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The capybara is the world's largest rodent, like a dog-sized guinea pig,
native to most parts of South America.
They also look suspiciously like tennis superstar Rafael Nadal.
Hmm, weird.
Despite their size, other animals really love to chill with the capybara,
leaving the Internet to wonder why they're so popular among other species.
I mean, look at it cuddling this cat, and even chilling with this f**king crocodile!
I mean, that's a natural predator and they're just shooting the sh*t like talking about last week's episode of Game of Thrones.
This phenomenon became the subject of the Tumblr page "Animals Sitting on Capybaras,"
featuring monkeys and birds all resting on the backs of these gentle giants.
In fact their friendly and amiable character led the Chicago Tribune to recently declare that "We Need a Capybara for President"
because Donald Trump could sure use some capybara and chill.
The popularity of the capybara could be attributed to their incredibly social nature.
Wild capys tend to live in large groups of 10-20.
Also, capybaras live near bodies of water, which is the wild animal version of an office watercooler
In fact, capys are incredibly adept at aquatic life,
hiding from predators by holding their breath for up to five minutes while under water.
They even mate exclusively in water.
It's like that pool scene from Showgirls but with giant rodents.
And if you haven't seen the pool scene from Showgirls, you need to go Google that right now
and imagine two capybaras just going at it.
Also, and this might just be me projecting, but don't they just look like they would be really good listeners?
I feel like I could tell a Capybara all about my crappy week, and it would just totally be there for me.
So it's yet to be seen if the capybara can take the reigns from other famous Internet animals like long-time reigning champ cats, or red pandas.
But one thing is for sure, if you ever need a friend, the Capybara is there for you;
ready to give you a hug or something.


What is a Capybara and Why is it So Chill? | Mashable Explains

563 分類 收藏
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