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Hej! (Swedish)
We know more and more people are living in small spaces and spending time on home-cooked meals.
So we challenged ourselves to make a fully functional, clutter-free kitchen as small as possible for a mature couple in the city.
The key is to use maximised storage and versatile solutions that create space to cook and move around freely.
We started by using as much of the height and width as possible for closed storage and a work area.
The room feels spacious and calm with modern, sleek fronts.
Two kitchen musts are here--and the oven's even a microwave.
We included a dishwasher, which means the fridge doesn't fit on this wall.
It's over here and still close to everything.
There's more storage and another work area so two people can cook without getting in each other's way.
We also used part of this wall for display shelves.
They add personality and hold some favorite pieces that get used every day.
Here, we've put a stepstool for stuff that's hard to reach and foldable chairs as extra seating.
They're out of the way and easy to access.
What about the table?
The leaves are folded down during cook time, so there's plenty of room to work and relax.
When it's time to eat, there's a table for two with a comfy side-by-side window view.
That's a lot of storage; work space and function in one kitchen, but we squeezed it down to 6.5 square metres.
We had to build it, of course.
Come on in.
We'll show you all the ingredients.
Well-planned, flexible interiors make it easy to find what you need when you need it.
And surfaces are kept clear.
Over here, there's more work room for different activities like preparing and serving.
Even if it's small, the kitchen is still the heart of the home with comfort and character.
Ready to find the possibilities in your small space?
Use maximised storage, sleek fronts and versatile solutions to create a modern, clutter-free kitchen with room for two to cook with love.
Happy planning!



IKEA 小坪數改造計畫:井然有序的廚房 (IKEA Square Metre Challenge Part 3: Clutter-free, maxed mini kitchen)

6175 分類 收藏
Ginger Liu 發佈於 2019 年 3 月 17 日    Ginger Liu 翻譯    Winnie Liao 審核
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