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Chris wanted his legs
to be more supple...

...let him be able
to kneel down when necessary.

And he also really wanted Christian
to be able to move his head more...

...and not do the superhero movement...
...of turning the shoulders
and the head at once, you know.

It had a really high-tech inside
mixed with a wet suit.

You actually saw
the inner workings of this suit.

It's kind of carbon-fiber plates.
It protects the core of your body from
falling below a certain temperature.

He goes into the workshop and decides
to spray it with a latex black spray.

Which removes the heat signature.
So if you look with night glasses,
which detect body heat...

...this refuses to allow you to see it.
And as he linkers with it,
you see how he develops it from that...

...into the black Batsuit.
Once it was actually
getting made for me...

...there was all sorts of interesting
processes that you go through...

...where you have to have
your whole body molded.

A plaster Christian Bale
is then produced out of that mold.

And as soon as the concept
sculpt was approved...

...then it's literally broken down
and remolded...

...into the different parts of the costume.
The cowl, the torso, the legs,
they all have to be sculpted individually...

...from that original one piece.
Getting the foam as black
as possible was a problem...

...as that reduces the durability.
We're not painting the foam.
It's kind of the foam as it is.

When those molds have been injected,
they're cooked in a big oven.

And then they come out
of those molds. They're wet.

It's just a very efficient way...
...is just to put it through an old
Victorian housemaids mangle...

...just to extract the water.
The piece is taken out and dried.
They're then prepared for trimming.

The mold doesn't produce, like,
a cookie-cutter kind of effect.

There are flashings...
...these sort of waste areas on the edges
of the foam that have to be trimmed back...

...before it's glued down to the suit.
And they're trimmed very patiently
by our wonderful girls in Art Trimming.

It has to appear as if it's
cut by laser, and not by hand.

It's not the most comfortable thing to wear.
I mean, it's foam latex. It's hot.

But on the first day shooting,
Christian managed to wear it all day...

...including the cowl and the gloves...
...not really wanting to take it off...
...so I think the level of comfort
has improved somewhat as well.

It gives you this huge neck,
you know, kind of like a panther.

This real kind of feral look, you know...
...as if you're gonna pounce
on somebody all the time.

I was surprised at how intimidating
he becomes...

...and how much it changes him.
He really channels this other character.
When he's confronting an individual
that he wants to take down...

...he kind of ceases to be human.
There's naturally,
after six months of filming...

...a kind of a love-hate relationship
with the thing...

...because you get headaches
in that thing, you know.

And I kind of say to myself, "Use it.“
You know, the guy's meant
to be kind of fierce.

When you get a headache
you feel fierce anyway, you know.

You got no time for anybody,
you're impatient.

So I just said to myself,
“Use it," you know.

And I just put up with it, you know.
This is--

This is a hell of an honor, really,
getting to wear this.

We did prototype
using actual velvet fabric.

One. Go.
We got quickly bogged down
because it got waterlogged...

wand, you know,
became sort of too heavy.

So we invented our own fabric.
Which is the finest,
finest parachute silk...

...which is a nylon, so it's waterproof,
and then flocked...

...which means you shoot
little tiny hairs into it...

...so it ends up as if it's a velvet pile.
So it's got the animal feeling
on the outside...

...and the waterproof nature
and the lightweight-mess so that it flies.

I was doing a lot of research
with the Department of Defense...

...and there's something called “memory
fabric" that they're experimenting with now.

It's very soft and supple, but when
an electrical current is applied to it...

...it can take on a rigid shape.


《蝙蝠俠:開戰時刻》服裝構想幕後花絮 (Creating Batsuit & Cape 'Batman: Begins' Behind The Scenes)

893 分類 收藏
Winnie Liao 發佈於 2019 年 1 月 30 日
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