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  • The Indonesian city of Yogyakarta rests on central Java,

    印尼的日惹市 地處爪哇島中部

  • between the cool breezes of the Indian Ocean and the steamy breath of volcanoes.

    長年環繞在印度洋涼爽的微風 和火山的蒸騰熱氣之間

  • It's a scenic train ride from Jakarta,


  • or a short flight from Bali or Singapore.


  • The home of sultans, artists and the devout since the 8th century,

    自西元 8 世紀以來,日惹就是蘇丹、藝術家 和虔誠信徒的家園

  • Yogyakarta is the gentle epicenter of classical Javanese culture and education.

    溫文爾雅的日惹,是爪哇傳統文化 與教育的中樞

  • Step from the main station into the bustling flow of Jalan Malioboro,

    從總車站步入熙來攘往的 馬力歐伯羅大街

  • and you could be in just about any Javanese city.


  • This is where Jogja, as the city is known,


  • comes to wander, shop, and snack,


  • but refinement, is just a becak ride away.


  • Cruise down Jalan Malioboro to the very soul of the city, the Kraton.

    沿著馬力歐伯羅大街往前走,就會來到市內的 精神中心 – 日惹王宮

  • Since 1785 this city within a city has been the home of sultans,

    自 1785 年以來,這座城中之城 就是蘇丹的住處

  • and the keeping place of Yogyakarta's incredible cultural,

    也是日惹無與倫比的 文化、知識和精神傳統

  • intellectual and spiritual traditions.


  • While the inner palace serves as the royal family's private home,

    日惹王宮的內宮是王室的 私人住所

  • the ceremonial courtyards,


  • pavilionsand museums are open to all.


  • Nearby, visit Taman Sari, the water palace where sultans of old - and their chosen few

    位於附近的塔曼水宮 是昔日蘇丹和少數特權階級

  • could escape the demands of duty, and the Javanese sun.

    暫離政務或爪哇的豔陽暑熱時 的休憩之所

  • Yogyakarta's courtly center sets the tone of Javanese culture,

    日惹是舊時宮廷的所在地,也因此 為當地文化奠定了基調

  • and from here the island's arts flow forth in all their purest forms.

    以最純粹的形式呈現島上的藝術之美 例如

  • In the gamelan's percussive magic,


  • which drifts across the Kraton's walls to far-off kampongs,

    充滿神秘的魅力,由宮廷流傳至 偏遠的部落

  • inspiring the maestros of tomorrow.


  • In the ageless shadows of the Wayang Kulit puppets,

    透過歲月無痕的光暈和剪影 皮影戲偶向觀眾

  • who pass thousand-year-old stories of good and evil across the ages.

    傳述歷經千年的善惡正邪 等精彩故事

  • In the fine strands of silver, which have been woven into delicate artworks for centuries.

    精緻的銀絲工藝,幾個世紀以來 一直用纖細如髮的銀絲編織精美的藝術品

  • In a cuisine that leans toward sweetness rather than fire,

    以甘口為主而非煙燻火燎的 美食傳統

  • and in the molten beeswax making its rhythmic marks across the finest batiks.

    以及用熔化的蜂蠟,在精緻的絲綢上繪製 富有節奏感的蠟染圖樣

  • While Jogja is a place of tradition,


  • it's also a place of ever-evolving culture.


  • Just a few steps from the Kraton, walk the lanes of Kampong Cyber,

    來到離王宮不遠的 Kampong Cyber 的巷弄間

  • where the community has combined street art with online expression

    這裡的社區將街頭藝術 與網路世代的想法相結合

  • to forge new creative possibilities.


  • A short becak ride away is the Affandi Museum,


  • the former home, gallery and resting place


  • of the maverick artist who loosened the binds of tradition,

    和長眠之所。他的作品擺脫了 傳統束縛

  • and created a seismic shift in Indonesian painting.

    為印尼的繪畫藝術 帶來極大的震撼

  • Jogja has long been at the epicenter of political and ideological shifts as well.

    長久以來,日惹也處於政治與意識形態 轉變的中心

  • Just across from the presidential palace,


  • pass through the gates of Fort Vredeburg to hear the stories of resistance and sacrifice

    走入日惹要塞博物館的大門 就能聆聽印度尼西亞共和國建國時

  • that led to the creation of the Indonesian Republic.

    發生的抵抗、衝突 與犧牲的歷史

  • Just 10 miles to the north-east of Jogja,

    來到日惹東北方 10 英哩處

  • venture back to the eighth and ninth centuries,

    彷彿就回到西元 8、9 世紀的時代

  • to a time when Buddhism and Hinduism vied for the kingdom's hearts and minds.

    當時佛教和印度教正競相宣揚教義 致力成為王國的思想主流與性靈中樞

  • Prambanan is the heart of a Hindu temple network that stretches for miles.

    普蘭巴南是綿延數英哩的印度教寺廟群 的中樞

  • Pay your respects at the towering temples of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma,

    參拜完供奉濕婆、毗濕奴和梵天 的巍峨寺廟群

  • then follow the bas-relief panels in a clock-wise direction

    再沿著順時鐘方向,欣賞 牆壁上裝飾的淺浮雕

  • to see epic Hindu tales unfold from within the stone.

    在古老的石牆磚瓦間 聆聽印度教的史詩傳奇

  • Just a half hour stroll from the main complex is Ratu Boko,

    從主寺廟群步行半小時,就會來到 拉圖博科

  • where palatial remains frame the same views to Mount Merapi

    這裡坐擁古代宮殿的遺跡,以及 默拉皮火山的美景

  • once enjoyed by the visiting princes who rested here after long days of devotion.

    過去是王公貴族長時間虔敬禮拜後 的休憩之所

  • Yogyakarta sits at the doorstep of incredible Buddhist monasteries and temples too.

    日惹附近也有不少壯觀的佛教寺院 和廟宇

  • While many stand shoulder to shoulder with the Hindu temples of the Prambanan Plain,

    許多寺廟就位於普蘭巴南平原的 印度教寺廟群旁邊

  • the greatest of them all, Borobudur, lies 20 miles to the northwest.

    其中,最壯觀的婆羅浮屠寺 位於西北方 20 英哩處

  • Borobudur is the world's largest Buddhist temple,

    婆羅浮屠寺是全球規模最大 的佛寺

  • and one of the most visited sights on all of Indonesia's 13,000 islands.

    也是印尼 13,000 座島嶼上 最熱門的景點之一

  • Come early for a sunrise you'll never forget,


  • as hundreds of stone Buddhas bless the new day's light,

    千年以來日復一日 頌讚曙光的來臨

  • just as they have for over a millennia.


  • Yogyakarta is more than just a city; it's a kingdom.

    日惹不只是一座城市 也是一個王國

  • Climb aboard a dokar and ride though the immaculate farmlands

    爬上馬車,深入位於農村 心臟地帶的

  • and kampongs of the rural heartlands,


  • where life's necessities and pleasures are still handmade,

    在這裡,生活的各種必需品和娛樂調劑 仍然是在地人胼手胝足

  • and made with heart.


  • Meet the people who live calmly and creatively within the shadow of Mount Merapi,

    看看在默拉皮火山的陰影下發揮創意 沉著討生活的當地人

  • an active volcano whose moods have been known


  • to topple temples and bury villages with ash.


  • In our unsteady, rapidly-changing world,


  • deep cultural roots anchor us to all that is important.

    深厚的文化根基,是我們維繫各種價值 的重要支柱

  • Culture teaches us to embrace and appreciate the meaning in all life's moments,

    透過文化,我們也學會擁抱並欣賞 生命中不同片段的意義

  • from the richest to the ordinary.


  • If that's the kind of journey you're looking for,


  • take a ride through Yogyakarta,


  • a cultural kingdom that steadies the spirit,


  • and inspires the soul.


The Indonesian city of Yogyakarta rests on central Java,

印尼的日惹市 地處爪哇島中部


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