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  • Amazon has been, in recent years, on this amazing trajectory.

    近幾年來,亞馬遜 (Amazon) 事業蒸蒸日上。

  • Its stock skyrocketed last year.


  • Everything seemed to be going right for the company.


  • And, you know, finally for the first time in many years, the company is in a more uncertain place today than it was six months or a year ago.


  • Early last month, Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, in a tweet announced that they were going to be getting a divorce.

    Jeff Bezos 與太太 MacKenzie 在上個月月初離婚了,離婚聲明發於推特上。

  • They had been married for 25 years, they have four kids together.

    夫妻倆結婚 25 年、養育四個孩子。

  • And so it kind of came out of nowhere that they were going to be getting a divorce.


  • It became more understandable later that week when the National Enquirer came out and announced that they had a story that Jeff Bezos was having an affair with a TV personality, or former TV personality, named Laurennchez.

    稍後,當週《國家詢問報》(National Enquirer) 爆出 Jeff Bezos 婚外情的報導,外遇對象是電視名人,或說是前電視名人的 Lauren Sánchez。

  • Jeff Bezos wasn't immediately critical of the story.

    Jeff Bezos 沒有立刻批判此報導。

  • But he was apparently upset about the release of the texts and hired an investigator to find out who had leaked them.


  • Bezos posted on Medium, basically accused the National Enquirer of trying to blackmail and extort him.

    Bezos 在 Medium (部落格平台) 發文,基本上控訴《國家詢問報》欲行勒索、敲詐之意圖。

  • National Enquirer said that they had some racy photos of Bezos, including a naked photo of Bezos himself, threatened to release those photos, publish them, if Bezos didn't call off his investigation.

    《國家詢問報》說他們手上握有 Bezos 的勁爆照片,包含一張他的裸體照。若 Bezos 不撤銷調查,他們將發佈、公開這些照片。

  • Bezos and his Medium post basically said he wasn't going to do it and he wasn't going to give into "extortion and blackmail" as he termed it.

    Bezos 在貼文裡表示基本上他不會照做,根據他的說法,他也不會對「勒索、敲詐」妥協。

  • In terms of the divorce, many states that have community property states are pretty explicit about if there's a divorce, how you split up the assets of a married couple.


  • Generally the split is a 50/50 split.


  • In Washington, that's not necessarily the case.


  • You have to split it in a fair and equitable way, however that's determined.


  • Most of the assets that the Bezos' own are tied up in Jeff's holdings of Amazon stock.

    大部分 Bezos 的資產和亞馬遜的股份密不可分。

  • He owns about 16% of the company.

    他持有 16% 的股份。

  • He's worth about $133 billion dollars, and so that stake would be divvied up between him and MacKenzie.

    其身價約 1330 億,所以股份會以分配的方式分給 Bezos 與 MaKenzie。

  • That would give her about an 8% stake in Amazon, which would make her and Jeff the two largest individual stakeholders in the company.

    MaKenzie 會得到亞馬遜約 8% 的股份,使她與 Bezos 成為公司最大的兩位股東。

  • And so there is some concern that Bezos could potentially be distracted by the divorce and not give the running of Amazon his full attention.

    所以有些人擔心 Bezos 可能會被離婚搞得心神不寧,而無法專心經營亞馬遜。

  • And that the company could suffer as a result of that.


  • Another thing that's been triggering concern was development of facial recognition technology.


  • Amazon Web Services has developed this facial recognition technology.


  • And that they've been licensing it to law enforcement agencies.


  • And the concern about ICE using that to target immigrants, and there are concerns that it ought to be more regulation of that.

    大家擔心洲際交易所集團 (ICE) 利用此技術瞄準移民,他們認為應該有因應的規範。

  • The other big thing that's been going on with Amazon lately, of course, has been the HQ2 stuff in New York.

    另一件亞馬遜最近發生的大事當然是紐約的 HQ2 事件。

  • Amazon launched this big search where they were going to look for a second headquarters to accompany the main headquarters they had in Seattle.


  • They ended up deciding on splitting the second headquarters, HQ2, between New York and northern Virginia.


  • Northern Virginia embraced the HQ2.


  • But in New York, there was immediate opposition to the project.


  • One of the biggest was simply that many local officials and citizens that were going to be affected by the project were upset they hadn't been consulted.


  • That this was a backroom deal that was negotiated between Amazon and Mayor de Blasio and the governor's office.

    並認為這是亞馬遜、白思豪 (de Blasio) 市長與其幕僚之間的密室交易。

  • Among those concerns were that you were gonna have 25,000 people that were coming into Queens, Long Island.

    其中民眾憂心的一點是即將湧入皇后區的 25000 人。

  • And there might not be the transit infrastructure there, that it was going to overload whatever transit was in place.


  • Plenty of concerns too about what the impact was gonna be on housing, that they were going to make prices go even higher and make it even more unaffordable.


  • And the other issue that was brought up had to do with unionization.


  • New York is a pro-union town.


  • Amazon is historically a fairly anti-union company.


  • And company officials were asked at city council meetings about whether or not they would even be just neutral on the prospect of unionization of their workers of New York.


  • And they couldn't even commit to being neutral on that.


  • Jeff Bezos' proposal as part of this project to have a helipad on the HQ2 headquarters in New York.

    Jeff Bezos 的提案包含在紐約的第二總部建造直升機停機坪。

  • And the reason that struck such a sour tone with many people was because the idea that many of the people that were affected by this project were gonna be stuck in traffic.


  • Or stuck on overcrowded transit while Jeff Bezos was floating high above them on his way to work, having an easy commute.

    或是在交通運輸工具上擠得水洩不通的同時,看著 Jeff Bezos 飛去上班,彷彿通勤是小事一件。

  • Here you have the richest man in the world.


  • And we're having a project that's catering to his needs while not serving the broader interest.


Amazon has been, in recent years, on this amazing trajectory.

近幾年來,亞馬遜 (Amazon) 事業蒸蒸日上。


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