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Hi, there. It's me, Katie. 大家好,我是Katie
Today, I'm in Madou. 我今天來到麻豆
And speaking of it, I just think of delicious pomelos and steamed rice cake. 說到麻豆,我就想到香甜的文旦與碗粿
My mouth is watering just thinking of it. 光是想想,我就口水直流了
Today, I'm going to take you to explore this place. 今天要走訪一趟麻豆
That's why I'm here for, right? 就由我來帶領大家吧
Hey, Jacana. 嗨,哈小雉
Do you know why it's called the “Daofeng Inland Sea”? 你知道為什麼這裡又叫做「倒風內海」嗎?
I am the right person to ask! 問我就對啦!
Before the 18th century, Daofeng Inland Sea was a lagoon located in the southern Taiwan, 18世紀前 倒風內海位於臺灣南部的潟湖,
where the coastline sits today in Beimen, 位置大概在現在的北門區、
Xinying, Xuejia, Jiali, Yanshui, 新營區、學甲區、佳里區、鹽水區、
Xiaying and Madou. However, the lagoon can now only be found in Beimen. 下營區和麻豆區沿海一帶 而現在只剩北門有潟湖。
So, there was a port in Madou? 所以,麻豆曾經有個港口囉?
Of course, that was the old Madou Port. 當然囉!就是以前的麻豆港啊!
I've heard of Yuejin Port, but Madou Port…never heard of it. 我是聽說過月津港,但麻豆港…聽都沒聽過
Could you show me the way? 你可以帶我去嗎?
Let's go. 走吧
Here is Daofen inland sea. 我在倒風內海
Let's go inside and see what we can find, alright? 一起去裡面看看能找到些什麼吧
Let's go! 跟我來!
In the early days, this place was an old port. 早期這裡曾是個港口
So, they put a boat here to show you that part of the history. 所以放了艘船在這作為示意
What an interesting installation. 真是有趣的裝置設計
You could take some pictures here 你可以在這裡拍拍照
and try to imagine how the ancients took the boat to arrive in Madou. 想像一下古人坐船來麻豆的樣子
You will also find a variety of exhibitions. 這邊還有豐富的展覽
Let's go and have a look! 一起去看看吧!
In Chinese, “Daofeng” literally means the wind blowing inwards. 中文裡「倒風」意指風往內吹
Due to the coastal topography of the area, 是由於海岸地形的影響
the northeast monsoon blows out from the continent to the inland sea. 使得東北季風由陸地吹向海面
So that's how it got the name here. 這也就是「倒風內海」命名的來由
In the fourteenth and the fifteenth century, 在十四、十五世紀時
this area prospered the most, 這裡曾是最為繁榮的地帶
and it became the most important port for trade. 更是重要的貿易港口
As you can see here, 如你所見
there are many things that they dug out. 這裡展示了許多出土的文物
There are some bowls, dishes, spoons, tea cups…a lot of things like that. 像是碗盤、湯匙、茶杯…等等
They are the real ancient things. 都是如假包換的歷史文物
And this place, in the early days, 這個地方在早期
was a lagoon about three to four hundred years ago. 三四百年前,曾是一個潟湖
But later on, it became one solid land. 後因泛濫淤積逐漸陸化
It is exactly where I am standing right now. 也就是說,我現在腳踩的陸地
So before, this area was the sea. 從前可是海呢
This white boat was made by a Japanese artist Mr. Nobuyuki. 這艘白船是由日本藝術家Nobuyuki先生所打造
Madou is really a place full of artworks. 麻豆可真是處處充滿藝術呀
The Daofeng Lagoon Museum features a myriad of captivating exhibits. 倒風內海故事館的展覽內容非常豐富
On the first floor, you will find the authentic artifacts discovered in Madou. 一樓介紹了麻豆的考古發現
On the second floor, you get to have a better understanding about the geographic features of Madou 二樓介紹了麻豆的地理環境
as well as the Siraya culture. 以及西拉雅族的文化
Would you like to know more about Madou? 想要快速了解麻豆嗎?
Make your way to the Daofeng Lagoon Museum! 那你一定要來倒風內海故事館走走!
This is the "Pickle Alley." It used to be a major place to make pickles. 這裡是鹹菜巷,早期是製作鹹菜的重鎮,
To preserve this local culture, a cultural park was established. 為了保留早期的地方文化,成立了文化園區,
Where is the park? It's in Pei-Wen Elementary School! 園區在哪裡呢?就在培文國小!
I'm here at Madou Daitian Temple. 我來到麻豆代天府
I've heard that this place has something really interesting and special. 聽說這裡有個非常特別的東西
Let's go check it out. 跟著我一起去瞧瞧吧
Right now, I'm at the entrance to Hell, 這是前往地獄的大門
and you should follow me. 你得跟著我來才行
In Taiwanese Daoism, 在臺灣道教信仰中,
Those who do bad deeds in the human world 活著的時候如果做壞事,
will end up in Hell when they die. 死後就會到地獄報到,
There are eighteen levels in the Hell. 而地獄中的處罰分成18層,
Let's see what horrible punishments we could find at each level. 我們來去看看這些可怕的處罰是什麼!
When we first go down here, 首先,當我們走下樓
you could see that there are so many trials before you go into Hell. 便可看見地獄各層不同的審判
Here, this is the first level. 這裡是第一層地獄
If you have a crime, there must be a trial for you. 若生前罪孽深重,必須接受刑罰
This the place where you get judged. 這就是人死後接受審判之處
Look at that. 看那個
They are beheading him. 他們正在砍他的頭
Oh my god. 天哪
Do you see these people here? 你看到這些人了嗎?
His eyes have been gouged out. 連眼睛都被挖出來
Here, it says that if you do something wrong, 如果生前做了壞事
this is what you get. 這就是死後的下場
These punishments are so vivid. 這些刑罰畫面實在太寫實
If you really cannot understand, 看不懂的話
don't worry. 也不用擔心
Because there are some captions both in Chinese and English that will help you understand. 這裡有中英雙語解說告示可供閱讀
This is the Cage of the Vampire. 而這個呢,則是吸血鬼洞
And…wow! 嚇死人了!
There is a vampire living in Tainan! 臺南居然也有吸血鬼!
Well, he doesn't look that handsome. 但長得不太好看
Uh-oh, his battery is out. 哎呀,他沒電了
So this is the punishment you may get – 這就是人死後有可能會受到的懲罰
your belly will be cut wide open if you cheat people, 在世時招搖撞騙,死後被開膛剖肚
especially when you take money from them. 尤其是向他人行騙詐財的不法之徒
So, don't cheat people. 所以,可千萬別做欺詐勾當啊
After you get those punishments, 在接受完所有刑罰之後
this is where the journey to the Hell ends. 人們的地獄苦行就告一段落
You could then return to the human world and be a whole new person. 接著可以轉世投胎回到人間
If you drink this, 喝下這碗孟婆湯
you will forget everything you have been through in the Hell and start a brand new life. 便可忘去在十八層地獄所經歷的一切 開始一段新生活
I just got out of the scary Hell, 我剛從可怕的地獄走出來
and I'm going to the beautiful Heaven. 準備穿越通往天堂的大門
Come with me. 跟我一起來吧
It is totally different from the Hell. 天堂跟地獄果真是天差地別
These people look friendly. 這裡的人看起來好和善
The life in Heaven is to drink a cup of tea and have some nice chat, 所謂天堂,正是品茶談天之際
and there is a beautiful woman playing music to you. 有佳人在旁奏樂
It sounds really nice, right? 聽起來很棒吧?
All religions encourage people to do good deeds. 所有的宗教都是教導我們向善
Here at Madou Daitian Temple, 在代天府裡
the installation of Heaven and Hell allows visitors to have a peek 用天堂地獄的設施讓民眾知道
at the consequences of doing good and bad deeds. 做好事及壞事的結果
What an original idea. 真的是非常有創意
Anyway, don't do anything bad, 總之不要做壞事喔
because the Hell is horrendous! 地獄很可怕!
Look at this! 快看這個!
A roller slide has been turned into the heaven for children. 滾筒溜滑梯竟成了小朋友的天堂
Look how happy they are. 你看他們有多開心
They are so cute. 有夠可愛
It's so slippery. 好滑啊
Let's go! 出發!
When you come to Madou Daitian Temple, 來到麻豆代天府
you must pay a visit to the Heaven and the Hell. 別忘了到天堂地獄走一遭
That is so interesting. 是個十分有趣的經驗
If you have watched this till the end, you might see me enjoying myself on the roller slide. 你們也看到我在滾輪溜滑梯上,玩得有多開心
That was so fun. 實在是太好玩了
Right now, I'm at Baoan Temple. 我現在來到了保安宮
Have you heard of the Twelve Grannies Parade? 你有聽說過「十二婆姐陣」嗎?
I'm going to introduce it to you, 在進一步介紹之前
and let's welcome Mr. Shih. 我們先歡迎施大哥
He is going to tell you the story about all of it. 他會向你們詳盡解說這背後的故事
Hello, Mr. Shih. 施大哥你好!
Hello and welcome. 你好,歡迎你們來!
In 1921, the town of Madou organized a celebration of Lantern Festival, 民國10年麻豆18媱在「迎暗藝」(元宵夜活動)
while the Nanshi Village didn't have a proper troupe to participate in the event. 我們南勢角南勢里沒有一個藝陣能去參加
So the elderly women from our village set up their own troupe called the “Twelve Grannies.” 所以這些婦老就成立了12婆姐
In the beginning, the Twelve Grannies Parade was rather simple. 剛開始的12婆姐非常簡單
People put on colorful outfits and swung as they walked. 只是人們穿起花花的服裝搖來搖去的走路
The accessories such as masks were added later on. 慢慢才發展出面具等等的配件
The funny fact is that 有趣的是
this troupe has now been deified 這個藝陣後來被神格化
and become the guardian angel of pregnant women and children. 變成產婦及孩童的守護神
Nowadays, many women come to Baoan Temple to pray for safe delivery during labor. 現在許多婦女都會來保安宮祈求順產
People wear these masks, with umbrellas, fans, and walking sticks 人們會戴上這些面具、撐傘持扇、手持拐杖
in a very exaggerating way to pretend to be women, 誇張地模仿女性的模樣
to celebrate the Lantern Festival right here in Madou. 慶祝麻豆當地的元宵節
I'm at Madou Huji Temple. 我們接著來到麻豆護濟宮
It's a municipal historic building. 這是座市定古蹟
Its decorations of ceramic collages and paintings are really worth seeing. 裡頭的廟宇裝飾與交趾陶作品非常值得細細品嘗
So, come with me. 跟我一起去
Let's check it out. 一探究竟吧
The Huji Temple was built in 1781, venerating the goddess Mazu. 護濟宮是在1781年興建,奉祀媽祖
Renovations were made in 1835, 1865 and 1955. 在1835年、1865年、1955年時曾重修
A few years ago, 幾年前
the Huji Temple was planned to be torn down and reconstructed. 護濟宮本來要整個拆掉重建
After some consultations with the temple management 在廟方及各界的
and other professionals, 意見下
the temple was preserved in whole 最後決定不拆除
and renovated in part. 改用古蹟修復的方式保留
The renovation was completed in 2017. 2017年修復完成
In 2018, the Huji Temple was recognized as a historic site at the city level. 在2018年正式登錄為臺南市市定古蹟
I'am curious. Has this temple experienced any renovation? 我很好奇宮廟經歷過修復嗎?
About four years ago, we started to plan on the renovation. 4年多前我們開始規劃古蹟的修復
When renovating the temple, 修復這個宮廟的時候
they collaborated with well-known painters, 想辦法找目前知名的老師來繪畫
whose works not only are praised by judge members appointed 文化局的評審老師
by the Cultural Affairs Bureau 也讚賞
but also have captured the true essence of the past. 有把以前的精華完全保留下來
Recently, this temple just experienced its fifth renovation. 護濟宮近期剛完成第五次的修復工程
So, you can see that, at the same time, 因此廟裡同時
there are new and old designs in this temple. 保有新穎與舊有的裝飾
The temple management pays a lot of attention to the renovation. 護濟宮在修復的時候非常用心
What can be renovated will be restored to its original state, 能夠修的一定照原貌修復
and what cannot be renovated will be created by skillful craftsmen. 不能修的部分就找很好的藝師來創作
Creativity has been encouraged in recent years. 這邊也能看到近期藝師的創意
On this mural, we can even spot pomelos – the local specialty of Madou. 這壁畫畫上了麻豆特產柚子
Isn't it original? 是不是很有創意呢?
This plaque is more than two hundred years, 這副匾額擁有超過兩百年的悠久歷史
so this is the old part that remains in this temple. 也是護濟宮成功保留下來的舊時代情懷
As you can see, 如你所見
they really think highly of the value of the culture. 廟方的確相當重視文化價值
The Huji Temple is like a fine arts museum, 護濟宮就像一座美術館一樣
full of wonderful artworks. 處處有驚喜的藝術作品
When in Madou, 下次來到麻豆
be sure to stop by Huji Temple. 也別忘了來護濟宮走走
After touring around Madou, 在結束麻豆的參訪後
I've found that the town has preserved not only the old buildings 我發現這裡不僅用心保存是古蹟
but also the culture of this place. 也保留了在地的傳統文化
It was really worth the trip and I really appreciate it. 真的很值得實際走訪
For example, the temple culture, the worshipping parade, 舉凡廟宇文化、傳統藝陣、
and even the food, 甚至是道地美食
they all have some really special stories behind. 背後都各自有段深刻的故事
So, how can you miss Madou when you come to Tainan? 所以囉,來到臺南又怎能錯過麻豆呢?


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