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  • Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite


  • "Why I'm a Grinch" stories from you guys.


  • This first one here is from @flappernapple.

    第一則來自 @flappernapple。

  • Flap her na-- Oh, napple.

    拍打她的...喔,是 napple。

  • Napple, okay.


  • He says: ''When I was 8, I switched the tags on my Christmas presents with my cousin's Christmas presents. I got a Super Nintendo, he got a jump rope and some Uno cards.

    他說:「我 8 歲時,我把爸媽給堂 (表) 兄弟姊妹的禮物調換;我拿到任天堂,他/她拿到跳繩和 Uno。

  • Not bad.

    也不錯呀 !

  • I love Uno.

    我喜歡 Uno。

  • This one's from @derekthinks.

    這則來自 @derekthinks。

  • He says:''Every witer I wrap a few empty boxes and out them under the Christmas tree next to the real presents. Then, if one of my kids is ever really naughty, I'll toss one in the fire''.

    他說 : 「每年冬天我都會包些空的禮物盒,放在耶誕樹下面「真的」禮物旁邊。如果小孩不聽話,我就丟一個燒毀」。

  • Wow! That is -- -Wow!

    哇 ! 這真的是...哇 !

  • That is awesome. That is pretty great, man.


  • Oh, my gosh. That's --.


  • He's evil.


  • That's pretty grinchy. That's good.


  • This one's from @v-i-price. He says: ''Once for an office-wide Secret Santa, I cheated, picked my name, and then bought myself awesome gifts while acting completely surprised every time.''

    這則來自 @v-i-price。他說:「一次全辦公室的神祕交換禮物中,我作弊,拿起自己的名字,給自己買一個禮物,假裝很驚喜的樣子」。

  • "A jump rope and a pack of Uno."

    「一條跳繩和一大箱 Uno」。

  • This one's from @JillsNPotions. She says: ''My younger brother was annoying me so I wrote him a letter from ''Santa'' saying he'd be unable to visit our house that year due to prior '' Yuletide engagements. ''

    這則來自 @JillsNPotions。她說 :「我弟弟很煩,我假裝『聖誕老公公』寫信給他,說因為『耶誕季』很忙,不能來我們家了」。

  • This last one here is from @Maureenlast. She says: ''One of my kids come begging for a bite of my food, but I'm not in the mood to share, I say, ''sorry kids, but this has alcohol on it, and it works every time.''

    最後一則來自 @Maureenlast。她說 :「我的小孩過來要一口東西吃,但我不想。我就說:『寶貝呀 ! 不行喔,這裡面有酒。』屢試不爽」。

  • There you go. Those are "Tonight Show Hashtags."


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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite



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