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  • This is a coupon for Burger King's Croissan'wich, and it's promoting a buy one get one free deal.


  • Buy one breakfast sandwich at full price, get a second one for no extra cost.


  • But one customer found that something was off about the deal,

    但一位消費者發現其中事有蹊蹺 : 同樣的三明治有兩種價格。

  • when she was charged two different prices for the sandwich.

  • When she ordered a single sandwich, the price was $2.16.

    當她點了一份三明治,價格是 2.16 美元。

  • But when she ordered two sandwiches and used the BOGO coupon,

    但當她用買一送一券點了兩份三明治時,一份的價格卻是 3.19 美元,多了 1 美元以上。

  • the price of each sandwich was $3.19–more than a dollar more.

  • This went on for years before Burger King was sued for overcharging customers.


  • BOGO is so appealing that it's hard for consumers to see it for what it is.


  • "Buy one, get one." It's a thinly veiled attempt to convince a customer to buy more than one item at a time.


  • For a thrifty shopper, BOGO can sound like the best way to get more bang for their buck,


  • but often it's simply not as good a deal as it appears.

  • Consumers perceive the quality of a bargain based on the price they pay compared to the original list price.


  • Take this food processor on Amazon for example.

    以這個 Amazon 上的食物處理機為例。

  • The price on sale is $35, an amazing 52% off the $75 list price.

    促銷價為 35 美元,也就是原價 75 元下殺 48 折。

  • The problem is that Cuisinart doesn't list the item for Amazon's regular price

  • and based on an analysis of tracked prices over time,

    問題是,這個食物處理器的公司並未列出它 Amazon 上的原價,且分析過往價格後發現,過去十年內它在 Amazon 上不曾高於 40 美元。

  • Amazon has never sold it for more than $40 in the past 10 years.

  • The cheating that goes on is rampant.


  • Retailers are guilty, often, of distorting the regular price, raising the regular price.


  • And several companies have been caught distorting prices in conjunction with BOGO offers.


  • "The suit accused Visionworks of inflating the price of the first pair of glasses

    該案指控 Visionworks 為了部分負擔第二副眼鏡,提高了第一副的價格,使第二副眼鏡實際上根本不是免費的。

  • to partly cover the costs of the second, supposedly-free pair, making it not actually free."

  • It can be hard for consumers to tell whether BOGO is fair or deceptive,


  • and often their judgment is clouded by one four letter word, "free."

  • I mean, "free" is a tremendous motivational trigger,


  • and they like the opportunity to expand the deal by buying more than one of an item.

  • Very often consumers don't do the math.


  • Buying more than one item means consumers spend more money than they intended, not less.


  • For example, say you want to buy a sweater that's normally $80.

    舉個例子,假設你想買一件通常賣 80 美元的毛衣。

  • Sweater A is listed at a 20% discount.

    A 毛衣打八折。

  • Sweater B is listed at full price, but has a buy one, get one free deal.

    B 毛衣則是原價,但是買一送一。

  • While the second option may get you two sweaters,

    雖然選擇 B 毛衣你能夠獲得兩件,但是總共卻花了比買 A 毛衣還要多的錢。

  • you've just spent more in total than if you just focused on the 20% discount.

  • Let's say those sweaters are on a buy one get one 50% off deal.


  • Option 1: you buy one sweater for $80.

    選項一:你用 80 美元買一件毛衣。

  • Option 2: the first sweater would be $80 and the second would be half off.

    選項二:第一件毛衣 80 美元,第二件只要半價。

  • Translated into a straight discount, the total saved from the BOGO deal would be the same as a 25% off deal,

    翻成折扣的概念,「買一送一」其實就相當於打 75 折,但是你在同一間店的消費金額提升了,因為你買了兩件商品。

  • but the amount of money you spend in store has grown, because you bought two items.

  • Some BOGO deals only apply to items with lesser value.


  • For example, if you buy that same sweater and a $10 pair of socks, you still pay $80 for your total purchase.

    舉例來說,你買了一樣的那件毛衣還有一雙 10 美元的襪子,你總共還是消費了 80 美元。

  • If you decide to get a sweater and $150 coat,

    如果你決定買一件毛衣和一件價值 150 美元的外套,毛衣可以視為免費的,但你還是噴了 150 美元。

  • the sweater would be counted as the free item and you'd still be shelling out $150.

  • For most deals, you're better off waiting for the one item you wanted to go on sale


  • rather than purchasing it through a BOGO deal.

  • Customers, I won't say "fall for it," but they go for it nonetheless.

    消費者⋯⋯ 我不會說他們總是「淪陷」,但他們算總是趨之若鶩。

  • BOGO disguises the fact that, unless you already intended to buy two items,

    「買一送一」掩飾了一個事實 : 除非你本就打算買兩件,不然其實折扣並沒有多少。

  • it really isn't all that big of a discount.

  • So BOGO deals can be fantastic, if you're a shopper looking to buy in bulk and stretch your dollar.


  • But for most of us, free isn't always the best option.


  • Well, just do the math.


  • If it looks too good to be true, it's too good to be true.


This is a coupon for Burger King's Croissan'wich, and it's promoting a buy one get one free deal.


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