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  • (airhorn blowing)

  • - I didn't know it was gonna be a big deal.

  • I was just trying to make something sound cool.

  • You know, it's like when artists talk about

  • oh, they made like a song in 20 minutes

  • and they didn't know and then it becomes

  • like the biggest hit of their career.

  • I hope the air horn's not the biggest

  • hit of my career but so far,

  • it's like top three.

  • (air horn blowing)

  • My name is Cipha Sounds,

  • hip-hop deejay from New York City,

  • and I popularized the air horn sound effect

  • into a global phenomenon.

  • (air horn blowing) (hip-hop music)

  • In Jamaica,

  • in the late '70's, early '80's,

  • they used to have these parties in these clubs,

  • which they called dance halls.

  • And in that moment, everyone gets excited.

  • They scream, they make noises,

  • and they would hit air horns.

  • And then it got to a point

  • where deejays started having little samplers

  • and have it playing it themselves.

  • Dance hall and hip-hop are

  • basically, like, half-brothers.

  • Deejays, especially Kool Herc, who was Jamaican,

  • moved to the Bronx and would throw these parties

  • like he used to throw in Jamaica.

  • That whole scene moved here

  • and that's what created hip-hop.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, it is three o'clock

  • in New York City, yours truly Cipha Sounds,

  • deejaying others back.

  • So early 2000's, around 2001, 2002,

  • I got my own show on Hot 97, Cipha Saturdays,

  • and I wanted to sound different

  • than all the other deejays.

  • So I would use the air horn

  • and a couple other Jamaican sound effects.

  • But see it was hard, it was hard to play

  • sound effects like that back in the day

  • 'cause when you did it live in the club,

  • you would hit the air horn

  • Berr-berr-berr-berrrr

  • and making different, I guess, like,

  • rhythmic variations of how it would play.

  • So we couldn't do that in the computer

  • so I had to, like,

  • make my own version.

  • So I would just hit the button once,

  • (rhythmic air horn blowing)

  • but it would play like it was live,

  • which is the one that kind of, like, exploded.

  • I didn't invent the air horn sound.

  • I didn't invent the usage of it in a party.

  • Me being on the radio,

  • I just became the guy known for it.

  • (air horn blowing)

(airhorn blowing)


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嘻哈氣喇叭的由來。 (The Origin of the Hip-Hop Air Horn)

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