B2 中高級 美國腔 41 分類 收藏
Mirabell oppa near Pavia the Italian wars.
Fought bitterly for over 30 years by the Holy Roman Empire and France.
Both sides claimed ties by blood indeed to various Italian states and seek dominion over all of Italy.
Spain joining forces with the Holy Roman Empire.
Prompted a desperate France to launch an all out assault on Milan the wealthiest Italian state.
After successfully resting most of Milan from Imperial control.
King Francis moves his French army towards the last corner of Imperial resistance the city of Pavia.
King Francis waits in his camp with his formidable Gendarmes cavalry
near the main road into Pavia.
He has deployed the majority of his army across the park.
Including a force of infantry to guard Mirabella Manor the greatest challenge awaiting.
The imperial force is the heavily guarded French cannons positioned to protect the French King.
However all hope is not lost for Pavias Imperial garrison.
Even now our general Charles de Lannoy leads a relieving army of Imperial and Spanish troops.
Amongst them Musketeers and Arquebusiers equipped with new powerful firearms.
Under orders from general de Lannoy.
The Spanish army boldly moves to destroy the French cannons to the left of manor.
The Imperial forces move toward the French kings camp.
Determined to capture or kill the French sovereign.
The Spanish Musketeers shoulder their arms and move to support their Imperial comrades.
Bracing for the bloody battle to come.
The situation for the Holy Roman Empire is desperate.
But defeat against the ambitious French is not an option.
At Pavia.
The Empire must prevail.


全軍破敵 中世紀2 西元1525帕維亞戰役 (Battle of Pavia AD 1525 Mediveal 2 Total War)

41 分類 收藏
wei 發佈於 2018 年 12 月 14 日
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