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  • Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin.

    嘿!你們好!歡迎收看 Life Noggin。

  • I am a Robot. I am not real. Just kidding. That was super convincing, right?


  • Would you believe me if I told you that right now, there are cyborgs living among us?


  • That's right.


  • There are people that can listen to colors through an implanted antennae, or who are alerted when earthquakes occur through a vibration in a device in their arm.


  • These self-proclaimed cyborgs have even started a foundation to support and educate others like them.


  • In this world where sci-fi has literally come to life, common body enhancements, orbodyhacksas the community calls them, include magnets that tingle when near an electromagnetic field or enhance sounds if implanted in the ear lobes, a compas-like device that vibrates when you face north, and LEDs that light up under your skin, among others.

    在這個世界,科幻小說可以說是成真了,身體的進化、或是團體所稱之的「一塊塊的磁鐵身體」,接近電磁波時,身體會因磁鐵的吸力而感到癢癢的,或是植東西到耳垂來加強聽力、一個像指南針的裝備在當你面對北邊時而震動、或是在皮膚下會有 LED 燈亮起來,以及其他等等。

  • But, because these are often implanted by enthusiasts instead of medical professionals, they have the potential for dangerous side effects such as infections and pain.


  • Implantable RFID chips are one of the most popular choices.

    植入 REID (Radio Frequency Identification無線射頻辨識系統) 的晶片是最受歡迎的其中一個選擇。

  • These are commonly used in pets, but in humans can be programmed to unlock doors or smartphones.


  • In Sweden, thousands of people have had a chip implanted.


  • While in the US, the FDA has approved their use in humans for identifying patients and tracking their medical records.


  • The medical community's use of implantable technology extends far beyond RFID chips.

    這個醫療團體用這種置入性的科技不再只局限於 REID 晶片而已。

  • They use pacemakers, insulin pumps, contraceptives, devices to monitor health and disease, and cochlear implants for hearing.

    他們也植入心律調節器、胰島素控制器、避孕、偵測身體健康狀況以及疾病、 以及植入人工電子耳來幫助聽力。

  • These innovations have greatly improved patients' lives, providing them peace of mind and even reproducing abilities that were once lost.


  • But there is an extremely scary downside.


  • In addition to the potential for malfunction, this technology can be vulnerable to hackers.


  • And, while RFID chips can be used to track users or get their information, the hacking of pacemakers and insulin pumps can be deadly.


  • In 2011, a diabetic patient presented at a security conference how he reverse engineered his insulin pump's communication channel, exposing a dangerous vulnerability and bringing these issues to light.

    在 2011 年,一個糖尿病病患在一個私人的會議中提出:他是如何轉換了已設定好的胰島素的控制器,讓大家知道這樣既危險又脆弱不堪的議題。

  • In 2016, Johnson & Johnson warned their insulin pump users that they discovered a security vulnerability, though they didn't know of any attempts to hack their devices.

    在 2016 年,Johnson 和 Johnson 提醒他們胰島素控制器的使用者們:指出這個設備有個安全疑慮,雖然他們也還不知道誰會入侵他們的設備。

  • And just last year, the FDA released a safety notice alerting individuals with certain Abbot brand implantable defibrillators of cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

    而就在去年,美國食品藥品監督管理局發出一個安全警示:裝有特定 Abbott 的心律復甦電擊器可能會被入侵的可能性。

  • Certain devices that connect to hospital networks can act as an entry point and pose a wider threat for entire hospital systems, from information breaches to ransomware attacks where the system is held hostage, essentially stopping patient care in its tracks.


  • The good news is that the FDA started to include cybersecurity in their medical device evaluations since 2014 and have already blocked devices with insufficient security from coming to market.

    好消息是自從 2014 年,美國食品藥品監督管理局在開發醫學設備時,已經考慮到了網路安全,並且也封鎖掉將上市而安全率不足的設備。

  • As these guidelines take effect on newer models and devices, we can hopefully expect a safer and cyborg-friendly world.


  • At least i hope.


  • I don't want you humans getting really scary.


  • Whether you are a cyborg, or just a human, keeping your data safe in your body and online is only getting more important.


  • To keep all your information safe, you should definitely check out our sponsor for this video, Dashlane.


  • Dashlane is an easy to use service that generates and stores strong, unique passwords, and autofills them securely everywhere on the internet, so you never have to worry about keeping your online identity safe again.

    Dashlane 是一個很好使用的軟體、大容量、無重複的密碼、能安全地在網路上自動,所以你再也不用擔心要怎麼再次保護自己網路上的個資。

  • Dashlane can even automatically change your passwords instantly to keep hackers out.

    Dashlane 甚至可以自動立即更改你的密碼,來防止駭客的入侵。

  • This happens seamlessly across all your devices, whether you're using Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac.

    不管是哪種設備,像是 Android、iOS、Windows、或是 Mac ,都非常合適。

  • If you're like me and want extra protection features, Dashlane Premium will keep extra safe by also providing a VPN for each device you use, and actively warns you if your data is found on the Dark Web.

    如果你喜歡我的影片,也想要知道其他的保護程式,不管你用哪一種型號,Dashlane Premium 都會提供一個 VPN (Virtual Private Network 虛擬私人網絡) 給你,並且如果在暗黑網站上發現你的個資,則會立即警告你。

  • To try Dashlane Premium free for 30 days and support the channel today go to or click the first link in the description.

    你可以去試用 Dashlane 30 天,並且今天就去 來支持我們的頻道,或是案影片描述裡的第一個連結。

  • And if you use our code LIFENOGGIN and you'll get 10% off a premium subscription.

    如果你用我們這代碼 LIFENOGGIN ,你將會得到 9 折的優質訂閱。

  • Which is pretty cool!


  • What futuristic device would you want to install to make your body better?


  • As always my name is Blocko, this has been Life Noggin, don't forget to keep on thinking!

    老話一句,我是 Blocko,這是 Life Noggin,記得要一直思考!

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin.

嘿!你們好!歡迎收看 Life Noggin。

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