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There's a record number of world leaders at Davos this year,
but it's no surprise who's stealing the spotlight.
When I decided to come to Davos, I didn't think in terms of elitist or globalist.
I thought in terms of lots of people that want to invest lots of money,
and they're all coming back to the United States.
Davos-goers are puzzled the president would choose to attend a conference that champions
the ideals of globalization he so often attacks.
America first, America first is not the message that the world wants to hear.
We want to hear about America which is engaged.
Throughout the conference, European leaders haven't exactly
held back their distaste for President Trump's agenda,
with Angela Merkel saying "protectionism is not the proper answer"
and Emmanuel Macron adding globalization is facing a “major crisis.”
A new Gallup poll across more than 100 countries found
approval of U.S. leadership has dropped to a new low under President Trump.
Germany has now replaced the U.S. as the top-rated global power in the world
for the first time since 2011.
Here in Switzerland, protesters have taken to the streets to march against a
president they believe has turned his back on the rest of the world.
Police are on high alert. The Swiss government estimates
over $9 million was spent on security measures.
It's a disgrace that Switzerland, an open and democratic country,
provides a platform for people like him.
Despite President Trump's unpopularity abroad, many CEOs here at Davos are
praising his efforts back home, as they look set to benefit
from his corporate tax overhaul.
If you want America to be very competitive, you need a competitive tax system.
But none of this has deterred President Trump, whose Friday speech here
is expected to drill home the idea of investing in America first.
Hey everyone, it's Elizabeth. Thanks so much for watching our video.
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Bye from Switzerland!


川普達沃斯談話 | CNBC (Trump is at Davos - and it's all everyone is talking about | CNBC Reports)

306 分類 收藏
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