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did you know according to latest studies
40% of your daily activities are

habitual and that's why Benjamin
Franklin famously once said most people

die at 25 but they're not buried until
75 and I can't tell you how true this is

in today's day and age as most people
they are literally sleeping awake they

get to the end of their life full of
regrets and while ifs and it is for this

reason it's important that you pay close
attention in today's video where I'm

gonna be breaking down the five habits
you need to give up right now if you

want to be more successful and so make
sure to pay close attention especially

to the final fatal bad habit because
that is the thing that you need to be

unblocked from right now without further
ado let's go on to the first bad habit

you need to give up which is crumbling
under pressure here's a big difference

between winners and losers losers the
moment they begin to feel the winds of

life the moment they begin to fall down
and crumble and feel that pressure what

do they do they begin to give up taping
it to tell themselves oh you don't know

what I'm going through
oh it's hard whilst the winners on the

other side what do they tell themselves
they realize it's real and it's good

it's part of the process they realize
the strongest trees don't grow in the

best or it grows in the strongest winds
and they understand that they can

control it you see the problem arises
when we think we're the only ones who

feel pressure and then allow ourselves
to get overwhelmed by it when in fact

other people around you feel this
pressure what dictates success is how

you handle this what peak performance
and high performers have all got in

common is they have got a neutral
relationship to this energy and they've

reframe it to give them more energy what
they tell themselves when they feel

nervous they tell themselves I feel
excited and they jump onto a stage and

they serve to go above and beyond and so
it's how you interpret this information

that dictates your outcome
so reframe this and realize that

pressure is what creates diamonds let's
go into a second bathtub you need to

give up which is negative self-image
your self-image may

shoo act like you the strongest force in
the human psychology is a need to remain

congruent with how you identify yourself
and so to change your performance you

must change your self-image and you must
begin to get out of your comfort zone

you must begin to ask yourself when you
achieve your goals who are you going to

become because that's a true purpose of
a goal is to see who must you become in

order for you to achieve that goal and
if you begin to change your self-image

to that future vision now that's the
moment you're going to begin to act in

accordance to your future self identity
because right now if you view yourself

negatively as Zig Ziglar famous who's
once said you cannot consistently

perform in a manner which is
inconsistent with the way you see

yourself so you must change the way
you're viewing yourself to change the

outcome and the result you're currently
getting that is the second bad habit

let's go on to the third bad habit which
is playing to lose let me ask you on a

day-to-day basis are you playing not to
lose or are you playing to win this is a

big difference it sounds so simple but
it's a big difference between winners

and losers losers are literally looking
either around them thinking oh I'm just

about scraping by what's winners they
are dominating whilst winners they're

doing whatever it takes they are playing
to win

this is a mindset shift that you need to
have instead of playing not to lose you

got to play to win you've got to realize
if you're going to go in at all go

all-in if you're gonna do anything to do
it properly and do it like a winner

would own it from the heart and do what
it takes inside it let's go into a

fourth bad habit which is never
committing rich people are committed to

being rich poor people simply think
about being rich and this is why rich

continues get richer and the poor seem
to get poor poor people just read more

books speaking
one day this is gonna happen but yet

they never do anything about it
was rich people what do they do speed of

implementation the moment they learn
something they immediately implement it

while support people just think oh I'm
just gonna research more and they

they're never never take action I'm
going to write this down

ready fire aim get in the game you want
to know what you want take action and

then you wanna adjust as you go because
your plans will never go 100% as a plan

to realize the fastest way for you to be
successful is to get in the game and

pivot along the way when things don't go
along the direction that you want to go

to pivot keep on failing forwards that's
how you make your dreams of reality and

that leads perfectly on to the final
point which is the final bad habit which

is dreaming far too small do you know
how you're gonna make your dreams a

because if so you dreaming way too small

you see if you shoot for the stars at
least you'll hit the moon right but poor

people they didn't even shoot for the
ceiling in the house and that's why they

wonder why they're not successful right
and I want to realize that how is none

of your business
Elon Musk he wants to colonize Mars

Richard Branson he wants to take people
out to space on a freakin holiday Steve

Jobs he wanted to put a ding in the
freaking universe the question is is

what is your goal right now we've been
conditioned to think realistic we've

been conditioned to follow goal setting
systems such as smart which is full of

BS listen Martin Luther King did not
stand in front of tens of thousands of

people in 1963 and he didn't say I've
got a smart gun no he said I've got a

dream the question is do you dare to
really dream do you dare to dream big

because when you set this audacious goal
that is the thing that I'll keep you

that is the thing that that will from

the heart you'll feel that burning
desire to make your reality this is how

you never run out of motivation by
setting a goal that's aligned with your

your intuition your heart the thing that
you're born to do

and then it becomes your mission to make
your reality this is what visionaries

entrepreneurs have got in common they
see things before it happens the

question is is what do you really really
want out of life and make it a must to

make that of reality so dare to dream
big these are the five habits that you

need to give up right now if you want to
be successful if you found this video

helpful inside there be sure to share
this video with your friends and loved

ones why because the more you give the
more you shall receive so it's about

becoming a person of value so make sure
to share this video with your friends

and loved ones right now and like this
video if you like this video and comment

below and Gus at any questions or
feedback you and you may have and as

always insider follow your heart my
friend and take action and go live the

life you're truly born to live I'll see
you on the next video soon take care



想成功?先改掉這五個習慣 (5 Habits to Give Up if You Want to Be Successful)

1584 分類 收藏
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