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  • (cheerful piano music)

  • - [Narrator] This is the Panamanian golden frog.

  • A frog so rare it may no longer exist in the wild.

  • Merely inches in size, this frog's ornate skin is stunning.

  • But also quite poisonous.

  • The frog is covered in deadly toxins

  • to protect itself from predators.

  • In the wild, it feasts on insects that it finds near streams

  • in the mountainous rain forests of Panama.

  • But a combination of deforestation, poaching,

  • and a devastating fungal disease laid waste

  • to their population.

  • But there is still hope for this special amphibian,

  • breeding in captivity has been successful.

  • And continued efforts are being made to protect

  • and preserve their habitat.

  • This is the Panamanian golden frog.

  • (cheerful piano music)

(cheerful piano music)


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B1 中級 美國腔

龐然大物,有毒有礙。 (Pint-sized, Poisonous and Imperiled)

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