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  • (pensive pop music)

  • - [Narrator] About a third of the United States

  • is covered in forests.

  • In places like Colorado, those forests are in danger.

  • (flames crackling)

  • There's fire.

  • - [Woman] Our wildfires are getting

  • more frequent and larger.

  • - [Narrator] A devastating beetle infestation.

  • - Those trees are all dead.

  • They don't have any branches anymore.

  • They're just standing sticks.

  • - [Narrator] And global warming.

  • There is hope, and it's found in an unlikely place.

  • - When I tell people that I work at a forest in Nebraska,

  • they usually laugh and they're like,

  • "Nebraska has a forest?"

  • (upbeat orchestral music)

  • - [Narrator] Richard Gilbert is a man on a quest.

  • He's a biological scientist who works here,

  • at the Charles Bessey Nursery in Halsey, Nebraska.

  • It's the oldest federal tree nursery in the U.S.

  • The nursery's main mission is to help preserve

  • and repopulate national forests

  • in the Rocky Mountain region.

  • - Without Bessey, they're not gonna be able

  • to have the supply of trees

  • that they need for reforestation.

  • If they have a catastrophe, we can be there to help them.

  • What I love most about my job is really the change in season

  • and the change in work that I do.

  • I get to work in the seed bank,

  • I get to work in the container part of this,

  • and I get to work in the field,

  • and I get to actually get my hands dirty.

  • I don't just sit in an office and push paper.

  • - Richard's amazing.

  • He really cares and he's always trying to make it better.

  • - We turn the greenhouses on,

  • you got little seedlings germinating.

  • To me, it's spring.

  • So, my spring starts really early

  • and it's extremely rewarding.

  • - He's very proud of his work.

  • He's very proud of his trees.

  • - I love growing plants and helping them grow.

  • I don't ever wanna lose that contact with the plants.

  • When they need 'em, we grow 'em,

  • and we get 'em produced in less than a year.

  • All of the trees are produced in the greenhouses

  • and then they are brought in here on tables.

  • This Y is okay 'cause it's above halfway

  • and we have a central leader.

  • We can pack 110,000 to 120,000 trees per belt per day.

  • We're packing container trees

  • for the San Juan National Forest.

  • They don't get their moisture in the spring a lotta times.

  • They get their summer monsoon seasons.

  • That's when they want their seedlings delivered.

  • - Richard remembers all of this information

  • and wants the feedback and wants to know how they did.

  • At our best, we might get 70%, 80% survival.

  • - Without Bessey, they're not gonna be able to have

  • the supply of trees that they need for reforestation.

  • Plants are just amazing

  • and there are so many of 'em out there,

  • and I will never know how to grow every single one.

  • If it's a very, very interesting plant,

  • I'll try to produce it and grow it at the house.

  • And if you guys drive by my house over there,

  • you'll understand;

  • you'll see all of the different plants

  • that I have over there.

(pensive pop music)


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