Cheers
oh my god am I look all yellow Michael playing the range it's cold but
not too cold we can the jet shoot a music video let's do that today yes it
was oh good you're tan you're like glowing noticing I know Wow
because I wore sunscreen you know how many times I attempted when it's right
now I look at like why do so many times I was tempted to send your message being
like where's that right I know I was like mom is there she knows
she so have you decided if we can do lookbook or a get ready with me in
Mexico if you look a lot of people
both like I get it I do in the end they were also some people like blogs look
you know that that Gary got a camera over the weekend Diddy oh yeah so he's
gonna be documenting
so if you guys start his own vlog Channel I don't know he's part half I'm
just gonna start being Gary's team carry it like everyone's gonna be Kondo gonna
become Gary oh my god Jason I'll jump
guys why do you need umbrellas there's literally no snow and no rain have the
best day ever last day guys last day to school give me can you open
the door for me please no we're gonna leave tomorrow morning
okay thank you I love you get ready for school okay
Franco bye baby hi guys I've been a little m.i.a with
logging I've been trying to figure out how to get a hold of my life Gary is
away for a few days with my brother on a boy's trip which I'm super happy for
them but that means that I am with Beckham's we do have nari with me
but while we're children guys no joke
today we are going to a covergirl breakfast panel discussion I usually
don't attend a lot of events but today it's first of all it's a partner that
I've worked with and I had such amazing time working with also today they're
guest speaker is my mask who is a model in her 60s with this gorgeous woman
she's also Elon Musk's mother so it's really exciting and I can't wait to hear
from her and more about her okay guys no big deal but I'm all pink this couch is
pink I'm gonna be sitting here blending in Kimmy won't even be able to spot me I
was talking about my a mask in my in the car her name is Mei musk that's good to
know thank God you told me now cuz in can you imagine did you know it's
Canadian we found a table that is willing to accept that
you would be based on a huge bread and you don't even enter it if you don't see
yourself in unity and for some people they take that is not being beautiful
then what is that doing this better level of confidence after a while the
things that are different about you you start wondering if their weaknesses know
that's your superpower it's took me time to be confident and
not and then I get feedback now like no that's who I am I won't change that and
it's so interesting to have the confidence to be able to do that because
there were a lot of the years that I did not and I questioned myself questioning
myself questioning myself and then now when I look at the places where
succeeded I realized all those little quirks actually that made me successful
and so now I'm like oh if you want the good it comes with that so choose much
one because then you can't do those two things there was a moment during the
panel that I started crying because Kanawa was said something that just like
touched my heart and I just started bawling it was
I had to run out thank you me had to run out the side cleaner here's the best
sounds great
how cute is that my god it's beautiful it's for my mom until Gary's mom she's
gonna freak out did you imagine if we are like the exact same photo that would
be good okay we're creating this this is gonna be not baby yes fatal you mean you
and then I'm gonna be the queen Jess Jess Kimmy Tiffany we're a bigger
family we are


新年 (new year)

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