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And we are gonna take your questions, and
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Let's do this.
I like that intro.
Hello, this is Jackie, can I help you?
Oh we don't know what was goin' on there.
It was the minute of like hello, hello, hello,

Hi Jackie, you're on MarieTV, how ya doin'?
Oh my gosh, I'm about to pee my pants right

Oh don't do that, don't do that!
That's how I'm doing!
Well actually, if you really wanna do that,
go ahead and do that, you can do whatever

you want.
I'm at an age where that can happen any time,
so, let's just do this.

Jackie you are here with myself, with Gregory,
the rest of the MarieTV crew.

And we are here to offer any insight and guidance.
So tell us your question, and then we'll dive

Okay, here's my Q. It actually is a little
bit of a story, and it kinda starts a little

Debbie Downer.
So, seven years ago my mom passed away very

Mm, so sorry.
So I... thank you.
I took that as a huge, huge wake-up call that
I needed to live a more purposeful life, and

really go after my dream, which was to be
a portrait photographer, and really just to

put all of my creativity out in the world
that I could.

So I, within a week, quit my job, and decided
to start my portrait photography business.

At the same time, a colleague of mine was
starting her consulting business, a communication

consulting business, and she said, "Hey, you're
probably gonna have some free time, and you

might need some cash to get your business

Why don't you consult with me, and, you know
I'll throw you some work and you can make

some money along the way, and you can grow
your photography business."

And I said, "Great, let's do this!"
So, seven years later, fast forward, her business
is going gangbusters, and I'm doing like 90%

consulting, maybe 10% working on my photography

And I feel like...
I love a good recess metaphor.
I feel like I'm on the jungle gym, on the
playground, and I'm holdin' onto one bar,

I got one hand on the consulting job, and
one hand on the photography job, and I can't

let go of either, but my little arms are just
gettin' so tired.

And,I feel like I either need someone to smack
a hand and say, "Let go of the consulting

work and you need to go do your thing."
'Cause I feel like I'm runnin' out of time
to do my thing.

Or, just, "You know what, "maybe the dream
isn't for you, maybe you just need to stick

with your consulting work."
Well, so you're lookin' for a little bit of
guidance, in which hand to let go of, am I

hearin' ya right?
Yeah, which hand to let go of, and, you know
I listen to your podcasts, and I've read so

many books that you guys have recommended.
I feel like I'm just not getting, like the
kick in the pants I need...

...to make something happen.
Absolutely, well I have a couple questions
I wanna ask you, but before we go there, I

do want you to write this down.
If you Google my name, and then Google “Decision
Making: 4 Simple Tests to Help You Make the

Right Decision Every Time,” we have a great
episode that you may or may not have seen,

but I think if you have seen it, it's worth
it to re-watch and re-listen, 'cause I run

through four tests that help you really make
great decisions, and they're very wholistic

tests, so they tap into different aspects
of you, both your body wisdom, intellectual,

psychological, all these different things,
and I wanna make sure that you have those

tools, even in addition to this conversation,

Question for you, now, you said the dream
about starting your own photography business,

and I can see that you have a website, and
I click through to your website, and you've

definitely taken some portraits and some photographs
and they're absolutely beautiful.

Do you feel like your dream is to take photographs
of women?

Or is your dream to run a photography business
that's profitable and have that be full time?

Um, my dream is to run a profitable photography

And my ultimate, give every bit of my creativity,
and make that make money.

Cool, okay so then it sounds like you're clear
on what you want, but the challenge is around

giving up, not only the financial security,
but going towards the business not knowing

if that's gonna work, and all of the things
that come with it, is that right?

That's right, exactly.
Okay, cool, well, you know it's a big move.
I don't know what your finances are, but of
course, I would recommend this to anyone,

that you've gotta really take a strong look
at your finances.

You may be able to, and I don't know what
your friend's arrangement is, or what your

relationship is like, but if at all possible,
I would investigate, rather than doing 90%

consulting, and 10% photography, is it possible
for you to change those dials a little bit?

So you actually move down from 90% consulting,
to let's not say zero, right, but maybe about

If you have to still build up a little bit
of a nest egg, and from a financial perspective,

you're a little scared, that could be an option
to consider.

Now again Jackie, I don't know if you're the
type of person who's like, "Look, the only

way I'm gonna make somethin' work is if I
burn the bridges behind me, like I need that

pressure, I need all of that momentum to move

And some people are like that.
That's not me, but that might be you, is that

No, no I'm definitely not.
I don't think I would've take her opportunity
if I was a burn the bridges kinda gal.

But I'm a people-pleaser kinda gal, and so,
if there's a, "Hey I need your help, we've

got this opportunity coming up, I need some
people to jump on this project."

I don't say no, I'd say, "Okay."
And then I'm in up over my neck again with
more consulting work.

Mmhmm, so this isn't necessarily a business
problem, this is a boundaries problem.

Yeah, well here's the thing, it's completely
possible, I know in my heart and soul, for

you to run a profitable photography business,

Any business, we don't have a crystal ball
whether or not it's gonna work.

I would tell you, I don't think you're a B-Schooler,
are you, Jackie?

Not yet.
No, you definitely should be.
Again, whether you learn it from me, or you
learn it from someone else, anyone who runs

a small business, you have got to learn the
ins and outs, the depth of marketing, so that

you can apply it in a way that makes whatever
your gift is, your product or your service,

as profitable as it can be, and as impactful
as it can be.

So, again, I would say if you are gonna let
go of that handlebar of the consulting gig,

make sure you get your butt in B-School.
The next time we run it is February of 2019,
so, make sure you get in there.

But apart from that, here's the deal.
Boundaries are gonna be huge for you, because
even if you solve this issue with your friend

and the consulting gig, boundaries are gonna
come up with your photography clients.

So this is about personal growth.
You can have everything you want my friend,
and you can have it in a way that's really

joyful, you can retain that relationship,
and I really think that you could probably

start dialing down that percentage, from 90%
to 70 to 50 to 60 to 40, you've just gotta

set some clear boundaries for yourself, and
communicate them effectively.

Got it.
Got it, got it, yep.
The communicator is always the worst at communicating
her own things to her people.

Yeah, I mean again, all of us, we all need
support with this, so you can talk with, do

you have friends that you can talk with that
are other business owners?

Oh yeah, yep.
Oh, great, so you can practice this conversation,
and again, I think this is completely possible

for you, but I think it would be a mistake,
quite frankly, to let go of the consulting

gig 100%, because given who you say you are,
and how you feel around finances, having that

bit of security coming in, is really gonna
support you as you ratchet up your marketing,

and the rest of your business.
Yep, and that's what I've been doing for seven
years, I've got processes in place, I've got,

you know, great gear.
I mean I am very grateful for the consulting
business because it allowed me to put all

the pieces in place to get my portrait photography
business going.

Now it just needs to like, start amplifying.
Yeah, but it's gonna take time and focus,
and you have to be the one to create that

Like you're not gonna find the time my friend,
you have to make the time.

Oh, I know.
It's not gonna magically just fall in your
lap, like, "Woo, Jackie here you go, three

days a week to just work on your business."
Not gonna happen!
What's your friend's name who runs the consulting
business, what's her first name?

Her first name is Jamie, and she's awesome.
Yeah, and you can tell her, "Oh my God girl,
I love you, I want to create this plan together,

so that it doesn't disrupt this explosive
growth that's happening for you right now."

My heart tells me she's amazing, and if you
guys sat down, that you could crack a plan

that would work for both of you, and you can
even ask her for the support, and say, "Hey

look, girl, I know there might come some big
job down the pike, and you're gonna be goin',

'Oh my gosh, like Jackie can you jump in on
this one?'

I'm gonna ask you, first of all, not to ask
me for that unless things are really on fire,

and literally the whole business is gonna
go out of business unless I jump in, and two,

hold me accountable to not coming in on these
days where I said I'm not gonna come in."

So you can actually enroll her in supporting
you in moving into your own business.

And based on what you've said about her, and
the feelings I get, she's gonna wanna do it.

Yeah, she asks me every once in while, "When
are you gonna do your thing, I know, I love

you here, I don't want you to go, but I don't
want you to not do what you wanna do too."

See that?
So she supports me.
Yeah, you've got everything you need.
I think you just have to muster up that courage
inside, and start taking those steps.

And look, like I said it doesn't have to be
all or nothing.

So don't have that analogy in your head that
you have to let go of the consulting bar completely.

You just have to let go of like, two fingers.
Start small, you'll get there, keep us posted,
and get your butt in B-School, seriously.

Yes ma'am!
All right love, thank you so much for callin'
in, and keep us posted on how it all goes.

Thank you so much.
Bye guys!
Hello, tell us your name and where you're
calling from.

Hi Marie, I am Marines, and I'm calling from

Yay, Marines, we're so excited to have you
on the show.

You're here with myself and all of team Forleo.
Tell us your question, and we will do our
very best to help you out.

Thank you so much.
So my question is, I moved to Norway last
year, because my husband is Norwegian.

Before coming here, my life was pretty nice.
I was working in something that I really liked
and I was engaged in projects that were very

interesting, and I never anticipated that
it was gonna be so difficult to move to Norway.

I have really struggled to find relevant work,
and I have been doing my homework, I've been

studying Norwegian, and I'm really trying
to, yeah, to look for work, but it's been

very difficult.
So my question is, how do I deal with frustration,
because I'm becoming very negative and very

sad during this process and I've never been
like this, so I would love your advice.

Absolutely, and by the way, thank you so much
for calling in today, because I know that

there are many of us out there that find ourselves
in challenging situations, and while the details

of the story may not be exactly the same,
I think many of us can identify with that

place of feeling stuck, of feeling like we're
not showing up like we normally do, and it

feels like we don't know where to go.
So, thank you, for being brave.
Question for you, where did you live prior
to Norway?

Where's that?
It's, it's an island in the Pacific.
Okay, so, big change in terms of climate,
in terms of culture, in terms of, even the

surroundings, yeah?
Yeah, okay, has that been challenging for
you, in terms of climate and the weather and

all of those things?
Yeah, yeah, it has, everything has been, yeah.
Everything is different, yeah.
Yep, okay so, few thoughts off the top of
my head.

One, I think part of the difficulty that you're
navigating right now, is you have so much

change layered upon change, right?
It's one thing if it was just moving to a
new location, but you have moving to a new

location, you have a completely new language
that you're trying to learn, and you have

the challenge of trying to find meaningful
work, right, all of those things are happening

at once?
My love, it is completely understandable that
you are finding this so difficult and so frustrating.

I would be in your exact same shoes if I were

Oh, thank you, yeah.
So please, don't beat yourself up at all.
If there's any voice in your mind that says,
"You should be stronger than this," or "You

should be handling this better."
Please know, that voice isn't telling you
the truth.

One question for you, because it's something
that really helps me regain my own sense of

perspective and my own sense of strength when
things are difficult in my life.

Do you have a physical movement practice?
Yeah yeah.
Yeah yeah, good.
I exercise every day.
Oh good, okay good.
So that's checked off.
That's really really good.
Next level of questioning.
Do you have any community around you?
Have you made any friends outside of your
husband that you feel really connected with?

Uh maybe, yeah, yeah yeah, I do.
You do, okay.
I do have very good friends, yeah.
Do you feel like you connect with them often
enough where there's enough of that friend

juice that happens that can sometimes lift
you up over a difficult time?

Yeah, yeah, but it's like a different type
of friendship, you know?

Tell me more.
Like, I think my deepest friendships were
from when I was younger.

But they are very nice people, and they're
very supportive as well, so I don't think

I can complain about that.
Okay, great.
If it was possible, and you can let me know
if this is possible, could you potentially

focus on either learning the language for
a little bit, and give yourself a break on

the job front, or vice versa?
Yeah, I think so, the thing is that I need
to learn the language in order to be able

to get a job.
'Cause that's how the market works.
And I do, I could take a break from looking
for work.

But I feel so frustrated just not being useful.
That I just, yeah.
I can't, I feel like I can't, you know?
How long have you not had work?
Since January.
Since January.
So I've been having like a little bit of work
until June, and then I began working a little

bit in August, but it's not my work, it's
not what I've done before, you know what I

mean, it's not, I identify myself a lot with
the work that I do.

So, yeah, I feel like I have lost part of
me, if that makes sense.

It does, and I can relate to that because,
there's many of us, and I will say this straight

up, it's not the healthiest place to operate

And again, I say this as a person who has
this in me as well, where we identify so much

with our work, that when that goes away, we
feel like, "Oh my goodness I don't know who

I am anymore."
Mmhmm, mmhmm, yeah.
That's not to say that you're doing anything
wrong, it's just to say that for all of us,

our work, it's not going to last forever.
So, one of the things to explore is to see
if you can discover––and you'll have to

approach this with a sense of curiosity, and
also a lot of self compassion––is, are

there ways for you to find delight in being
useful that aren't through traditional work

Whether it's around, you know, calling up
these dear friends that you've made, whether

it's doing stuff in your immediate community,
you know whatever it is that you can do, it

may not be tied to any type of monetary pay,
but the feeling of being needed and being

useful, that's something that you can generate.
Someone doesn't have to give you a job in
order for you to contribute and to feel useful.

And the reason that I asked if it was possible
for you to lay off the job hunt for now, is

because our brains are not designed to process
this much newness at once, and I think that's

what's happening with your frustration.
My gut tells me that if you gave yourself
the grace and the space to focus on the language

learning, and I know it's difficult, but if
that was the thing that you're like, "I'm

gonna immerse myself in this, and make myself
useful to me and to this country by learning

this language and then being able to get a
job," I think you're gonna find the process

is gonna go faster.
If I was trying to learn a new language, acclimate
to a new culture, and find a job in that culture,

I'd be in a puddle on the floor.
But if I gave myself a little bit of space
to just say, "Hey, I need to get conversational

in this language and really give it my best,
if that's gonna last another three months

or six months or whatever it's gonna take."
My intuition tells me––and whether or
not you agree with it or not is completely

up to you––but I think you're gonna find
a little bit of the pressure eased, and possibly

find a path to more joy.
Yeah, that's good advice, it could work.
Yeah, another question for you, what do you
do for fun?

I really like to cook, and have people over.
I like to...
Hold on, hold on, I have to pause.
Cooking, and having people over your place
to like share a meal.

I need to let you know, that does fall in
the category of, not only usefulness, but

you said it falls in the category of joy and

Yeah, yeah yeah, it's, I love that, mmhmm.
So we might need to reframe your mindset a
little bit, that your paid work isn't the

only methodology through which you can contribute
and be useful.

Just for right now, possibly.
What else do you like to do for joy and fun?
I really like to, well I actually really like
to learn languages.

So that's something that I enjoy, but this
process has been a little bit, I feel a lot

of pressure about learning the language fast,
so that makes it not so much fun.

I like reading, I like exercising, I like
hiking, yeah.

Okay, so it sounds like all of the boxes are
getting kind of ticked off for you, except

around this language one.
Can you release some of that pressure by taking
off the time limit?

Yeah, maybe.
So I think the problem is that I have so much
uncertainty around this, around when...

And what does that mean, uncertainty around

Around when I'm gonna sort of settle, when
it's gonna be a little bit more stable.

And what does stable mean to you?
Probably have a job.
That's, yeah.
So much is tied to this, I really wanna encourage
you, if you can, and again it sounds like

it's possible for you, from a financial standpoint,
at least for the moment.

And it is, this is definitely a mind trip
for you as an individual.

You have so much tied in to your identity
with work, that it's like, inside you're scrambling.

You're like, "Ugh if I don't have a job I'm
not useful, if I can't get, I gotta get this

job so fast and..."
All of that angst and stress is slowing down
your language-learning process.

So it's the very thing that's keeping you
from what you say you want.

Can you feel that?
Thank you Marie, that's, yeah, yeah yeah I

That's very helpful.
Yes, so, if you can, and again this is a little
leap of faith for you, because I have a sense

that probably in the past you've learned other
languages perhaps easier, you know, this isn't

going the way you thought it would go, like
there's all of these things that you didn't

really plan on, so it is putting you into
uncertainty, which for any of us, throws us

off balance.
Your methodology is like, "Ugh I wanna work
harder and get this done!"

But all that frustration and negativity, as
you can feel, is not doing you any good.

Yeah, yeah.
So, let off the stress, take off the time,
reinvest in the joy of learning this language.

Don't worry about getting a job right now.
You will find one, you're a very hard worker.
I promise you, it will come down the line,
but it's gonna be so much more satisfying

when this new language of yours starts to
live and breathe in your cells in a way that

really brings you to life.
Yeah, thank you so much.
You're so welcome, thank you for sharing,
and we're sending you a huge hug, and so much

Thank you so much Marie.
Okay, bye darling.
And your whole team.
I have two little points to that.
I think, that it sounds like she's taking
more withdraws than deposits from her soul

bank, and so, she hasn't found any joy to
deposit into there, right?

And part of, like when I lived in Stockholm
for a little bit, like everything is new.

It tastes new, it smells new, you talk new,
you sound new, and I think if she were to

maybe share her culture with them, her cooking,
her foods, her music that she loves, like

the Norwegians would go crazy for it.
And that might give her a little joy in sharing
her bit of homesickness that she sounds like

she's feeling, just like continue to deposit
into her soul bank, and it may one day just

be like, "Woo, okay, I'm feelin' a little
less homesick," ya know?

Yeah, I think those were great ideas.
And I loved that she said how much she enjoys

And having friends over for meals.
Yes, yeah, and while you're cookin' speak
your language!

It's great, I love both of those things.
Hello, this is Mag.
Hi, this is Marie Forleo and you're on the
MarieTV Call-In Show!

Oh my gosh, Marie.
How you doin', girl?
I'm doing amazing!
I cannot believe you're calling me and you
sound exactly like in the videos.

I'm a real human.
I'm real, totally!
Would you imagine that!
Well we're so excited you're here with myself
and Gregory, and all of Team Forleo, tell

us your question, and we will do our best
to provide some insight and guidance.

Awesome, hi Greg, hi team!
Well hello, lovey.
I love you Greg, you're so adorable.
Oh, aw, I'm blushing.
I just got it.
Oh gosh, okay so here's my question, so, I
created this community, global community of

people around the world who travel and work
remotely, and I first started with a Facebook

group, and initially that was a small group
of people from around the world, and then

it very quickly grew to this global platform
with over 40,000 people from 121 countries

in the world.
And employers posting remote jobs daily.
But, it wasn't until I shared my personal
life story, when, almost overnight we're featured

in Business Insider, and Forbes.
And I find that a lot of people are really
inspired by my story, and I'm getting more

requests to share it.
But I worry, because I don't want the story
to become the center stage.

Instead I want the full focus of my dream
and mission is to be on that community, building

that global community of people around the
world and empowering them, regardless of their

geographic location, for remote work.
Uh huh.
So my question to you is, how do I balance
sharing my story in order to attract attention

to our community of Pangian, instead of me?
Yeah, so I have a couple of questions for

One, what is really underneath that fear of
your story becoming center stage?

What are you concerned or afraid of?
First of all, I personally don't think that
story's so interesting, so I'm always puzzled

why others find it interesting.
And second of all, I feel like there is so
many more important stories to tell from our

community, and the power of very talented
people in that community, that I feel like

their stories and their mission and what they
have to offer is so much more than just the

little story of me, and I don't want that
story to overshadow how amazing this community

Okay, great, so, couple things, are you able
to tell us like just the two or three sentence

version of your story?
Are you willing to do that?
Yeah sure, I mean it's already in Business
Insider, so.

Yeah, but for our viewers, I don't want them
to click away and go research it.

So tell us right now, so that I can help you
get to an answer that you're gonna love.

Sounds good.
Okay so, I was born in Poland, at the end
of Communism, and I remember since I was five

years old, all I wanted is to travel the world
and meet people from around the world.

And very quickly I was told by everybody around
me that I will never be able to do it because

Communists, we don't have passports, nobody
can travel.

But I remember from that moment I've always
felt like, like a global citizen.

I've always felt I will do it.
I didn't know how, I didn't know when, but
I just wanted to do it, and sure enough, soon

after, Communism collapsed, and I found a
way to come to U.S., learn English, graduated

from college, got recruited by this big global
aerospace company, started running global

projects, managing remote teams, and since
then I travel over 50 countries and six continents,

and now I wake up every day and just open
my laptop, and every morning I chat with somebody

from Hong Kong and Paris and London, and that's
my life.

Ahh, I love it!
Sounds like a great life!
Okay so, thank you so much, and here's the

So I'm gonna say a few things to you my friend,
because, again, you're asking for my opinion,

and I'm gonna give it to you 'cause that's
what I do.

One, your story is so inspiring, and I think
what you're doing is you've got kind of this

false choice in your mind and in your heart.
It's like, "Either I tell my story or I center
the stories of these other people."

And you're thinking it's one or the other.
Or like, "I don't wanna put too much of a
shining on myself because it's gonna take

away from the folks that I'm really trying
to get their stories out there."

My friend, that is so not the truth.
You have to get, first of all, your job, as
a business owner, or as the leader of an organization,

is to evangelize, your job is to get attention.
Now, you want the attention on you, because
guess what?

Every single time a Business Insider or a
Forbes or an Entrepreneur or a Fortune or

whomever talks about your story, guess what,
they're gonna say, "She's the founder of X,

who does X."
All of a sudden then, you're getting all of
these eyeballs on your people, so, it is your

job to be a storyteller.
It is your job to recognize that while you
don't think your story's that great, everyone

in the studio is like, "Oh my goodness!"
We all got little goosebumps on our arms,
everyone wants that story.

Traveling the world, being a global citizen,
coming out of a place that was oppressed and

now coming to a new place and making that
dream come real, we need more of those stories.

And I think the other piece that you're missing
is that your story, I bet you, is super connected

to your mission, and to the folks who are
within your organization, the stories that

you wanna tell for them, right?
So now, you work with all these remote workers,
and then you get to shine the light on them.

So it's not either/or.
It's not like there's just one little spot
on the mountain top and if you take all of

the oxygen in the room there's no room for
anyone else, that's bullshit.

Your story is important, and as a business
owner, you have got to push it as much as

Let me ask you this, think about the stories
of, you know, we'll just go to Apple because

I'm looking at an Apple computer.
We all know about Steve Jobs, the late great
Steve Jobs, whatever you think of him.

But we knew about his story, and them starting
up that company, it became legend, and then

what happens, more people learn about Apple,
buy Apple Products become Apple evangelists,

that's how it happens.
So your story is one of the most powerful
things that you have.

You have to extract out of that beautiful,
brilliant, empathetic mind of yours, that

you could possibly tell your story too much,
or that by telling your story you're taking

away from your people, that is completely

I guess I needed a wake-up call.
Yeah, I mean what you're building is so incredible,
I believe it's part of the future of work,

you know, Marie Forleo International.
While we're here in the studio today, and
I love these times, and I treasure these times,

the majority of our company, everyone works
remotely, right?

There's over 30 of us.
Nobody, I had the vision for this company
to be completely remote and virtual and that's

what we are.
So, what you're doing is incredible.
You have got to keep going.
I think you need to go the opposite direction.
You gotta get more people to tell your story.
You gotta leverage all that press that you've
already received to get even more press.

That's what's gonna grow opportunity, in terms
of jobs and employers coming to your site.

That's what's gonna grow your mission, that's
what's gonna help you make the change that

you are seeking to make in this world.
Wow, I'm just speechless, and I think you
just really pushed me to that moment when

I need to realize, I mean what you said, "It's
your job to do that," it's not even an option,

like that's my job as the leader of this community.
Yes it is, it's your mission, it's your responsibility,
it is the opportunity that you have to shift

the culture in the way that you want to shift

And for you to back away from that, you're
not only doing yourself a disservice, you're

doing a disservice to all of the people who
have dreams just like you had one day.

Again, I have said this so many times, this
is my position on it.

When you don't do everything possible to get
your product or your service in front of the

people who most need it, you are stealing
from those who need you most.

You are stealing a possibility from them that
only you are here to give.

It's why I say at the end of every single
show, the world needs that special gift that

only you have, and when it comes to marketing,
when it comes to sharing, when it comes to

expressing yourself, if you don't do everything
possible to get it out in front of the people

who you're meant to serve, you really are
stealing from those who need you most.

All right, I got it.
Thank you so much!
Well thank you for inspiring everyone, motivating.
Honestly, like I've been always inspired and
motivated by your videos and I shared it in

our community and people love you, but just
hearing that from you straight like so direct,

like I completely get it, not only get it
logically, but for the first time I have this

energy of like, this is what I'm gonna do.
Yes, Mama, well you keep us posted, we will
be cheerin' you on, and thank you for doing

the work that you do in the world.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much Marie.
Bye darling.
Bye team.
Well friends, I think we done did that, that
was awesome.

Thank you so much for watching.
Greg did you have a good time?
I had a great time.
All right, so, now here's my question for

Did you have a favorite question or part of
a question or insight that you're taking away

from today's call-in show?
If so, leave a comment below and let us know.
As always, the best conversations happen over
at the magical land of marieforleo.com, so

that's where I want you to go and leave a
comment now.

While you're there, if you're not already,
please subscribe, and become an MF Insider.

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They're amazing!
You're gonna get instant access to an audio
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I just don't share anywhere else.
So stay on your game and keep going for your
dreams because the world really does need

that special gift that only you have.
Thank you so much for watching, and we'll
catch you next time on MarieTV.

B-School is coming up, want in?
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I'ma open it up.
Open it up!
Open your butt.
That sounds like a treat.
That was intense.
The person whom you're trying to reach is
currently unavailable, please leave a message.

Anybody got a question, anybody?
Of course, of course.
I gots plenty answers, plenty answers.
Flowers, what do you got for me today?


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