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And ah, she's really enjoying that.
She loves those sweet potato.
Sweet potato is like chocolate for wombats.
We're the Irwins.
And this is Australia Zoo.
Our dad Steve built this zoo
to protect our world'S wildlife.
Today we strive to carry on his mission.
So come with us, this is Wild Times.
This is Acco.
He is the largest saltwater crocodile at Australia Zoo
and at 16 feet in length and nearly half a ton,
he is a spectacular animal.
Crocs have been on the planet for over 200 million years.
They are dinosaurs.
If you look at him, he's built like a torpedo,
not like a greyhound.
So he's got these little legs, gigantic body,
he's not designed as a terrestrial predator.
He's designed for in the water and at the water's edge.
Top speed, half his body is tail,
he can go nearly as fast as a dolphin.
Acco's got a really big head
and these crocs can have over 3,000 pounds per square inch
of closing jaw pressure, so that means anything they catch
basically just explodes on impact.
When they hatch, they're seven inches long.
They're tiny.
When you're a little crocodile,
everything would want to eat you,
but once they get up to this size,
the only real threat that they would have
would be from other big male crocodiles.
They are just the ultimate hunting machine
and I just love them.
Crocodiles could probably live
well up and over 60, 70 years.
He's probably a really old crocodile
and he's probably seen a lot in his day.
Oh yeah, you think it's gonna hit?
This rain?
(Stella whining)
Hey Robert, how's it goin'?
Oh, I'm doin' great, thanks.
I'm just walking Stella, who's deciding to go this way.
Oh, do you have a minute
to answer some questions?
Yeah, I think so.
What do you think Stella?
What's the first animal
you fell in love with?
I think the first animal that I fell in love with was
Jenny, the Burmese python.
What's one misconception
people have about reptiles?
They're not all trying to eat you.
What's your favorite band?
I like Ed Sheeran.
Nice, what's your favorite snack?
Ooh, I like rice, a bit of vegetables.
What do people not know about Australia?
It's closer than you think.
Yeah, it looks like
the rain's getting worse.
Who got you into photography?
My dad.
Do you have a favorite photo
you've ever taken?
Well, it was really unfortunate, Sudan,
the last male northern white rhino,
unfortunately passed away
but it was a real privilege to photograph him.
That was probably my favorite photo.
Do you have a favorite camera?
I shoot Canon so the 1D X--
(thunder booming)
Okay, we gotta stop.
Come on guys!
(Stella whining)
Guess we only got to eight.
I love him, oh, these guys are so cute.
(mumbles) animal, he's chosen you.
(jazzy upbeat music)
We're here with another adorable Australian animal.
We'd like you to meet, Kato.
Hi Kato.
- We love Kato. - Hi Kato.
Kato is a wombat.
We absolutely love her.
She is so cute.
And Kato is currently about 14 years old at the moment.
For a wild wombat that's pretty much as old as they get,
14, 15 years, but in captivity
they could live well over 20 years.
So, they're beautiful animals
and ah, she's really enjoying that.
She loves those sweet potato.
Sweet potato is like chocolate for wombats,
which is hilarious.
But wombats are really interesting
because they're great diggers.
They actually dig their very own burrows in the wild.
So Kato here is really sandy.
She has sand all through that thick tough fur
and she is really, really cute.
I think that's quite unusual with these guys,
that you definitely wouldn't expect,
is they can actually run at 25 miles per hour.
Isn't that amazing?
So this little kind of,
looks like a giant guinea pig almost--
She's like a square with legs.
But they can run really, really fast.
It's amazing and you can see this really hard,
it's kinda like this hard plate there,
that's right on their bottom
and what that is, that sort
of acts as a shield for predators.
So what they would do if a predator were chasing them,
they'd burrow down into their little burrow
and then they can actually press this up
and it would definitely be a pretty good deterrent for a predator.
There is no way to get through that.
It's just this big wall.
- Wall. - Yeah, exactly.
And these guys love walking
all throughout Australia Zoo.
We kinda let them do their own thing,
so they can go and meet our visitors
and they can have a look around the zoo
and they have little tiny legs
so if they get tired at any point
we wheelbarrow them back to their homes.
We're really lucky to spend time with Kato.
She'll be right.
What does she'll be right mean?
She'll be right.
She'll be right.
Well, it means pretty much what it says,
she'll be right, everything's gonna be okay.
All is well.
If she is everything, it means just what it says.
She is everything.
Woman's empowerment.
The rhino is charging at me.
She'll be right.
She'll be right.
Next week on Wild Times.
Now we are joined by a very beautiful friend.
Robert, who have we got?
This is Queto, and Queto, hey mate,
he's a gorgeous blue and gold macaw.
Isn't he amazing?
(jazzy upbeat music)


【動物星球】我們的鱷魚老友 (Our Old Friend the Crocodile | Wild Times)

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