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Hey man. Ah, yeah I've been thinking about it.
It's too soon. I can't do this.
Aww, come on mate, it's been three months.
Alright, it's time to get back out there.
It's just a date, it's not like you're going into the Hunger Games.
Alright, I'm just going to say it.
It's weird that you're always referencing your own movies.
Oh, sassy Josh, you are catching fire, buddy.
Yeah, see like that doesn't make any sense.
Just remember two things: be yourself and always compliment her nose.
It's a classic Hemsworth one-two-punch.
That worked with Miley?
Listen, I'll be right there with you. Fly, Mockingjay!
Wait, I have one other...
Hey. Sara?
That's me.
I'm Josh.
I like your sweater.
Thank you. I love your nose.
Did you just say you like my nose?
No. Excuse me, though. Sorry. Hey.
How's it going? Did you do the nose thing yet?
She loved it, didn't she?
What are you talking about? We just talked five seconds ago.
Yeah, I know, I'm just so excited.
Hey, tell her you love her scarf.
Okay, I'm going to go now.
Wait a second, how did you- Ah!
It's me. Get back to her, you're doing good.
I'm sorry. I feel we got off on the wrong foot.
What I meant to say of course is I love your scarf.
Thank you. I like your taste.
Good. This is good, okay. Good.
Josh. Josh. Josh.
What the fuck are you doing down there?
Did you mention the scarf yet?
Ask her if she seen The Last Song.
Please stay out of this.
Girls love the Last Song, I was in it.
I know. I know you were in that.
You're ruining this for me. Stay down, stay down.
He's talking to his penis.
Why do I always get the psychopaths?
I need you to stay down there.
If I need you later I will call you, okay?
Let's order, we should order. Waiter.
Ah, I see you're ready to order Josh.
I mean, complete stranger.
Ah, isn't it romantic. You two must be on a date.
Isn't it Romantic is actually a new film, by the way.
Yeah, we know that.
I didn't know that and I don't care.
Bullshit. How's Josh doing, he's such a good guy isn't he?
Josh, wait wait wait.
My friend, Liam.
This is just a costume, I'm not really a waiter.
Just like in the movies.
Just giving my friend Josh a little dating help here.
You were Cyrano de Bergerac-ing me?
Oh Latin! She's a smart one.
Hey, did Josh compliment your nose yet?
Excuse me, Liam. I'm just going to go to the restroom.
-She's going the wrong way. -She's actually using the exit.
Yep, there she goes.
Or she's going to pee in the street.
That's a bit weird, isn't it?
You don't even need someone like that anyway.
Come on, let's get some beers on you, eh?
Waiter? Real waiter?
Hey, who's your favorite Hemsworth?
You're in the top three.
That's good.



雷神弟超雷!約會被搞砸啦 (Liam Hemsworth Isn't Helping on This Date - After Hours with Josh Horowitz)

3631 分類 收藏
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