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  • Around here...

  • ...they like to say...

  • ...everybody knows everything.

  • But what if the truth was...

  • Nobody knows anything?

  • I got a feeling.

  • Today is the day.

  • Today is the day.

  • I can feel it this time.

  • I can feel it.

  • Good to see you, John.

  • It took so long to find you.

  • What do you say?

  • See, I'm not called John anymore.

  • Fate's funny, huh?

  • Why would you want to find me?

  • My husband has never seen your face.

  • You were right about him.

  • He's violent with you.

  • What's this?

  • Just a little scratch.

  • A little scratch, huh?

  • I want you to take him out on your boat.

  • And drop him in the ocean for the sharks.

  • They say she came all the way to see you.

  • This is about temptation.

  • There's right and wrong.

  • You know how...

  • Plymouth...

  • ...everybody knows everything?

  • I've got kind of a big day tomorrow.

  • I know all about your big day,

  • It feels like everybody knows something I don't.

  • How do you explain that?

  • Dill...

  • Well, you have yourself a good day now .

  • And do what's right, okay?

  • I need you to deliver me from temptation.

  • Are you going to take him out?

  • You're not right in your mind.

  • My wife says you're being a little difficult

  • There's something wrong.

  • You gonna tell me what this is all about?

  • Sometimes we do bad things for good reasons.

Around here...


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