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Coffee, tea, alcohol, we can't drink it, can't
smoke weed, we can't smoke cigarettes.
Shelley: Since when?!
Kwaku: Because always, that's how it is
don't do it, got it?
Shelley: Okay, but for real, Mormons don't drink
alcohol because it says no in the Word
of Wisdom. Ian, where did we get the Word
of Wisdom from? Ian: the word of wisdom came
from singing words and wisdom-- came Paul
McCartney sing the song Let it Be.
Ian: Um, actually no, the Word of Wisdom
Heber J Grant, Ezra Taft Benson and
Paul McCartney. Ian: The Beatles. So the Word
of Wisdom came by the Prophet Joseph
Smith in the year 1831. What happened?
Joseph Smith is with the high priests
and there's just smoke everywhere and
it's really hard to communicate and just--
Shelley: Emma Smith was cleaning up tobacco off
of the ground. Men didn't clean
in the eighteen hundreds and
Ian: Emma was a little upset.
Emma Smith, Joseph Smith's
wife was like, "Honey, this sucks
fix it." So Joseph Smith did.
Ian: And Joseph's like yeah I don't feel very spiritual
with all these you know splashes of
tobacco and alcohol and whiskey in my
dining hall so he asked the Lord and the
Lord actually gave him the health code
called the Word of Wisdom. And originally, it was
for the high priest of the church which
is really interesting because lots of
members of the church things they didn't
they think the Word of Wisdom has been
around since 1830 but actually for a
long period of time it was more of a
guideline for people like, "Look if you
want to be spiritual you should probably
follow this health code.
Shelley: And it works!
If you don't drink alcohol you can
feel the spirit better. That's
scientifically proven.
Also you don't get drunk. You don't make
bad decisions.
Ian: You don't drive around and
crash into things like deer.
Kwaku: You don't wreck a Maserati
next to a Kids are Kids.
Actually, deer run into cars all the time.
Shelley: It's cheaper if you
don't drink alcohol or coffee or tea
because then you're not buying it.
Ian: I mean, I buy Postum.
Kwaku: But like, Jesus drank wine,
so like why can't you all guys
drink alcohol if like he drink wine?
my training like seriously like Beth
like what
yeah so that's the funny thing about it
is that the word of wisdom isn't
actually something we're like well we're
not following Jesus Christ because we
don't drink wine so we're not technical
note the word of wisdom is actually just
new revelation provided to us it really
has nothing to do with Jesus turning the
water into wine
nothing to do with whether it was ok
back then or not it's just modern
revelation he opened the book of
leviticus it says not to mix fabrics and
you can't eat shellfish
now let me tell you something i enjoy
shrimp like everyone in this room
okay you know what once again the laws
back then were for that specific time
period much like how the word of wisdom
is only for our time period
ok it's a supposed to transcend forever
it's just supposed to be for us for our
safety in our benefit
yeah helps us a state helps us stay
healthy helps us not die helps us save a
lot of money well does not die right now
not die you can't get alcohol poisoning
if you're not drinking alcohol and you
can't get black lungs if you're not
smoking cigarette can't get hit by a bus
no matter what your help so don't walk
in the street
Ian: Some fun facts the word of wisdom
became a policy of the church in the
early nineteen hundreds with Heber J
Gant. Before then, you know, actual
priesthood holders were smoking
and they were drinking and actually
something interesting back then is it
wasn't like oh man you're drinking you
can't give that person a blessing was
actually you're drinking a this woman
needs a blessing can you still help me
out? It wasn't a commandment for the
whole church to follow. So people freaked
out about that like what members of the
church were drinking? It was not a
worldwide commandment. Now it is, it's
something that we have to follow. Do
things in moderation do not drink
alcohol don't drink coffee
you know those types of things.
Kwaku: That also applies with 7up mainly cause it's
Shelley: I like seven up but also have been
drinking green tea.
You've been drinking green tea?
Green tea?
Shelley: It's not that I've been
actively drinking green tea they ask you
how you are using
that you're fine we're not really
finally you just can't get into it
because they would never understand
it's that on accident it's in this like
juice drink that I -- it's not Snapple.
It's like in one of those like smoothie
drinks and there's a bunch of green
tea in it, apparently, I don't know how much.
I don't know what it is.
Lots of people think that Mormons can't
drink any caffeine because we choose not
to drink coffee and like most teas but
that's not actually true just because
what we're choosing to do is not get
addicted to things. We don't want to be
reliant upon anything, just so that
we can be only reliant upon God and the
So if you want to drink the Coke
drinking Coke, but if you're drinking
like 12 Monsters to get you through
the day every single day
probs want to reevaluate your decisions
and decide if you're addicted to that.
Ian: Yeah, so the Word of Wisdom is not just a
physical law, it's a spiritual law as well so
the reason we don't want to get addicted
to those things is so that our spirit
can actually function because if we're
relying upon something that's temporal
are we really going to be able to be
connected to Heavenly Father? Is that even
Every law that God gives us has a
spiritual blessing and also has a
physical blessing. Sure we'll be healthy
because we're not drinking, sure we'll be
healthy because we're not eating loads
of things but also we're going to be a
little bit clearer in the mind we're
going to have knowledge that maybe we
didn't have before because the Lord is
going to be open to giving us that
information because we're open to him.
Kwaku: The Word of Wisdom keeps us healthy
keeps us happy and it's a great thing
I'm very very thankful for it.
Shelley: Comment below if you're thankful for the
word of wisdom if you're not thankful
for the word of wisdom and if you think
I'm breaking the word of wisdom by
drinking that thing
that has green tea in it. Ready, set... thanks for watching.
Ian: Make the word of wisdom great again.
Kwaku: No, we will not say that.
Ian: Subscribe below and there's also these
videos over here that you can check out
Shelley: If you have any of those juice drink
to drink that doesn't have green tea in them...
Ian: Yeah so like if you feel like a playlist of
drinks that's not good that aren't
greens and a refrigerator


摩門教徒的禁忌 (Mormon Health Code - LDS Word of Wisdom)

127 分類 收藏
Pedroli Li 發佈於 2019 年 1 月 24 日
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