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Brexit has been in the news a lot lately, and there's still quite a few people, specifically Americans, who don't fully understand it.
Luckily, I saw this commercial last night that I think explains everything you need to know about the topic.
Let's take a look.
♫ Happy birthday to you!
Thanks, you guys!
Oh, I love our little get-togethers.
Well, you know what I don't love?
- What? - Not understanding everything that's going on with the world today.
It's so confusing.
Like, for example, what is Brexit?
I'm pretty sure Brexit's the most important meal of the day.
Not quite.
Brexit is just a term for Britain's recent decision to leave the European Union.
Tell me more.
Well, some British people want to control their own trade agreements instead of having them controlled by a larger, unorganized body, while other British people think it's better to be part of a group of bodies that all work together.
Like an orgy.
I still don't understand what Brexit is.
It's simple.
The vote for Brexit was called by David Cameron, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who never thought it would pass. But then it did, so he stepped down.
Then he was replaced by Theresa May, who was initially against Brexit but now is in charge of carrying it out.
The way I'm in charge of carrying my dog out when he needs to go to the bathroom.
He has dementia.
Then in November, negotiators agreed on the framework for the future relationship between the EU and the UK, which is not a binding legal document but more of a commitment to negotiate in good faith, which is set out in article 1-84 the Withdrawal Agreement.
Well, that clears everything up.
Oh, no, it doesn't.
So did the UK leave the EU or not?
Well, the majority of citizens voted to leave. So, yes.
But then they spent 2 years debating how to leave. So, no.
But then Theresa May made a new law saying they have to leave.
So, yes!
But then Parliament rejected her deal.
So, who knows?
-I do now. -No, you don't.
Sure, I do.
So, are they leaving?
They're trying.
Imagine a divorce.
A girl can dream.
While Britain is definitely leaving the EU...
E-u! Sorry, I just farted.
They just haven't worked out the terms.
But either way, they'll exit on March 29th.
March 29th, that's my birthday!
Wait, if March 29th is your birthday, then why are we eating this cake?
I guess I had a brain Brexit.
America, be glad we got out of Britain when we did.



【國際時事】脫歐是什麼?看看這支短片簡單弄清何謂脫歐! (Brexit Commercial: What Is It?)

6535 分類 收藏
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