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  • Wireless charging sounds great, right?


  • Just plop your phone on a stand, a pad, or even furniture with built-in wireless charging, and voila, it starts charging.


  • No cables, no fuss.


  • Even though most newer phones have wireless charging, one research report showed that only 29% of people use it.

    雖然新一點的手機都有無線充電功能,一項研究顯示僅 29% 的人在用。

  • Why hasn't it taken off?


  • Well first of all, you need a phone or a phone case that's capable of wireless charging, and not everyone has one.


  • Qi is the standard for almost all wireless chargers.

    Qi 幾乎是每一件無線充電器所採用的標準。

  • Phones that support Qi are mainly newer phones from Apple, Samsung, Google, and LG.

    支援 Qi 的手機通常都是較新的蘋果、三星、谷歌、LG 機型。

  • Secondly, wireless chargers are slower than wired chargers.


  • The thing about wireless charging is it uses something called electromagnetic induction.


  • Basically transferring energy from one place, like your charging mat, for example, to another, your phone.

    簡單來說就是把電能從一個地方 (例如充電座) 轉移到另一處 (像是你的手機)。

  • Wireless charging uses two physical coils.


  • The induction coil in the charger and the receiver coil in the phone.


  • If you don't align the two coils on top of each other, your device won't charge correctly.


  • This method of charging is slower than plugging your phone straight into an outlet, which lets the power flow from the outlet through the wired charger to your phone.


  • Most wired chargers have a rating of at least 12 watts, while most wireless chargers only reach about 7.5 or 10 watts.

    大部分有線充電器的電功率至少可以達到 12 瓦特,但多數無線充電器只有 7.5 或 10 瓦特。

  • Basically, the smaller the number, the longer it'll take to charge your phone.


  • And if you have a case for your phone, it'll charge even slower, or might not even work at all.


  • Some wireless chargers do have a fast-charge mode, but it'll only work with phones from the same manufacturer.


  • So a Google Qi charger might fast-charge a Pixel but not a Galaxy.

    因此谷歌的 Qi 充電器或許可以讓一支 Pixel 手機快速充電,三星 Galaxy 就不行。

  • Yes, if you're not looking for a fast charger, or if you're only charging your phone at night while you sleep, then a wireless charger could work for you.


  • But for the most part, you can't use your phone while it charges wirelessly.


  • If you take your phone off the wireless charger to do anything, it'll stop charging.


  • You can't text comfortably without lifting your phone off the charger, you can't sit on the couch and scroll through Instagram.

    如果不把手機從充電座移開,你就不能舒服地打字;你沒辦法坐在沙發上瀏覽 Instagram。

  • And you can't even take a phone call properly.


  • But with a cord, you can do all those tasks while staying plugged in.


  • Also, these wireless chargers are technically not wireless.


  • They still have to be plugged into an outlet.


  • The only wireless part about it is eliminating the wire between your phone and the charger.


  • The price of these chargers is another issue.


  • The more affordable chargers range from $15 to $30, while the fancier ones cost anywhere from $60 to $100.

    最便宜的從 15 塊美金到 30 塊,貴一點的則要 60 塊到 100 塊美金。

  • But it doesn't look like wireless charging is disappearing anytime soon.


  • One report is expecting that by 2023, there will be a cumulative shipment of 2.7 billion wireless chargers and 6 billion devices with wireless charging capabilities.

    一項報告指出到了 2023 年,無線充電器的總運量會達到 27 億,且會有 60 億項裝置具備無線充電功能。

  • But for wireless charging to become the norm, companies will need to figure out ways to make it more practical and frictionless.


  • Companies like Pi, Energous, and Ossia are getting there with their truly wireless charging products.

    幾間公司像是 Pi、Energous、Ossia 都正在著手推出「真無線」商品。

  • They claim that their products can charge multiple devices wirelessly when you bring them within a short range, kind of like how WiFi works.

    他們聲稱只要你拿得夠靠近,就能夠同時讓好幾台裝置無線充電,有點像 WiFi 的運作原理。

  • Basically, if you hold or place your wireless charging phone, tablet, and headphones around the wireless charger, it'll begin to charge your devices, which sounds pretty cool and is a great step forward.


  • But the thing is, none of these companies have released their product yet.


  • It's just all talk.


  • Just like Apple with their AirPower.

    就像 Apple 計畫推出的無線充電器 AirPower 一樣。

  • So, I'll believe it when I'm scrolling through Instagram on my couch while truly charging my phone wirelessly.

    因此等我能夠一邊「真無線」充電,一邊在沙發上滑 Instagram,我就會買單了。

Wireless charging sounds great, right?


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