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  • Suni Williams: Here we are at the throne.

  • This is awesome.

  • You might see the little --

  • You might have noticed the little moon on the outside.

  • This is our orbital outhouse right here.

  • And, of course, it serves for two functions --

  • number two, right here.

  • I'll show you.

  • But you see it's pretty small,

  • so you have to have pretty good aim

  • and be ready to make sure

  • things get let go the right direction.

  • And it smells a little bit, so I'm closing it up.

  • And that's, of course, for number two.

  • And this guy right here is for number one.

  • So, they're sort of two slightly separate functions,

  • but you can do a little -- essentially both

  • by hanging on right here and doing number one and number two.

  • I might add it's color-coded

  • so you really don't get it mixed up, which is nice.

  • This is yellow. It's for number one.

  • [ Chuckles ]

  • And also, there's a selection of paper.

  • People always ask about toilet paper.

  • "What do you do with toilet paper?

  • What kind of toilet paper do you have?"

  • We have gloves just because sometimes it does get messy.

  • We have some Russian wipes, which are a little bit coarse,

  • if you like the coarse type of toilet paper.

  • We have some nice tissues, which are nice and soft,

  • if you like soft toilet paper.

  • We have Huggies just for any cleanup.

  • You know, we were all babies once, and this sort of helps.

  • And then, if things get really out of control,

  • we have disinfectant wipes just to make sure we clean up here,

  • 'cause, you know, just like the water I showed you,

  • the number-one stuff can sort of go all over the place

  • if you don't aim correctly.

  • And, did I mention, both of these have

  • a little bit of suction,

  • so they should keep things going in the right direction.

  • But, like I said,

  • sometimes things get a little out of control

  • if you are out of control yourself, flying around.

  • So we have lots of protective stuff.

  • And, of course, you do have your privacy.

  • There's a little door.

Suni Williams: Here we are at the throne.


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空間便器 (Space Potty)

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