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  • We are in Amsterdam. This is a city that's known for a lot of things, not least among them marijuana.

  • Now as the cannabis industry is growing in other parts of the world,

  • we thought we could learn some lessons from the industry here.

  • There's a lot of things going on in this coffee shop. We have a really nice bar.

  • Joachim Helms is the co-owner of Green House Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

  • and chairman of the Dutch Cannabis Retailers Association.

  • We have this system in Holland where people can go to a coffee shop

  • and buy their cannabis product in a good, nice, safe environment.

  • Thanks to a so-calledtoleration policy,” it's been legal to sell and smoke marijuana and hash

  • in coffee shops like Greenhouse in the Netherlands for decades.

  • So this is one strain that we have. It's a super-lemon haze.

  • Yeah, that's a really strong smell.

  • We have a maximum of 500 grams in the coffee shop.

  • And also the people are allowed to buy five grams per day, per person.

  • Which is enough for personal use.

  • And that's a small amount compared to the United States for example?

  • In the United States, it's a lot more. Yes, definitely.

  • The Dutch government enforces strict conditions for coffee shops to stay in business,

  • like the quantity of weed sold and the prohibition of alcohol and other hard drugs.

  • But as marijuana legalization gains steam in countries like the U.S. and Canada,

  • the Netherlands is falling behind when it comes to regulating the weed industry.

  • While it's legal to sell marijuana to customers in coffee shops,

  • it's illegal for the shops to buy their supply of weed.

  • The politicians, they forgot to organize one aspect of it all, that's that we buy the weed in a normal way.

  • So in Holland, it's illegal to buy weed on a large scale, and it's illegal to produce cannabis also.

  • In America, what you see is a little bit like the opposite side.

  • So, what they have organized really well is the production of weed.

  • The Dutch government is planning a trial to experiment with legal production in the country.

  • But that's just one of many regulatory hurdles in the Dutch cannabis industry.

  • A law in 2014 forced coffee shops located within 250 meters of a school to close.

  • That affected one-third of Amsterdam shops.

  • Helms says marijuana legalization in Canada and states in the U.S. has started a conversation

  • about how the Netherlands can cash in on the growing legal weed market,

  • which is expected to reach more than $140 billion by 2025.

  • He pointed to Canadian public cannabis companies now valued at billions of dollars.

  • Do you think it could ever happen here, where there was a big publicly traded cannabis company?

  • I think it will be a while, but I think in the end it will happen worldwide.

  • What you see now is that really big companies are being created, producing cannabis.

  • To walk around in those companies and facilities is for us really a dream come true

  • because it's growing weed in a 100% legal way.

  • Hey everyone, Elizabeth here. Thanks so much for watching!

  • What do you think about the marijuana industry? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • See you later!

We are in Amsterdam. This is a city that's known for a lot of things, not least among them marijuana.


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