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  • And with that close the S&P 500 falling into bear market territory, officially now down 20%.

    收盤時間一到,標準普爾 500 指數呈現「熊市」狀態,正式跌了 20 個百分比。

  • Contrary to popular belief, bull markets do not last forever.


  • Now we have seen in the past, when markets do reach that 20

    過去我們都經歷過,當市場跌了 20%,隨之而來的通常是邁入 30% 的大跌。

  • And it can take up to two years on average for markets to actually get back to their original values and start moving higher.


  • Now that's the bad news.


  • The good news is that bear markets also do come to a close and there are things that you can do to protect yourselves during a bear market decline, and in fact even make some money while it's happening.


  • Now the most important thing, lesson number one: is do not panic.


  • That's the worst thing that you can do is chase the market lower.


  • You're going to lock in losses and you're going to regret it later.


  • What you can do is you can strategically take some risk off the table and raise some cash.


  • Cash, for the first time in a decade, gives you some return.


  • A three-month Treasury note actually has yield now.


  • So does a money market. So does even a plain vanilla savings account.


  • So what's the advantage of raising cash during this time?


  • So you have opportunities later.


  • You can buy things that are on sale during a bear market and make some great investments for value.


  • You want to talk about value? Let's talk about Warren Buffett.


  • Back in 2009, when everybody else was panicking, Buffett made a big investment in the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad.

    當 2009 年大家都在恐慌時,不得不提巴菲特,他大膽投資柏林頓北方聖塔菲鐵路公司。

  • And I just basically believe this country will prosper and they'll have more people moving more goods 10 and 20 and 30 years from now.

    我只是相信這個國家會復甦,將有越來越多人在 10、20、30 年後進行貨物流通。

  • And the rail should benefit, but it's a bet on the country basically.


  • He believed in America back then, and he also believed that the bear market was going to end and when it did end there was going to be a bounce back and an opportunity to make money.


  • That bet played out into one of the best parts of Warren Buffett's career, and he has made a ton of money on that over the past decade.


  • Buffett's philosophy can be summed up in just looking for value during bad times and trusting that things are going to turn back around again.


  • Remember what Buffett says: "Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy."


  • Think safe havens during these times: short-term bonds, commodities like gold and silver.


  • Those are all traditional places where investors will put their money for safety during times of turmoil in the financial markets.


  • If you are going to dabble in stocks, keep a few things in mind.


  • High dividend stocks are an excellent place to put money.


  • Why? Because you're getting paid to hold themalso preferred shares along the same lines.


  • And if something does happen with the company, you get paid.


  • In a bear market people are tightening their belts, so think about where they're going.


  • They're going to discount stores. They're going to Walmart.They're going to Dollar General.


  • Back during the crisis, while the rest of the market was falling apart, Walmart held it's value.


  • Why? That's where people were shopping during that downtime and investors were rewarded for it.


  • Real estate also can be a solid investment during these times.


  • Yes, prices can go down, but they've shown to be less volatile over time.


  • Also it's nice to know that even if it's not appreciated in value, you can actually live there.


  • Remember, it's not just the U.S. stock market, it's a global stock market, and over the past couple of years global stocks have gotten beaten up fairly badly.


  • So that's going to present you with an opportunity to find bargains there as well.


  • No one knows how long a bear market can last or how strong it can get, but there are ways for you as an investor to make your way through it.


And with that close the S&P 500 falling into bear market territory, officially now down 20%.

收盤時間一到,標準普爾 500 指數呈現「熊市」狀態,正式跌了 20 個百分比。


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