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  • Nature's pharmacy is fantastic.


  • It offers us common but powerful products that help prevent many health problems and

    它為我們提供了共同但有功能強大的產品 這有助於防止許多健康問題,

  • cure others once they've begun to attack our bodies.

    治人,一旦他們開始攻擊 我們的身體。

  • Used by themselves, things like fruits, oils, vegetables and natural chemical compounds

    自己使用的東西,如水果,油, 蔬菜和天然化合物

  • have been used for millennia to treat basic ailments.

    已經使用了幾千年來治療基本 疾病。

  • However, combining complementary elements from nature's pharmacy often packs a more

    然而,結合互補元件 來自大自然的藥房往往配備了一個更

  • powerful punch and can fight off several health issues at the same time.

    火力強大,可以抵禦一些健康 在同一時間的問題。

  • Consider lemon and baking soda.


  • Both have the power to make acidic substances more neutral.

    兩者都使酸性物質力量 較為中性的。

  • When paired together, they become even more efficient at raising our body's pH levels.

    一起使用時,他們變得更加 高效是提高我們身體的pH值。

  • But, lemon juice adds an anti-oxidizing effect to the combination that assists the body in

    但是,檸檬汁增加了抗氧化作用 到協助身體組合

  • certain ways, while baking soda works in other ways to solve both internal and external maladies.

    某些方面,而小蘇打其他作品 方法來解決內部和外部的疾病。

  • Take a look at the following video to see exactly what a lemon juice and baking soda

    看看下面的視頻,看看 正是一個檸檬汁和蘇打粉

  • combination can do for your health.


  • Healthy Immune System One of the major issues with serious diseases

    健康的免疫系統 一個嚴重的疾病的主要問題

  • like cancer is that they thrive in acidic environments.

    像癌症是它們在酸性茁壯成長 環境。

  • So, by neutralizing the acid in our bodies and increasing its alkalinity, we can prevent

    因此,通過中和我們體內的酸 並提高其鹼度,我們可以防止

  • and battle against many diseases.


  • That's why lemon juice and baking soda can be effective in this battle.

    這就是為什麼檸檬汁和蘇打罐 是有效的在這場戰鬥中。

  • Lemon juice helps to prohibit the oxidation of our cells and protect them from being broken

    檸檬汁有助於阻止氧化 我們的細胞,並保護它們不被打破

  • down.


  • It also hinders the growth of microorganisms in our digestive tract.

    這也阻礙了微生物的生長 在我們的消化道。

  • The baking soda balances our body's pH levels and doesn't allow acids to dominate.

    小蘇打平衡我們身體的pH值 並且不允許酸主宰。

  • Like this cancer is less likely to develop, much less thrive in our systemsthus reducing

    這種癌症一樣是不太可能發展, 更蓬勃發展,我們的系統,從而減少

  • the risk of cancer.


  • Healthy Digestive System Lemons are high in polyphenolsmicronutrients

    消化系統健康 檸檬是多酚微量營養素高

  • found in natural food sources.


  • Paired with Vitamin C, these compounds help our body burn fat.

    維生素C配對,這些化合物幫助 我們的身體燃燒脂肪。

  • Baking soda and lemon work together to regulate the acid in the gut.

    小蘇打和檸檬一起工作規範 該酸在腸中。

  • Less acid means less inflammation, and that eliminates heartburn, acid reflux, and a host

    少酸意味著更少的炎症,而且 消除胃灼熱​​,胃酸倒流,以及主機

  • of other issues associated with too much acid in our stomachs.

    過多使用酸有關的其他問題 在我們的胃。

  • Balanced acid levels provide for optimal digestion and less irritation after we eat.

    平衡酸水平提供最佳的消化 少刺激後,我們吃。

  • Healthy Skin and Teeth When lemon juice is used externally it's

    健康的皮膚和牙齒 當檸檬汁外部使用它的

  • high level of citric acid is a great cleanser.


  • The antioxidants cut down on free radicals and slow the natural aging process that our

    抗氧化劑削減自由基 並延緩自然衰老過程,我們

  • skin goes through.


  • Lemon juice can rejuvenate as well as clean the skin.

    檸檬汁可以興國,以及清潔 皮。

  • In smaller doses, this mixture can be used to bleach our teeth.

    在更小的劑量,此混合物可用於 漂白我們的牙齒。

  • The acid of the lemon will whiten our teeth, and the baking soda will bring our mouth's

    檸檬的酸將美白我們的牙齒, 和小蘇打會帶給我們的嘴的

  • environment back to a healthy balance.


  • When we ingest lemon juice, it becomes metabolizes and ceases to have an acidic effect on our

    當我們攝取的檸檬汁,它成為代謝 並停止對酸性的影響我們

  • organs.


  • Instead it helps our kidneys flush harmful toxinsproving that it's a great cleanser

    相反,它可以幫助我們的腎臟有害平齊 毒素,證明它是一個偉大的清潔劑

  • both externally and internally.


  • That's encouraging for both our skin as well as our kidneys.

    這鼓勵了我們的皮膚 還有我們的腎臟。

  • Healthy Circulatory System Baking soda helps to alkalize our body, but

    健康的循環系統 小蘇打幫助鹼化我們的身體,但

  • it's also capable of improving our circulatory system by fighting bad cholesterol and increasing

    它也能提高我們的循環 系統通過戰鬥壞膽固醇並提高

  • our good cholesterol levels.


  • When blood is able to flow more freely through our arteries and veins, it makes us less likely

    當血液能夠通過自由流動更 我們的動脈和靜脈,它使我們不太可能

  • to suffer from crippling heart diseases.


  • We always recommend that you speak to your doctor before adding any mixture like this

    我們總是建議你講你的 添加任何混合物,這樣的醫生之前

  • to your diet.


  • It's important to know how natural remedies might interact with your prescription medications.

    它知道如何自然療法很重要 可能與您的處方藥進行互動。

Nature's pharmacy is fantastic.



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檸檬和小蘇打。檸檬和小蘇打:神奇的組合 (Lemon And Baking Soda: A Miraculous Combination)

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