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Welcome to the world of Far Cry Exodus.
Fight for survival in a very creative post-apocalyptic setting.
Scavenge for supplies and craft weapons
to take on dangerous mutants who emerged from the Earth's core on Judgement Day.
You see,
after the nukes dropped,
things changed
and now, an oppressive regime, controls the city.
It's up to you
to lead the resistance, in its fight for freedom,
in the new game
Fallout: New Dawn.
Capture enemy camps in a sandbox, open-world shooter
where you decide which guy to shoot first.
Will it be this guy?
Or this guy?
Your options are virtually limitless
in Crackdown 3: Instincts.
as a new feature,
spend more than 30% of the game driving,
even though the developers don't know how to program vehicles.
This way, the game can be 30 hours longer.
Walk on walls
like in the game Prey.
Remember Prey?
Remember Prey?
Remember that game, uh, The Darkness?
When you had those shadow things?
And there was that one...
where you-
What was that?
For the first time in videogames,
climb a tower, in order to scout out the area
and find hidden caches of treasure,
which can be used to upgrade your
abilities and add new weapons to your arsenal.

Engage in an uninspired story
that nobody in the entire world cares about.
Utilize a dated cover system
as you fight against artificial intelligence
that has not improved since the original Halo.
You see,
after the Earth was destroyed in the Bungalow Wars,
things changed.
Humans were forced to retreat to a new homeworld
called Eden 2.
It's here that you will witness
EA strangle the life out of a once promising studio
and probably shut it down, after nobody buys their mediocre Destiny clone.
at the last second,
an executive will come up with the brilliant decision
to transform their failing co-op shooter
into a massively successful
Free-to-play Battle Royale.
Welcome to the world of Anthem Legends.
Fight for survival in a gigantic map
where you will never encounter another player.
Scavenge for weapons and armor for 30 minutes
until you are killed by a black pixel
7,000 yards away.
Then, watch your friends shoot at him for 10 minutes
before dying to a blue circle.
Stop time like in Quantum Break.
Remember that?
Remember Alan Wake?
Remember Medal of Honor: Warfighter?
Remember Dead Island?
Remember ZombiU?
Remember Shadowrun?
Remember Battleborn?
Remember Evolve?
Remember Gun?
Remember Black?
Remember Haze?
Remember TimeShift?
Remember Turok-?
Remember Soldier of Fortune- ?
- Remember Resistance: Fall of Man?
- Remember Brute Force?

Remember Lost Planet?
Remember Army of Two?
Remember Dead to Rights?
Remember Red Steel?
Remember Brink?
Remember Freedom Fighters?
Remember Kane & Lynch?
Remember Maf-?


冒險聖歌 (Anthem Legends : Exodus)

314 分類 收藏
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