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  • The living room is the heart of every home.

  • Which means that over time, you end up filling it with lots and lots of stuff.

  • Here are 4 ways to organize a living room with closed-

  • -open, tech and movable storage.

  • Start off with closed storage for the items you'd rather hide away.

  • We chose a few smaller units; you'll be surprised at how much they can hold-

  • -especially when you use the whole space, including the insides of the doors.

  • Next, group together a few smaller cabinets to create a sculptural effect.

  • You can even organize by activity and store similar items in the same cabinet.

  • Take advantage of all the surface space on top of the cabinets!

  • Use it as an extra place to display things-

  • -but remember to leave a bit of air to balance out the overall effect.

  • Now for the things you want to store and show off.

  • Adjust your shelves to different heights to create space for your things.

  • Start by setting your foundation with bigger, bulkier items-

  • -and things in boxes that you're not interested in displaying.

  • They can go at the bottom of the bookshelf.

  • Next, move on to your books.

  • Place them horizontally or vertically, but they definitely don't need to be in a straight row.

  • Then add your more decorative items like vases, photos and other collectibles.

  • Think about coordinating items by color-

  • -and placing them at different heights to create some dimension.

  • Decorative boxes are great for storing smaller items.

  • You can also add glass doors to your shelves to keep your things dust-free and secure.

  • Ok, let's turn the attention to your entertainment center-

  • -because it's often the focal point of the room.

  • Add essentials to your media storage.

  • Keep things extra tidy by using furniture with smart cable management.

  • Plus some interior organizers for good measure. Then start storing away.

  • Up above, hang some artwork to soften the area around the TV.

  • It will blend in nicely and become part of a beautiful display.

  • Last but definitely not least, we have movable storage.

  • You could use this trolley for pretty much anything.

  • We've lined the shelves with non-slip mats to keep everything from sliding around-

  • -and the sides are high enough to keep things from falling.

  • No matter what your interests are, storage on wheels makes it really easy to bring them with you.

  • But we're big fans of entertaining-

  • -and we've stocked it with everything you need for a night of having your friends over.

  • Now your trolley is all set up and ready to serve your guests.

  • And that's it! 4 ways to keep your living room organized-

  • -tidy and stylish all at once.

  • Enjoy!

The living room is the heart of every home.


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整理的藝術:客廳收納 (The art of organising: living room storage)

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