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  • Well-fitting,

  • attractive up-to-date glasses

  • or contact lenses

  • give people a new look

  • and, even better

  • help them see the world more clearly.

  • Opticians help customers

  • choose eyeglass frames or contact lenses,

  • following prescriptions from

  • ophthalmologists and optometrists.

  • After measuring customers' eyes and faces,

  • opticians create work orders

  • to have the glasses and lenses made

  • when the glasses come in

  • from the manufacturer,

  • opticians adjust them to fit the customer

  • and teach customers how to care

  • for their eyewear.

  • Opticians working in small shops

  • or preparing custom orders

  • may sometimes cut lenses

  • and prepare frames

  • many repair broken frames.

  • They also maintain sales records,

  • keep track of customers' prescriptions,

  • and order inventory.

  • Opticians generally work full time,

  • although part-time schedules

  • are not uncommon.

  • Most opticians work in optometrist offices

  • and in retail stores

  • which may include evening

  • and weekend hours.

  • Opticians typically have

  • a high school diploma or equivalent

  • and receive on-the-job training.

  • Some opticians earn an associate's degree

  • or a certificate.

  • Many states require licensure.



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視光師職業視頻 (Opticians Career Video)

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