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Greetings, Captains!
Everyone likes rankings, and our last one was released quite a while ago.
The time has come to make things right.
My name is Alena, and I'm going to tell you about our top ships of 2017.
But first of all, let's take a look at what happened to our old,
once very popular, favorites from last year…
Time changes everything.
Japanese light cruiser Kuma rolled away from number 10 to number 36.
Tier VI American Independence took a severe beating—
from number 9 to number 97.
But Fuso remains one of the most popular ships.
Even though she's at number 10 now, not number 8, but it's still not bad!
Farragut fell from number 7 down to number 64. That's sad.
At the same time, North Carolina rose from number 6 to number 3.
That's a decent step up!
Minekaze, once the most popular destroyer,
sank from number 5 to number 86.
Shokaku set a record for biggest decline in popularity!
She used to be number 3, but in 2017, she was number 128.
The magnificent St. Louis moved from number 2 to number 15.
And finally, Mogami, a leading ship in the past, is now only at number 31.
And now, I'm going to tell you about the top 5 most popular ships of 2017!
With more than 9.5 million battles—battleship Bayern.
Solid armor, a low citadel, and decent anti-torpedo armament
let this Tier VI humble worker take 5th place.
Wyoming surprised everyone—she's at number 4!
More than 10 million battles— it's not popularity, it's love!
Primary armament, armor, and antiaircraft guns—
that's our veteran's formula for success.
You're already aware of North Carolina—she's at number 3.
But the American lacked both speed and torpedoes
to catch up with Gneisenau at number 2.
Finally, the winner of 2017!
Tremendous secondary armament, solid armor, and the Hydroacoustic Search
assured this warship a gigantic breakaway from the other contestants!
The magnificent Bismarck is at number 1 with 16 million battles!
As it turned out, players preferred battleships in 2017.
The most popular aircraft carrier Langley played in only 4.8 million battles,
the stealthy Japanese Akatsuki—7.8 million,
while beloved-by-all cruiser Cleveland,
which participated in 9.3 million battles, is at number 8.
Everything flows, everything changes, but that's not a reason to feel sad!
Watch our next episode on the top-5 warships of 2017
with the highest average damage.
Subscribe to our channel so you won't miss it.
My name is Alena Ermolaeva. See you next time, Captains!


戰艦世界 2017的頂尖戰艦 ([World of Warships] TOP SHIPS OF 2017)

215 分類 收藏
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