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  • Success guys, is a very, very lonely road man

  • Along that road, you're not going to see too many friends

  • You're going to see your shadow most often

  • See the thing is, for many people

  • They have tried the same path you're on

  • and they failed.

  • You don't burn out mentally

  • Because you always burn out physically.

  • You got to trust in the heart of hearts,

  • Inside, what you're doing what you believe in is a worthy cause, a winnable fight.

  • If you allow fear to sit, it will grow roots and start breaking you down

  • Destroying the potential of the person you gonna be.

  • - The Champions -

  • It's not the potential, it's not the genetics

  • It's the perseverance to always show up.

  • What I'm saying, it's a character of who you are

  • It's not the title that makes you, it's not the success that makes you

  • The character defines the success and defines the fame

  • and it starts right there

  • It's how you look at something if your name is attached to it, and you do it right

  • The best is your ability every single time.

  • Championships aren't won in the theatre of the arena

  • They are won in the thousands of hours in the training room and the labs

  • and the five a.m. runs when its raining and everyone else is sleeping

  • That's when its WON!

  • The Heart of Champion is a light switch that's always on

  • It doesn't go on and off when someone's watching

  • It's constant!

  • Fear is self-imposed, meaning it doesn't exist.

  • You create it. You can destroy it too.

  • I love FEAR, reason why

  • Behind every FEAR, is the person you wanna be.

  • You face your fears and you become the person you wanna be

  • You run from your fears, you're not living

  • You are alive but you not dig in the Freedom

  • If you face your fears guys

  • That fear is destroyed, it comes back as confidence

  • What else am I..what else am I capable of?

  • What else am I holding my back from?

  • What am I running from that I don't need to?

  • What else can I OVERCOME?

  • When you embark in this journey, you must know

  • That it's gonna go down before it comes up.

  • And when it comes up, it's gonna go so much higher than you've ever been.

  • It begins right now when no one looking at

  • The difference between a winner and a loser

  • is that the winner gets back up and does it again and does it again!

  • Until it goes his way!

  • Sacrifice today for tomorrows betterment

  • Someday in the near future router future

  • That gives value for today.

  • We all fall down in life, the question is who gets back up?

  • You go after it and you give it all you have

  • If you lose it, AT LEAST YOU TRIED, MAN!

  • 'I failed' is ten times more of a man than someone said 'what if?'

  • Cos 'what if?' NEVER WENT TO THE ARENA!

  • You hit the wall someplace you look in the mirror too many times and haven't smile

  • You want to change the situation, move from where you are

  • And you do it right, the best of your ability EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  • That's the same person who has his hand raised on the podium one day!

  • It's hard, it's uphill battle..

  • It's the path less taken..

  • That's what creates THE CHAMPION.

Success guys, is a very, very lonely road man


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