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We are in Davos, Switzerland.
We're here for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum,
and some of the richest people in the world
come here for the conference every year.
So, as you can imagine, that means prices go up
and the average person like me has to find a workaround to get through the day.
I'm going to break down our costs for daily essentials at Davos:
food, transportation and accommodation.
Welcome to our apartment, at least for this week.
Normally for an event like this, you'd think you would stay in a hotel.
But Davos isn't that big of a town,
so the hotels book up really fast, and they get really expensive.
So it actually presents a great business opportunity
for people who live here and have an apartment.
They can rent it out to people like us at a pretty good price.
And when I say good, I'm talking good for the owners.
A two-bedroom apartment in Davos can still cost you as much as a 5-star hotel.
Lodging that's more affordable can also be a little further away.
So our apartment is about a 25, 30-minute walk from the main event.
I'm thinking I might check to see if we can get an Uber.
Let's see what the options are. Okay.
Yeah, transportation is not cheap around here.
It's quoting me 26 Swiss francs, so that's about 30 bucks for a 7-minute drive.
So I think I'm going to walk. It's a nice day. Take in the fresh air.
Honestly I probably should not be walking and texting.
It's very slippery, and we have a snowblower headed our way.
Food can be a major cost at Davos.
So one way we've been keeping costs down is to load up on snacks at the grocery store.
Lots of Swiss cheese here.
Not bad!
Sometimes a piece of cheese doesn't quite cut it.
So we're forking out for a sit-down meal once a day.
Something to eat!
Okay, so it looks like they have burgers for around 20 francs.
Honestly, that's pretty reasonable by Davos standards.
We've seen some for almost three times that price.
Thank you! Beautiful.
So it wouldn't be the Davos economy if we didn't talk about the nightlife scene here,
which is why actually a lot of people end up coming to the conference.
Bartenders come from other countries just to come here because they can make
major tips this week on their drinks and the events.
Hey everyone, it's Elizabeth. Thanks so much for watching our video.
You can always check out more of our videos over here.
We have plenty of Davos coverage.
But leave us any other story ideas,
and while you're at it, subscribe to our channel.
See you later!


要如何躋身達沃斯-若你不是百萬富翁 | CNBC (How to get through Davos if you're not a millionaire | CNBC Reports)

135 分類 收藏
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