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- I call them my little jelly beans :)
- Shut Up!
- Hey Ian Ashley is coming over soon so don't embarest me again
okay? - What kind of stupid name is Ashley?
- It's a pretty common name
- Yaeh maybe for like an eskimo or some weird russian drive
- What are you.. Are you naked?
- No
- Are you sure?
- Yaeh dude its like.. i forgot to wear my watch but its like
3 in the afternon obvieusly i woundt be undressed at some point
- All you have to do is look down and you'll see
- I'm not looking down.
- Just look down!
- Okay, Anthony i'm not looking down because i'm not gonna fall
for any of your lies and tricks again.
- Lies and tricks?
- Like that time when you said you bought non-fat milk
- it was non..
- It was 2 procent! [fuck!] And when you said santa isn't real
Ian: Santa?
- But he's not..
- [screaming] HE IS REAL I SAW HIM AT THE MALL!!!
And you also lied when i asked you about those jeans!
Ian: Does these jeans make my butt look fat?
Anthony: [laughs] No, no they look great.. [laughs]
Ian: Thank you!
- See? you'r not to be trusted you are one big lieng sack of
shh.. shh.. DODOO!
- You know what? fine!
- Hey are there any hot girls in here? Anthony why is it called
"Call Of Duty Black Cops" there's no black cops anywhere!
- Hah, how do you like it huh?
- [screams] Oh god! DUDE PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!
- You put on some clothes!
- I am wearing clothes!
Ashley: Anthony?
- Ashley?
Ashley: Oh, my god why are you naked?
- He's digusting isn't he? Come on Ashley lets get out of here!
Ashley: Lets!
- Beautiful name by the way
Ashley: Thanks like an eskimo Ian: I know already ladies first!
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this while naked, on a second thought that's really fucked up!


天啊!這次真的眼見為憑,是真的裸體啦Smosh I'M NAKED!

5348 分類 收藏
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