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Hi, I'm RoboThespian, I'm a humanoid robot designed for communication and built by Engineered Arts.
He was, our first robot to come out of that idea, 'Let's make a robot to talk to people.'
So he's all about expression.
There are 2,300 parts required to make RoboThespian.
Shaking the hand here…
And it's designed to really mimic a human arm.
Yeah, I mean as best he can.
He's obviously got limits to his movements. So he can't cross his arms up here.
You've got these continual compromises between the engineering problem and the aesthetic problem.
Engineered Arts designs and creates nearly all of its parts in-house in a warehouse in Cornwall in the U.K.
Mechanics, engineers and software developers work together closely to bring the robot to life.
So, basically this is RoboThespian's torso here.
Machines do a lot of the heavy lifting inside the factory but it's human workers who operate the machines.
This is a case of robots making jobs, not robots taking jobs.
So, we're always looking to hire new people.
One big problem we have is there's not much expertise in robotics, and there's huge demand.
RoboThespian sells for around £60,000. That's just over $80,000,
which buys you technology like human face recognition and movement tracking.
He represents in himself, sort of, 12 years of development.
How do you quantify that?
It's insane.
Thanks so much for showing us around today.
No problem at all. It's been a pleasure having you guys.
Hey everyone, thanks so much for watching our video of the tour inside the robot factory.
Be sure to check out our video about if robots are going to potentially take our jobs,
and while you're at it subscribe to CNBC International's YouTube channel.
Talk to you later!


一探究竟-機器人工廠 | CNBC (A look inside a humanoid robot factory | CNBC Reports)

162 分類 收藏
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