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  • Hi, I'm Esther!


  • I'm here to introduce you to Cake.


  • Cake is a revolutionary new mobile browser.


  • You know, like Safari or Chrome...but better.

    你知道,像Safari或Chrome ......但更好。

  • The problem with the browser that came with your phone is that it wasn't made for it.

    附帶瀏覽器的問題 你的手機是不是為它而製造的。

  • It's a desktop experience that's been crammed to fit on your phone.

    這是一種桌面體驗 塞滿了你的手機。

  • That is like me trying to put on my mascara with a toilet brush.

    就像我試圖穿上我的睫毛膏一樣 用馬桶刷。

  • Like when searching for something on the web, you have to page back just to look for something

    就像在網上搜索某些東西一樣 你必須回頭只是為了尋找一些東西

  • new.


  • Tap, back button, tap, back button, tap, back button….essentially going backward just

    點擊,後退按鈕,點按,後退按鈕,點按,返回 按鈕......基本上只是後退

  • to go forward.


  • And that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.


  • Did you know that on a mobile browser it takes 87% longer to get to your search results than

    您是否知道在移動瀏覽器上需要它 比搜索結果長87%

  • it does on a desktop?


  • No, no you didn't!


  • That's why I'm here to tell you these things!

    這就是我在這裡告訴你這些的原因 事情!

  • But no more my friends!


  • With Cake, choose your favorite search engine to power your experience.

    使用Cake,選擇您最喜歡的搜索引擎 為您的體驗提供動力。

  • Then when you search, the magic comes with a swipe.

    然後,當你搜索時,魔法隨之而來 滑動。

  • Your search results pre-load, so swiping from one result to the next is a fast, dare I say

    您的搜索結果已預先加載,因此請從中輕掃 一個結果到下一個是快,我敢說

  • delightful, experience because you don't have to suffer through slowly loading pages.

    令人愉快,經驗,因為你沒有 必須忍受緩慢加載頁面。

  • Because swiping through results is fundamentally way better than looking at some boring list.

    因為從根本上劃過結果 比看一些無聊的清單更好。

  • This swiping experience is possible thanks to some fancy tech thing called Index Suppression.

    這種滑動體驗是可能的,謝謝 一些名為Index Suppression的高科技產品。

  • Only Cake has it, and yes, it's patent pending.


  • And if you're worried that someday you may miss the standard index view, you can now

    如果你擔心有一天你可能會 錯過標準索引視圖,您現在可以

  • take a deep breath.


  • Simply swipe to the left from the first result, and there it is.

    只需從第一個結果向左滑動, 它就是。

  • Another magical ingredient in Cake is a concept called Page Compete.

    蛋糕中的另一個神奇成分是一個概念 稱為Page Compete。

  • It takes the top search results and makes them compete on page loading times, putting

    它需要頂級搜索結果並製作 他們在頁面加載時間競爭,推桿

  • the fastest loading page on the screen first.


  • It's kind of like a bunch of dudes all racing to my house to be the first one to watch me

    這有點像一群所有人都在比賽 到我家成為第一個看我的人

  • eat ice cream.


  • It's kind of hot, if you think about it.


  • Cake also lets you search more broadly for videos, images, articles, news, or shopping.

    Cake還允許您更廣泛地搜索 視頻,圖像,文章,新聞或購物。

  • Giving you a bigger view of the web than a single search service would.

    給你一個更大的網絡視圖而不是一個 單一搜索服務會。

  • That means more fail videos, more cat gifs, more breaking news, more fake news.

    這意味著更多的失敗視頻,更多貓咪GIF, 更多突發新聞,更多假新聞。

  • And more comparing prices on the Ostrich Pillow.


  • It's freakin' awesome and sometimes I just want to get away.

    它太棒了,有時候我很棒 只是想逃脫。

  • Another cool thing about Cake is just how customizable it is.

    Cake的另一個很酷的事情就是如何 可定制的。

  • Remember, you're the boss here.


  • Customize your search types by reordering different search services.

    通過重新排序自定義您的搜索類型 不同的搜索服務。

  • Like on image search!


  • Because my mother tongue is Millennial, you know I gotta put giphy front and center.

    因為我的母語是千禧一代,你 知道我要把giphy放在前面和中心。

  • Worried about data usage or ad blocking?


  • You can control that!


  • It's your browser!


  • Cake even lets me cut through the clutter and choose the most relevant collections of

    蛋糕甚至讓我切斷了雜亂 並選擇最相關的收藏品

  • websites for my search term.


  • This is like no other browser you've ever seen.

    這就像你從未有過的其他瀏覽器一樣 看到。

  • So do yourself a favor: put Cake on your iPhone home dock, or make it your default browser

    所以請幫個忙:把Cake放在你的iPhone上 家用基座,或將其設為您的默認瀏覽器

  • on Android.


  • Your future self will thank you.


  • Download Cake today to see how we're going to use the internet on our phones from now

    立即下載Cake,了解我們的目標 從現在開始在我們的手機上使用互聯網

  • on.


Hi, I'm Esther!



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